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What are SSH tunnels in affiliate marketing

What are SSH tunnels in affiliate marketing

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SSH tunnels are essential in the field of affiliate marketing. They allow webmasters to change their IP address and provide anonymity on the Internet. In this article, we will look at what SSH tunnels are, why they are useful for affiliates and how to use them in your work.

What are SSH tunnels?

An SSH tunnel is a network protocol that allows you to control traffic remotely. It can be used to work on servers and provides encryption for the data being transmitted. SSH tunneling replaces other means such as VPNs and proxies and provides webmasters with the ability to proxy traffic and bypass firewalls.

To create an SSH tunnel, you must install a client program on your computer and set up a connection to a remote server. When the tunnel is set up, all traffic will go through the rented server and will be encrypted for security and anonymity.

Advantages and disadvantages of SSH tunnels

SSH tunnels have advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider when using them in affiliate marketing.

Advantages of SSH tunnels

  • Easy setup at the server level: creating an SSH tunnel does not require complex configuration and can be done even by a beginner.
  • Data encryption: SSH tunnel provides security of transmitted data, protecting it from DNS or IP address spoofing and data theft.

Disadvantages of SSH tunnels

  • Complicated setup: although setting up an SSH tunnel at the server level is relatively simple, some understanding of network protocols and settings is required.
  • Encrypting only applications: an SSH tunnel encrypts only the applications being transmitted, not all traffic. This means that other applications that do not use the SSH tunnel may be vulnerable to attack.

Why do affiliates need SSH tunnels?

SSH tunnels are an important tool for affiliates because they provide anonymity and security online. Here are a few reasons why webmasters use SSH tunnels:

  • IP address hiding and proxification: SSH tunnels allow webmasters to hide their IP address and use proxification to bypass anti-fraud and security algorithms.
  • SSL Encryption Support: SSH tunnels support SSL encryption to ensure secure data transmission and protect against data interception.
  • Network transmission filtering: Arbitrators can use SSH tunnels to filter network transmissions and proxy all protocols, including DNS queries.

SSH tunnels are especially useful for affiliates in situations such as pharming and flooding with Google, network and proxy hiding, and Facebook and pharming accounts.

How to use SSH tunnels in affiliate marketing?

Using SSH tunnels in affiliate marketing requires some preparation and customization. Here are some steps for using SSH tunnels:

  1. Install an SSH client program on your computer. Some of the popular client programs include OpenSSH, PuTTY, and Bitvise SSH Client.
  2. Create SSH keys to establish a secure connection. This will allow you to connect to the remote server without having to enter your password each time.
  3. Set up a connection to the remote server using the SSH keys. Specify the server's IP address, port, and other necessary settings.
  4. Establish a tunnel between your computer and the remote server. Specify the port to be used for tunneling traffic.
  5. Test the tunnel by sending traffic through it. Make sure that all applications and protocols are working properly.


SSH tunnels are an important tool for affiliate marketing. They provide anonymity, security, and the ability to proxy traffic. Using SSH tunnels in affiliate marketing requires some training and customization, but can be very helpful in achieving success in this field.

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