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Agent Facebook accounts: Where to buy?

Agent Facebook accounts: Where to buy?


  1. What are Facebook agency accounts?
  2. Where to buy Facebook agency accounts?
  3. Advantages of agency accounts
  4. Disadvantages of agency accounts
  5. How to choose the right service?
  6. How to get started with an agency account?
  7. Conclusion

In the age of digital marketing, Facebook remains one of the most lucrative and sought-after advertising platforms. However, standard single-user ad accounts often limit the scalability and optimization of campaigns. This is where agency accounts come in - specialized advertising accounts with advanced functionality created specifically for marketing agencies and large advertisers.

What are Facebook agency accounts?

Facebook Agency Accounts are advertising accounts with a higher level of trust and additional benefits provided to marketing companies. To get such an account, an agency must enter into a formal partnership with Facebook, confirming its status and meeting certain criteria.

Once approved, the agency gains access to exclusive features including:

  • The ability to create and manage an unlimited number of business accounts from a single cabinet;
  • Increased daily ad spend limit;
  • Prioritized campaign moderation and expedited request processing;
  • Direct support from Facebook representatives;
  • Advanced analytics and optimization tools.

Creating your own agent's office requires fulfillment of many conditions and requirements on the part of advertising platforms. For example, to partner with Google, you need to meet certain budget and performance criteria, which can be an impossible task for an ordinary affiliates.

Opening access to agency offices is usually quite simple. It is enough to register with an affiliate company, fund your account and specify a personal account or e-mail address to which the agency office will be linked. Some services even provide access automatically.

Affiliate marketing uses agent accounts for advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and TikTok platforms. On other ad networks, getting agent access can be a more complicated and expensive process.

Where to buy Facebook agency accounts?

There are many companies on the market that offer Facebook agency account services. Here are some of the most popular services:


ZaleyCash is a trusted partner in improving advertising effectiveness, providing support and tools to maximize the results of your advertising campaigns. 

Many times less routine for marketers, affiliates and business owners: all advertising in one window, multiple ways to replenish 24/7, priority in moderation and unbanning guarantees, up to 30% bonuses to your advertising budget. ZaleyCash works with 40+ traffic sources for any vertical and GEO and provides individual conditions for regular partners.

  • Minimum deposit amount: $600
  • Commission: from 10% to 13%
  • Account currency: USD, PLN
  • Deposit methods: Cryptoacquiring (1% commission, $10 minimum), Direct Crypto Transfer (0% commission, 15kUSDT minimum), Wire Transfer (0% commission, $5k minimum).
  • How to get an account: Advertising account in BM, RDP
  • Limits: No (BM)
  • Premoderation: Yes (BM Transfer), No (RDP)
  • Other accounts: Google Ads, Bigo Ads, Kwai, Telegram Ads
  • Promo code: MAGIC (7% commission on first deposit)

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[FBM] Agency

The service provides full, already configured to run setups, the client does not need to knit, link, but only fill. 

Support work from 9 am to 12 am without weekends and holidays, they are working on launching night support.

  • Minimum deposit amount: $500
  • Commission: from 9% to 12% (tied to the amount)
  • Account currency: USD
  • Deposit methods: cryptocurrencies, bank transfers
  • Limits: no
  • Method of account issuance: Advertising account in BM, RDP, transfer of sots to antique.
  • Premoderation: no
  • Other accounts: Bigo Ads, TikTok (white), Google Ads (white).
  • Promo code: MAGIC (Minimum deposit 300$)

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Agency Aurora

Agency Aurora is one of the largest providers of advertising accounts for agencies on the market. With over 3,000 clients and 30+ full-time employees, Agency Aurora suits both beginners and experienced advertisers. 

They offer advertising accounts for: Meta, Google, TikTok, Bing, Taboola, Snapchat and 40+ other platforms. The team has experience in a variety of industries, allowing them to provide personalized advice no matter what you're advertising.

  • Minimum deposit amount: $500
  • Commission: $300 per month, 0% on advertising expenses, cashback available
  • Account currency: USD
  • Deposit methods: cryptocurrency, credit cards, bank transfers
  • Limits: no;
  • Method of account acquisition: Binding of advertising account in BM;
  • Premoderation: no;
  • Other accounts (besides FB): Snapchat, TikTok, Google, Bing, Taboola and more than 40 others;
  • Promo code: MAGIC ($50 off for the first month);

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The Flex&Pro team's series of agency offices is a long-established company in the market. Works with teams around the world in all verticals.

