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What is a test KPI in affiliate marketing

What is a test KPI in affiliate marketing

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What is a test KPI?

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) - This is some kind of performance indicator, rules set by the advertiser that define the maximum amount of traffic per day that should be monitored to guarantee the quality of traffic provided by the affiliate or webmaster.

To simplify, a KPI is a measure of the effectiveness of an ongoing advertising campaign. Usually, under standard tide conditions, the higher the KPI, the better in your heart and warmer in your pocket, only if it is not specified on the offerer.

A certain number of offers, usually belonging to a number of specific categories, contain limits on the highest amount of traffic distributed per day. Typically, these restrictions are placed on those offers that have the most simple and straightforward caps. In this way advertisers try to "secure themselves". They check the traffic flow from the server more thoroughly than at any other time, without setting a limit. Webmasters are never oblivious to the possible machinations of affiliates, but that is not what we are talking about now.

All traffic that exceeds the KPI value is not paid.

The advertiser presents an agreed standard to the affiliate network, for example, one hundred conversions per day from each affiliate is acceptable for this particular offer. Going beyond this criterion is possible, but not mandatory. No one will prevent your traffic and you will be financially responsible. If you reach the set goal of 100 conversions, the affiliate network will not charge anything more, even if their total number is 2100, which means that you are working in the negative.

Which offers are more likely to set KPIs

KPIs are set where getting a large volume of traffic is easy. Easy ones include, for example, swipes or sweepstakes. We talk about them in detail here. The vertical is "easy" both in mining the traffic itself and in working for a beginner, let alone an experienced webmaster. The latter may well work alone and love this vertical for its well, very nice income. However, many of them are also forders, so the most common KPI, when working with swipes - 200 per day. No more.

Placement of kap on offers with strict rules for payback - a common thing. These include gambling and betting, among others. A complex vertical but nevertheless has its own traffic restrictions. Payback traffic is important for casinos and therefore you can often see some of the offeers are billed with strict KPIs.

Also, usually have caps: registrations, subscriptions, lead generation and so on. Anything that is easy to obtain.

It's worth keeping in mind that there is a hold regardless of the presence or absence of caps.

How to raise KPIs

If you are persistent in your work and do it well (without cheating and bots), you will eventually get not only recognition but also a lot of introductions to managers. You can always ask them not only to raise your limit, but also to increase the reward for your work. Although the affiliate network doesn't make the final decision, a letter of request sent by them to the affiliate practically guarantees a raise.

Cooperating with a direct advertiser is much simpler. Compared to an affiliate program, you are offered more favorable and acceptable conditions. Even before you start working, you can agree on the amount of payment and the maximum number of accepted leads per day.

KPI is a necessary precautionary measure on the part of the affiliate network and the advertiser. Without the use of this measure, only losses and loss of any profits are quite expected.


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