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Anti-detect browsers for affiliate marketing.

Anti-detect browsers for affiliate marketing.



  1. What is Anti-Detect Browser?
  2. How does anti-detect browser work?
  3. What is the best AntiDetect Browser?
  4. How to use anti-detect browser?
  5. Conclusion.

What is Anti-Detect Browser?

These anti-detection browsers are a great solution for people who need to use the same device for multiple social and advertising accounts. They can change your browser fingerprints so that your online footprint appears unique and unlike that of other users.

Facebook tends to block accounts for not following its rules, but that's not all. It also takes into account information such as ip address, your screen size, operating system type and version, some video card information, and so on, if necessary. If multiple accounts are blocked and you're using a windows-based device, FB will also block you by mac address.

The mac address of the computer is exclusive and serves as a means of blocking the user's access to fb. If this happens, all accounts will be checked or blocked automatically. Since it is impossible to buy new computers on a regular basis, arbitrageurs resort to anti-detection browsers instead.

How does anti-detect browser work?

The anti-detection feature is as follows, you enter data from about 30 facebook accounts into the anti-detection browser, adding your unique digital fingerprints to each of them. Once logged in with the browser, facebook will not be able to detect the devices actually in use. If a certain account gets blocked, just grab another one and repeat the anti-detection browser process with different data. This is a popular system because it is both convenient and cost-effective - and in fact, fb itself encourages marketers to follow such tactics.

The cost of these programs can vary widely. Some are offered in a package system, which requires you to select a package, pay for a selected period of time (usually 1 month, but can be more), and use for the entire paid period. There are few browsers that you buy once and use forever. We'll show you the prices of some of the most well-known browsers in affiliate marketing shortly.

Let's now reflect on the macbook. Have you ever faced the question "macbook or anti-detect browser?", well, it's appropriate to discuss it. The theory is that if you have a macbook, you don't need an anti-detector, and let's explain why.

Fb is able to recognize individual information for any windows PC and, if necessary, prevent access from such a machine. However, macbooks don't have individual data because they are all the same; this means that there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world with exactly the same model as you. If fb blocks your macbook, it will also block hundreds of thousands of others, and their users will not be able to use fb. This is something that fb can't do, so a user accessing the site from a macbook will only have their ip address blocked, not their account. Your fb hardware will not be blocked, which means you can log in from one macbook without having to use detection protection for multiple accounts. We hope this explanation was clear enough for you.

What is the best AntiDetect Browser?

There are many different anti-detect browsers, you can choose any one you like but we recommend the following:

Dolphin Anty

This relatively new antidetect for traffic arbitrage on facebook, google, tiktok, etc. appeared in 2021 and has already earned a reputation as a great product. An additional advantage of dolphin is that it can be used for free in a limited number of profiles - whether you work alone or with a team.

One of the unique aspects of dolphin anty is that in addition to their main product, they have developed an autoload that works seamlessly with their browser.

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The webmaster community particularly likes multilogin for its usability and user-friendly interface, as well as its fast support and reliable telegram feed informing about errors, their causes, and the amount of time needed to fix them. Unfortunately, however, the browser has a tendency to crash frequently and even crash the program while it is running. In addition, the program itself requires more system resources than usual.

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Indigo is the perfect choice to overcome any security system. It is important to remember that this product was developed by marketers who specialize in affiliate marketing. Thus, the developers understand all the complexities of the affiliate world, and you will feel comfortable using this tool. In addition, it is worth noting that the platform has Russian-language support.

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Octo Browser

Octobrowser is a comprehensive anti-detection browser capable of providing maximum security from identification. It is equipped with real fingerprints and provides full privacy throughout use, making it one of the most reliable browsers without errors or crashes.

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Gologin is a young, fast-growing product that offers great prices. When it comes to performance, this product is not inferior to any of its competitors. In addition, the browser has a 7-day free trial. It's a great chance to try it out. In terms of features, gologin functions on the basis of its own anonymous browser called orbita. It is a chromium platform with an easy-to-use interface, much like the chrome interface.

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How to use anti-detect browser?

Almost all anti-detects are simple and similar in use. We will show how to use using the Dolphin Anty browser as an example.

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All the functionality is located on the left, let's go through each icon

  • Browsers - Page with a list of your sessions;
  • Proxies - The tab with the list of proxies you use;
  • Extension - Tab with extensions, you can install all the extensions you need there;
  • Users - Tab with users with access to the anti-detection browser and their settings;
  • Settings - Tab of the anti-detect browser settings, where you can change some parameters of the pages;

How do I create a page for work?

Click on the "Create Profile" button at the top.

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Give it a name, choose Facebook.

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Click on "New Proxy" and add a line with the proxy data.

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With the "New Fingerprinting" button you can generate different browser fingerprints.

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Just below the proxy add a "Cookies" file or text.

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Under the cookie, add Useragent if necessary.

Click "Create" and the profile is ready to work.

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Every anti-detect browser has the same settings and you can easily understand how any other one works.


The choice of anti-detection browser does not greatly affect the results, but it is always better to choose more reliable services so as not to have technical problems, and if they arise, it was solved quickly.

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