  • Minimum deposit amount: $1000;
  • Commission: 8%;
  • Account currency: USD, EUR;
  • Deposit methods: crypto, non-cash (we coordinate firms); 
  • Limits: No;
  • Method of account obtaining: Account transfer to Octo or Adspower;
  • Premoderation: domains for upruv cabinet
  • Other accounts: Google, Taboola, Bigo, Outbrain.
  • Promo code: MAGIC (Minimum deposit 500$)

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Hiu Agency

Foreign service for agency Facebook accounts founded by one person. Specializes only on FB traffic and has a good reputation among the community.

  • Minimum deposit amount: 1000$;
  • Commission: The fee for the first launch is 10%, in other cases 4-10% depending on budgets;
  • Account currency: USD;
  • Deposit methods: USDT (TRC 20);
  • Limits: 250/1500/no limit;
  • Account Receipt Method: RDP;
  • Premoderation: No;
  • Other accounts: No;

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Advantages of agency accounts

Working with Facebook agency accounts offers many advantages for webmasters and advertisers:

High level of trust

Since agency accounts are only issued to verified partners, they have the highest level of trust from Facebook. This significantly reduces the risk of blocking, restrictions and moderation rejections.

No budget restrictions

Unlike standard accounts, agency accounts do not have strict limits on daily expenses. This allows you to quickly scale advertising campaigns and test different strategies without worry.

Expanded geography

Agency accounts give you access to geographic regions that may not be available for personal profiles. This makes it possible to effectively promote in new markets.

Operational analytics

Agency account holders get access to advanced statistics in real time, allowing them to quickly analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and make necessary adjustments.

Comfortable payment and support

Facebook partners take over the interaction with the advertising network, providing convenient payment methods and support in case of problems or blockages.

Disadvantages of agency accounts

Despite the many advantages, using Facebook agency accounts has some disadvantages as well:

Intermediary commissions

To access agent accounts, you need to contact Facebook's official partners, who charge a commission for providing services. The commission can range from 5% to 20% or more.

Requirements to offers

Facebook partners strictly monitor compliance with the rules of advertising activities and can refuse to work with certain niches or creatives that do not comply with the site's policy.

How to choose the right service?

When choosing a service to buy Facebook agency accounts, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Reputation and reviews: Study the reviews of other webmasters and webmasters who have already worked with this service. This will help you assess the reliability of the company and the quality of services provided.
  2. Terms and Commissions: Compare the fees, minimum deposit amounts and payment methods of different providers. Choose the most favorable option for you.
  3. Accepted Offers: If you plan to work with gray or gut-offers, make sure that the service accepts such niches. Some companies limit the list of allowed verticals.
  4. Support and Maintenance: Assess the level of technical support provided by the service. Having qualified help can make working with agency accounts much easier.
  5. Additional services: Some providers offer additional services such as business page creation, pixels, creatives and optimization consulting. These options can be helpful, especially for novice webmasters.

By choosing a reliable partner to work with Facebook agency accounts, you will ensure the stability and efficiency of your advertising campaigns, save time and money, and avoid many common problems.

How to start working with agency accounts?

After choosing the right service, the process of getting started with Facebook agency accounts usually involves the following steps:

  1. Registration and verification: Register on the service's website and provide the necessary information to verify your status (company details, offers, etc.).
  2. Top-up: Deposit the minimum top-up amount specified by the service. Usually this can be done via cryptocurrencies, bank transfers or other available methods.
  3. Providing data: Provide the necessary data to create an agency account, such as email, company information, preferred geographical regions, etc.
  4. Premoderation (if required): Some services require you to go through a pre-moderation process during which you submit creatives, links to offerers, and other materials to verify compliance with the site's rules.
  5. Gaining access: After successfully completing all the steps, you will be granted access to your Facebook agent account. This is usually done by adding it to your business manager or transferring usernames and passwords.
  6. Launch Campaigns: Finally, you can start launching and optimizing your ad campaigns using your agency account. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the technical support of the service.

By following these steps, you can quickly and securely get started with Facebook agent accounts, gaining access to the advanced functionality and benefits they provide.


Facebook agency accounts open up new opportunities for webmasters and advertisers looking to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns on this popular platform. With high levels of trust, no budget constraints, expanded geography, and real-time analytics, agency accounts allow for better results in promoting products and services.

Although working with agency accounts requires some investment and compliance with site rules, the advantages often outweigh the disadvantages. By choosing a reliable partner and following the recommendations for launching and optimizing campaigns, you will be able to unlock the full potential of Facebook and take your affiliate business to the next level.

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