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Check-list of a good gambling offer

Check-list of a good gambling offer

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  1. Registration
  2. Popular games
  3. Bonuses
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Rating
  6. Payment methods

A good ROI is a combination and consideration of many factors at the same time. In addition to creativity, it is important to study the casino itself, because the player may not like the interface and you lose pluses.

Many of our and other partners turn a blind eye to this, and forget about the small but important details of analyzing the offer before you start pouring, which directly affect your conversion rate.

Let's look at how to properly analyze the casino and what data you should pay attention to.


There are two types of casino registration: SOI and DOI.

  • DOI registration

DOI in arbitrage, online marketing, etc. - "double" rega. A player registers at a casino and is asked to confirm his email. He goes and confirms. That is, he performs two actions - he fills in the lead form for registration and confirms the data. Hence DOI (double opt-in). And SOI - simple registration, nothing to confirm.

When working with DOI, the conversion rate is comparatively lower: the user needs not only to make a target action, but also to confirm it. But the payment per lead will be higher in comparison with a single-opt-in offerer using the SOI model.

  • SOI registration

SOI (Single Opt-in) - confirmation of the application in one step. A lead is the action of a user who has filled out and submitted a form on the advertiser's landing page.

The advantage of SOI is the elementary user flow. It is the most affordable option for beginners, as the conversion rate is higher in relation to all incoming traffic.

An important point is the catalog of games available in the casino.

Games that are already popular among a wide audience attract more attention and interest from potential customers. When people see familiar games or slots, they are often inclined to try them out at the casino.

Having popular gaming titles creates a positive reputation for the casino. When people see familiar brands or successful games in a casino's assortment, they may consider it a more trustworthy and reliable place to play.

Before hiring a brand, we recommend familiarizing yourself with which providers it works with and what number of games are waiting to attract an audience. The more the better.


Quite a few partners pay little attention to bonuses, and after all, it is an integral part of casino promotion. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the bonuses that your brand provides and add it to the creative. This will result in players being motivated by a real offer, which they will then receive at the casino, thus slightly increasing our performance.

User-friendly interface

Many brands fail to make a good interface that players will have no difficulty with. Don't be lazy and go to the casino. Check how user-friendly and beautiful the interface is. A poorly designed look can repel players and leave a bad impression right from the start. The quality of the casino directly affects your conversion rate.


Casino rating on the Internet plays an important role for its promotion for several reasons.

Casino rating allows users to assess the reliability and quality of service. The higher the rating, the more confidence this casino has in potential players.

You can check the rating here:

Casinos with a good rating have a better chance of receiving affiliate offers from other companies or becoming partners with well-known brands. This can attract even more users and increase the casino's credibility.

Payment methods

As with the interface, many brands can slip up and don't include many of the popular payment methods available to players. This is the most important point, because in many offeers the deposit is the main goal, and if the product does not provide the possibility to make it in a convenient way for the player, then your lead will simply fall off and your performance will sag.

Register at the casino and look at all payment methods, compare them with popular methods of this GEO and only then take it to work.


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