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ASO affiliate marketing in 2023: Traffic to mobile apps

ASO affiliate marketing in 2023: Traffic to mobile apps



  1. What is ASO optimization and why is it needed?
  2. Tools for ASO optimization.
  3. Common mistakes in ASO affiliate marketing.
  4. Features of ASO traffic.
  5. ASO affiliate marketing traffic in gambling.
  6. Conclusion.

The use of mobile devices to access the Internet has been on the rise lately. This trend is expected to continue over the next few years. If your gambling or betting partner offers mobile apps, they can be a great way to increase traffic. As the mobile app market expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve high rankings in app stores. In this article, we'll discuss the nuances of ASO affiliate marketing and how you can get more traffic from android and apple apps.

What is ASO optimization and why is it needed?

Improving app performance for the two major marketplaces, app store and google play, is known as aso optimization. Although the acronym "app store optimization" can be misleading, this optimization is relevant for both android and ios devices. The marketplaces of the major mobile platforms have grown significantly recently, and app rankings are similar to search engines such as yandex or google. To get a good ranking for an app, you need to do work similar to what seo-specialists do to improve the position of a web project.

ASO affiliate marketing is still a relatively new concept, and many affiliates do not yet realize the importance of app optimization. There are several ways to optimize aso, such as incorporating strong textual content (including keywords in the app description), compiling a semantic core and compiling an appropriate list of keywords to promote. You can also promote mobile apps by engaging motivated users by getting them to comment and rate the app.

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Once you understand what ASO is, you can formulate the main goal of optimization: to ensure that the app store and google play consider the program provided by, for example, a betting partner to be the best of its kind.

Tools for ASO optimization.

If you want to bring your app to the top of the rankings in the google and apple stores, it is important to pay attention to every detail related to the design, the description, and even the name used when the app is uploaded to the market. The keywords you choose will go a long way in attracting traffic. You can also purchase ads on various social media sites such as facebook, tiktok, twitter, etc. However, if your product is a casino affiliate program, it is best to refrain from direct gambling advertising as it may lead to a ban due to the casino's online gambling policy.

Traffic exchanges designed to motivate users are an effective way to market apps. Here you place tasks that require people to search for a given app for the queries you specify and install it. In this way, the store's search engine algorithms recognize your software as popular and in demand for search queries.

Common mistakes in ASO affiliate marketing.

In the next two years, optimizing apps will be more than just inserting keywords into app descriptions. Unfortunately, many starters (e.g., those to whom the casino partner gives apps) still do not responsibly promote apps on key sites, which leads to some common mistakes.

  • Instead of just stuffing descriptions with keywords, they turn the material into a form of writing that neither search engines nor ordinary people recognize.
  • They don't do the comprehensive optimization work that experienced webmasters use to identify their best competitors in the marketplace.
  • Instead of doing thorough optimization work, they only buy ads or insert keyword phrases into descriptions.

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Getting a significant number of visits through apps is not an easy task, given that the number of mobile device users is growing rapidly. To attract the attention of a large audience, it is necessary to be aware of all the latest trends in ASO affiliate marketing.

Features of ASO traffic.

Nowadays ASO traffic has become one of the main directions on the affiliate market. Of great importance is the fact that ASO traffic is one of the best for many destinations (e.g. betting or gambling affiliates). If you are marketing a gambling product, you can't ignore mobile apps, as many bettors/gambling players prefer to bet when they are on the move using their mobile devices. Below are some key elements of today's ASO business that every affiliate should be aware of:

  • If you're in a highly competitive field such as gambling, betting or dabbling, you need to manage multiple apps at the same time.
  • While it will take a significant budget to buy ads and attract users to motivated traffic exchanges, the return should be more than enough to cover the cost.
  • Be sure to coordinate the specifics of app promotion with your main brand so they don't "steal" traffic from each other.

Instead of developing mobile apps yourself or hiring freelance developers to do so, the ideal solution is to get them through affiliate programs of betting/gambling houses. Such programs provide apps of excellent quality and ease of use, allowing you to save time and effort.

ASO gambling traffic.

ASO traffic is similar to regular traffic affiliate marketing. A budget is allocated for getting traffic, buying ads, and paying exchange users. Your app rises in the rankings, attracting more consumers willing to pay, and generating profit. The costs are then subtracted from the profits, and a decision is made on the usefulness and effectiveness of the efforts made.

Getting traffic from applications

To take advantage of ASO traffic (getting visitors from apps on mobile devices), follow these steps:

  • Contact a cooperating organization or third-party programmer.
  • Use methods of compiling a meaningful category and keyword selection for promotion.
  • Buy ads on major sites for advertising.
  • Find motivational traffic exchanges.
  • Find a platform to direct traffic effectively.

ASO traffic has great potential in areas such as gambling, betting, digital currencies, theater, health and cosmetics.

Format of gambling ads

Recent studies show that banner ads for gaming/gambling products are not as successful as expected. However, providing incentives and inserting videos is a tactic that can increase site visits by up to 300%. Push notifications and alerts can also help increase user interaction and repeat customers.


ASO traffic has recently become a popular trend that is predicted to remain so in the coming years. The two major mobile platforms (android and ios) have significantly changed the rules of engagement, reducing advertising exposure in apps and making it harder for apps to rank on marketplaces. Despite this, ASO remains an effective way to get quality traffic as the number of mobile users continues to grow.

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