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What is the prepay? And why isn't he loved?

What is the prepay? And why isn't he loved?

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Despite stricter promotion rules, the firstbill in 2023 still survives. We'll tell you what firstbillers do, where they get their cards from, and why others don't like them. However, it seems that finding a way to get free traffic is achievable.

What is a firstbuilder?

Before the first charge, you must loosen the cap on the ad locking device. Once the maximum is reached, the card is discarded and is no longer taken into account. It turns out that for such a long time, all these ads were just going around, funded by either facebook or some other traffic provider.

It's not hard to guess that neophytes get the most traffic using this method. There are various groups that specialize in this, and they even sell training videos that teach you how to use google and facebook ads.

The cost of this training is about $200.

We think it's too easy an expensive and we're going to give you information about it at no cost.

What's the job of prepay?

The recent influx of new clients coming in thanks to facebook and google ads is commonplace. Nevertheless, the increased interest in postpaid tick-tock accounts didn't arise from nothing.

- Facebook's first-passenger

The most common way to advertise on facebook is postpaid. Each user has a certain amount set aside for them until facebook requires them to pay the first bill. The size of the limit depends on the reliability of the account, with some having $2 and others having $25. Accounts with a high limit are the most preferred for the first account. Make sure you have at least a couple of dollars on your balance from 2021, because fb introduced a temporary hold that involves deducting a small amount for verification.

In the summer of 2022, there was an uproar about the increase in the down payment in hryvnia. It is likely that this amount increased due to currency fluctuations.

- The down payment in Google ads

Google ads is not as generous with payments for newbies compared to facebook. You can choose different payment options such as prepayment, postpayment, and auto-payment. However, postpaid is not suitable for most countries. The account limit also varies by geographic location - in the first level, the limit reaches $350. Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan and Ukraine this amount is much lower.

It turned out that using Google ads for a first-timer immediately led to several problems.

Get a standard, reliable first-level card and fill it out within two weeks.

Discover a charge card that can be connected to Google ads. As people have said, there may be more and more challenges in this area in 2022.

For the initial payment in Google ads, you'll need to go through the same process - wait for billing and then enter your credit card information.

Where can prepayers get cards from?

There are a myriad of options for obtaining cards for a first-builder. We won't give you all the information on the plans-we'll just describe the most common methods.

Method 1: Creating disposable virtual cards.

This is the easiest approach. Many businesses that provide virtual cards also offer single-use cards. These cards are only good for one transaction, such as paying for a trial payment on facebook. After that, they quickly expire.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire cards in the way that was common before. Many of them have been flagged on FB, and their reliability is very low. Moreover, this is due to inexperienced users. As for Russian payment cards, it is still impossible to link them to google or facebook ads, obviously for some reason.

Method 2: Acquiring a card

There are several channels and conversations on telegram that offer to purchase databases of valid bank cards. Of course, this is an illegal practice. More often than not, the information is obtained through hacking online stores, data leaks or even phishing sites. Moreover, some of these cards are issued in fictitious names - for a fee they will provide it to you; and in other cases we are talking about using social engineering techniques.

The card has been issued to its principal owner, the leader of this illegal operation, who is undoubtedly committing fraud and blackmail.

We will now discuss the potential risks associated with such a purchase - even going to jail for 5 years is not out of the question.

Linking individual cards is the third method.

This is a tactic used by kamikaze investors because the financial institution keeps confidential information that can be shared with the appropriate entities upon request. There are arbitrageurs who use this tactic, and some of them have even been successful. All they have to do is link the account and remove the cap, after which the card will be blocked. Fortunately, this can be done with a few clicks in the bank app. Facebook, however, was unlucky when it came to charging for payments.

How does the arbitration community treat first-timers?

Affiliates tend to have a negative attitude toward first-time affiliates. In the end, the advertiser and the cpa network become part of a fraudulent scheme. This is not required in white ads. What's more, pp representatives point out that it's getting tougher because of firstbeer traffic - rules are tightened, domains are banned, and rcs are blocked. First-timers are completely destroying the market.

Also, the prepayer is not developing as a webmaster. Affiliates are interested in quality traffic, and one day it becomes unprofitable to cooperate with "freeloaders".

What awaits those who make such moves in arbitration?

It has long been known that first-bill is nothing short of a scam. Accordingly, the owners of traffic sources have long been aware of this deception. Indeed, a few years ago, facebook announced that it would take legal action against anyone who doesn't pay for its traffic. Yes, this includes collecting debts through the courts.

So far, there have been no major court cases in which facebook has taken legal action against arbitrageurs. However, there is an article in the criminal code that could potentially put a newbie arbitrator at unforeseen risk. This is "carding," which involves the illegal use of card information without the cardholder's consent or knowledge.

Keep in mind that if you get your credit card information from untrustworthy sources, such as telegram channels, you become a party to criminal activity. By all indications, the card information has been obtained illegally. Our legal representative reminds you that according to the Criminal Code of Russia participation in carding may be punished by imprisonment for up to 5 years or a fine of up to 500 000 rubles.

Pervobil on facebook and other sites is nothing but a deception of the system, negatively influencing other traders. Both sides of the coin need to be considered:

The ad site is taking increasingly harsh measures - this is the result of their well-founded suspicions about the ads. So when they ask you for proof of identity, suspend your account or cut your spending, thank the newbies;

It's becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable payments that you can connect to without any difficulty or exposure to risk. Many virtualization release services have already been met with distrust because of their first accounts.

In addition, an arbitrator who persistently uses the same primary billing tactics ends up being less effective. He takes a certain approach and does not consider alternative methods. This is why most arbitration professionals oppose the first-bill.


Pervobil, unfortunate as it may seem, is the "slow killer" of the affiliate advertising industry. It leads to decreased guarantees from traffic sources, hurts affiliates' reputations and holds back the promotion of the arbitrator himself. We wish you would look for other methods to generate traffic.

Answers to popular questions.

Pervobill what is it?

Pervobill traffic is the launching of an ad campaign with no upfront payment. Payment is either withheld or separated from the account, allowing you to run ads at no cost to the advertiser.

Is it realistic to use a virtual card for this kind of payment?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a new virtual card in 2023 because of the lack of trust in numerous payment cards. This is also partly due to the fact that those who bill first are becoming more and more stringent. However, most people tend to choose single-use cards.

Is this legally prosecuted?

A year ago, Facebook announced that it would take legal action against those who owed money and try to recover damages from them. In addition, aspiring carders are being targeted by scammers. Moreover, participating in carding is considered a crime.

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