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What is clickunder traffic?

What is clickunder traffic?

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What is a clickunder?

Clickunder is an advertisement that appears at the bottom of the page being viewed.

In order to make the special code visible, you need to go to the page where it is located and select any of its fragments


Clickunder is just one of the many varieties of pop-up ads. There are other types that look the same - a page with an offer, differing only in where and how it appears.

Varieties of pop-up ads:

  • popanders,
  • clickunders,
  • popups.

The way pop-up ads appear on a web page depends on the JavaScript setting responsible for their appearance.

Differences between clickunder and popunder and popup

Clickunder and popunder are virtually indistinguishable from each other. The difference is that a popunder appears below the homepage automatically, while a clickunder only becomes visible when you click on any area of the page.

Popunders are usually not highlighted and can be referred to simply as "popunder".

At the same time there is an alternative form of popup advertising - popup. In this case, an additional page appears on top of the one the user is viewing. This can be annoying as it prevents the viewer from accessing what they wanted to see.

Benefits of Clickunder

Clickunder is considered to be the best advertising structure to master affiliate marketing. It is quite easy to operate. At the same time, experienced arbitrageurs still get maximum rewards from it.

  • Affordable prices and high activity

Compared to other types of traffic, Pop traffic is cost-effective and has a large number of visitors. It is an ideal choice for those who want to experiment with affiliate promotion.

  • You don't need to consider special offers

Having a top-notch landing page is essential for successful use of pop ups. This reduces the number of steps between the user and conversion, as there is no creative directing the user to a pre-launch landing page and/or credit. Consequently, fewer elements need to be tested and it's easier to identify a combination that will bring in customers.

  • Loyal moderation

Pop traffic is not as finicky as, for example, web traffic from Facebook or contextual advertising. You can run numerous campaigns on it without fear of being banned by Facebook or Instagram.

  • Ads that adapt to any type of device are called popunder ads.

For a long time, this advertising style has been modified to accommodate all types of technology. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones - each can be used to get your offer to the maximum number of people.

Disadvantages of clickunder

Despite the appeal of clickbait advertising, it has a number of disadvantages. 

  • "Cold" audience

The viewer does not feel any enthusiasm for the displayed advertisement. Therefore, it is necessary to build a presentation in such a way that your message and offer were clear at a glance, before the user has time to close the page.

  • Presence of bot traffic

Indeed, bots are still present here, although not in the same numbers as in the last five years.

Verticals clickunder

A similar concept applies to click-and-popups and popups. Select an offer that requires a direct action (download, email address entry, subscription).

It takes time for possible leads to be made quickly. That's why it can be difficult to advertise offers that you have to pay for, especially if the amount is not insignificant.

Each ad grid has its preferred categories that seem to be getting the best conversions from clickund-popunders at the moment.

Where to buy clickunder traffic?

It has become clear to you that clickunders are in the same place as popanders. There is no other network for them. You can look for them on the same ad networks where popunders are sold.

It is very important to check with the ad network whether they provide a combination of popup and popunder ads with clickunders or offer them as separate elements.

To make it easier to choose the right source of clickunder traffic, we have provided a comparison of the most commonly used networks. The article does not mention popunder networks, as they are synonymous with clickunder networks.

How to make money on a clickunder

To be successful with clickunders, you need to meet a few key requirements.

  • Find a simple offer,
  • understand the "pain" of a potential lead,
  • make an understandable landing page,
  • buy a fast hosting for the site,
  • use a tracker (mandatory!).

Each of these components are interrelated. You need a direct offer, preferably with a small reward. Don't be intimidated - if the offer is successful, you will be rewarded with an abundance of traffic. Generally, offers with large payouts require experience and expertise, so they are more difficult to manage.

It's important to understand what should interest the user to turn them into a lead. The landing page should be built in a way that addresses this pain point.

The speed at which your ads appear is of utmost importance. If a page takes more than a second to load, it will close without giving you an opportunity. Don't let them interrupt it!

Your landing page should be as lightweight as possible (around 200kb) and incredibly fast. For this, it is recommended to use a hosting service that is close to the country where your product is offered.

Don't skimp on hosting, as it can be the deciding factor in successfully attracting customers or simply wasting money on advertising that doesn't pay off.

The final element is the tracker. Without it, managing pops is not possible: you will be overloaded with data. Some trackers offer free versions in which you can process a limited number of events.


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