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Best traffic sources for CPA offers

Best traffic sources for CPA offers



  1. What is CPA?
  2. Main criteria for selecting traffic sources for cpa offers
  3. Selecting traffic sources for cpa offers
  4. Advertising costs
  5. Search engines: the best option for getting cpa offers
  6. Advertising in social networks
  7. Popular platforms for traffic promotion
  8. Emailing
  9. Conclusion

What is CPA?

Cpa, or cost per action, is a type of online advertising in which the advertiser pays only for the targeted action that the client takes. This is beneficial to the advertiser, as he does not pay extra money for advertising, and the webmaster knows what result he will get in return. Currently, about 70% of goods and services are sold on the Internet with the help of cpa. Those who are experienced in this field can work directly with the advertiser if they have a lot of traffic. For beginners, there are cpa affiliate programs with offers from a wide variety of industries.

Different cpa offers require different targeted steps, the most common of which are:

  • Purchasing a product or service;
  • Registering on a website or subscribing;
  • Installing the app;
  • Filling out an order form;
  • Filling out a feedback form. Currently, it is possible to work on the cpa model in any known vertical. The least complicated approach is to start promoting cpa offers in the verticals of betting and gambling, cryptocurrencies and finance, and interiors and merchandise.

The main criteria for selecting traffic sources for cpa offers

Making money from affiliate programs for gambling or betting is not difficult. You can launch a campaign with a cpa offer to encourage users to take action. In addition, the cpa model allows you to recoup your investment faster. On average, you can get your money back in 15 days.

Selecting traffic sources for cpa offers

When selecting traffic sources to promote cpa offers, consider key elements that can affect the conversion rate and profitability of the advertising campaign.Targeting is very important because it allows you to identify the target group and save money. Targeting can increase ctr and cr which are crucial in the cpa model. It is important to get motivated traffic. Broad campaigns can get a lot of views but not as many clicks that will lead to the desired action.

Most networks offer targeting parameters such as geo, age, gender, and display time. However, social networks offer the broadest targeting opportunities because they collect and analyze data about users and their behavior. This data can be used to build user profiles that include age, gender, nationality, and interests. Because users leave many digital footprints on social media and search engines, the targeting opportunities are vast.

Advertising costs

Paid traffic sources are usually more profitable than shareware because they allow you to show ads to the appropriate audience. Nowadays, there is a wide range of ad networks and exchanges where you can find both cheap and high-end traffic. For example, pop and push traffic is usually inexpensive, while google ads and facebook are more expensive. The difference lies in the quality of cpa traffic: while teasers and push networks provide large volumes of traffic with few targets, powerful platforms such as google ads and facebook provide audiences with the most precise customization, down to the region where the ad will be seen and the user's interests.

Limitations, potential problems

In addition, the source of traffic should be chosen based on the deal offered, some networks prohibit advertising with banned niches. Experienced site owners can bypass these restrictions, but this requires additional funds. For example, to have gambling and betting ads on facebook, you need a lot of accounts, cloaca, and anti-detection browsers.


Before you choose a traffic source, make sure it covers the areas you need. For example, in Asia, facebook is not as big as tik tok and baidu ads, so they offer more reach in that region. As for Google, since it's the most popular search engine, you can more easily find the audience you want, but that also means more competition and expensive traffic.

Search engines: the best option for getting cpa offers

When it comes to paid and free methods of attracting traffic to cpa offers, we have identified the most effective sources. And leading among them is advertising in search engines.

Why? Because users come with a certain purpose and are ready to act. Although it is the most expensive of all sources, it is also the most profitable because of the high conversion rate.

In most cases, you can expect a 15-20% conversion rate. Search engine advertising networks give you the ability to set different targets. These include keywords, geographic location (country, region, city or town), display time, interests and device type. With proper goal setting, you can achieve conversion rates that almost reach the 70-80% mark. In highly competitive regions, the cost of search traffic is higher than other sources, but a search engine can still help reach 100% of users in a particular region.

Search advertising

The main disadvantage of search advertising is the restrictions on cpa offers from games, betting and adult content. To run such campaigns, you need to hire a cloaca and have a stockpile of accounts, as they can be blocked at a moment's notice.

Social Media

Social media platforms have emerged to facilitate communication and news dissemination, they also provide the second highest volume of traffic.

Social media advertising

Social media platforms offer many options to customize ads to suit your goals. You can set age, gender, hobbies, geographical location, and display time. You can also promote groups using keywords. The cost of this type of advertising is set through an auction format, and the bids are similar to the cost of contextual traffic in that location. While this may not be the most cost-effective option, it produces high-quality results. When set up properly, it can provide a high conversion rate. It is ideal for promoting betting affiliates, insights and gambling affiliate programs.

Social media platforms are a global phenomenon, and in some regions they have a larger presence than search engine advertising. However, it's not the same everywhere. Facebook may have taken over the world, but it is not the leader in every region.

One of the problems with social media is that there are restrictions on what can be advertised. For example, it is illegal to advertise gambling and betting on Facebook. But in areas where the industry is regulated, exceptions can be made. For example, facebook is allowed to advertise legal gambling and medical drugs. In any case, expect your ads to be scrutinized.

The most famous social media platforms for traffic referral are facebook, twitter, tik tok, pinterest.

Native advertising marketing

Native advertising is a reformulated form of banner advertising. Native designs look more natural and can potentially be inserted into a newsfeed. Native ads are less disturbing to users, don't obscure the main content and don't cause banner blindness.

Email distribution

Using email as a communication aid in addition to using landing pages is an effective way to reach out to customers and drive sales or create brand awareness. It is important that the recipient gives permission to receive the email, otherwise they may overlook it and treat it as spam. Other contact options include sending messages via text or messengers.

Clickunder and popunder advertising

Once upon a time, news and entertainment sites often featured full-page ads that, once clicked on, would immediately redirect the user to the advertiser's site. These types of ads have now been supplanted by more native forms of advertising. However, they are still in use and provide a good return on investment for many industries that are rejected by other ad networks.

Pop-up notifications.

This method of promotion has been around for a very short time. Push notifications, or "pop-ups", are messages sent directly from the server to the user's web browser, even when the site is closed. The advantage of push notifications is that the user has given consent to view them, so they will not be intrusive. This type of advertising is very cost effective, similar to teaser campaigns. At the same time, the click-through rate (ctr) and conversion rate (cr) are several times higher. In addition, these messages can be targeted by geography, interests, frequency and intervals between impressions.

Mobile users

Mobile users outnumber desktop users in terms of new users. In countries where there is internet but no access to computers or high speed, advertising in mobile apps gets a great response. Mobile traffic is especially useful when it comes to betting and gambling, as it allows a smooth transition to a casino app or betting site.


Unlike cpl, working with a cpa scheme is a bit more complicated. It requires the user to not only click on the link, but also to do something else. To make the campaign successful, it is important to use good creatives, appropriate targeting and so on. Although this type of business requires a lot of effort, you can still try to advertise cpa offers with minimal effort by having a website, a social media group and investing some money in advertising.


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