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What are Pop-Up and Popunder traffic?

What are Pop-Up and Popunder traffic?

Any type of ad that includes the terms click, pop, andunder, such as popunder, oneclick, or clickunder, opens a new tab under the main browser window.


Pop-Up (or PopUnder) - A banner ad format that pops up in another window while viewing a page. The distinction between Pop-Up and Popunder involves displaying the advertisement on top of the main page or vice versa behind it.

The simplicity of popunder allowed it to span the entire World Wide Web, so that every site could be linked to an ad system selling pop-up traffic.

We all remember stumbling across those ads promising us safe antivirus software or the chance to win the latest iPhone. But popunders have been around since 2010 and are still in use today, generating traffic for advertisers and profit for arbitrageurs.

Unlike "relative" pop-ups, which Google no longer favors, Chrome has a default setting to disallow pop-ups while popunder continues to function.

At this point, the number of popunder ads shown in 30 days is in the billions. Networks that sell this traditional type of advertising have special services, features and opportunities for those who want to buy them. Many networks have their own fraud protection features, as well as budget and campaign optimization options. For those looking for more advanced options, you can suggest Kadam ad network's interest-based targeting, which allows you to reach an audience interested in your product and get the most targeted clicks in return.

Application verticals

Webmasters can buy popunder to promote a wide range of products, but the following categories are the most successful:

Dating - Dating services are constantly utilizing both mobile and desktop traffic. It is possible to purchase a large number of clicks at a low price, generating a steady profit with a wide spread.

Sweepstakes come in many different shapes and colors. Popunder and swip have a wealth of choice, regardless of the venue and offer - clicks that are affordable, with a wide reach - a combination that has repeatedly shown to be profitable.

Gambling and betting is a highly competitive industry, but it can be extremely lucrative with the right strategy, monitoring of sporting events and proper use of advertising and promotions.

E-commerce - The practice of shopping online has long been commonplace, and more marketplaces and sellers are popping up. Keep an eye out for items popular during certain times of the year as well as hot deals.

Installs - Instagram has been around for a long time, and every day there are more new programs and apps that require promotion. Popunder is a great way to get a lot of mobile traffic.

Investing in mobile content and push subscriptions may have changed recently, but they are still worthwhile. When investing in mobile subscriptions, it's important to keep local regulations in mind, and to separate desktop and mobile subscriptions when pouring money into push.

Almost every vertical can target popunder, but keep in mind that individual optimization strategies should be applied to prevent financial losses.

Pros and cons 

The advantages of popunder ads are as follows:

Coverage. Popunder ads can be found anywhere on the Internet, and ad networks are eager to provide a huge number of impressions.

Flexibility. Using ad networks, you can initiate promotions for different verticals, and moderation will be more lenient than on social media. The best part is that you don't need hundreds of cards, accounts and proxy farms to get started with popunder advertising, all you need to do is register with an ad network and start running campaigns from a single dashboard.

No creatives - allows the affiliate to remove one of the most capricious components of the funnel and make their work much easier.

The disadvantages of this format include: 

The number of bots present in ad networks depends on how carefully the network evaluates its traffic.

While manual optimization is necessary, you don't have to separately evaluate all the sites where your ads have been shown. Kadam's targeted CPA and tracking tools make the optimization process much easier.

Although popunder ads are not automatically blocked in Google Chrome, given the use of adblocks, it is likely that some ads will not be visible to viewers.

On mobile gadgets, it can be more difficult to recognize pop-ups. This is due to the fact that working with a mobile browser is very different from working with a desktop computer.

How to avoid mistakes

Popunder is a well-established and proven format, to ignore it is to miss out on potential revenue.

  1. Don't change more than one variable in the same job; this will allow you to get accurate data and determine which changes are affecting results.
  2. Don't use a tracking device. If you don't use a tracker, you won't be able to quickly access information about the results of your campaigns and you won't have complete statistics on campaign performance, which will also be presented in an easy-to-use format. 
  3. Avoid using smart links. Many affiliate networks have created smart links in order to drive large volumes of traffic. They help to evaluate the platform and offer combination, as the offer changes if the platform remains the same. In addition, they can be used to make a quicker sampling of sites and start blacklisting.
  4. Don't overstate the importance and benefits of making a list of sites to avoid. 
  5. Use a variety of logos. It is beneficial to have a separate page on the site for each promotion so that accurate information can be obtained.
  6. The value of how many times a user is exposed to something is just as important as what they experience.
  7. Don't be afraid to look for answers on your own, but don't hesitate to ask your manager for advice either. Kadam's management team is always available to help you learn more about customizing your ads and highlight the most successful suggestions.
  8. Instead of translating everything into monetary terms, think about the EPC metrics that affiliates have created for a specific purpose. Arbitrageurs prefer to talk about costs rather than ROI (after all, it makes more sense to invest $100k with a 10% return on investment than $50k with a 200% return on investment). So it's best to start your calculations from the beginning and use dollars as your currency.
  9. Do you have any biases? Everyone indulges in gambling with FB*, so don't you want to be a part of it too?

It would take a long time to compile an exhaustive list of advantages, disadvantages and tips for using popunder. It would be unwise to turn down the opportunity to work with a source that has been around for many years, is not prone to failure and has brought great wealth to more than twelve marketers.


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