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CPA sales funnel in affiliate marketing

CPA sales funnel in affiliate marketing

The goal of the webmasters is to make more profit than the cost of his marketing activities. We will be discussing the CPA sales funnel - a special type of conversion.

A sales funnel is a general marketing approach that includes the following elements: traffic (i.e. clicks) - leads - purchases (consultations). We can say that a CPA sales funnel is a unique layout of certain web pages such as:

  • segmentation site;
  • several CPA-offers coming one after another, which are also supplemented by the segmentation system;
  • a page where you thank the user for the action, through which the traffic is redirected further.

The incoming traffic is not immediately "unblocked", they work with it until the maximum return on investment - ROI. In this regard, people get to a series of consecutive offers that direct them to different collections of CPA-actions or contextual zones.

How do you build an CPA sales funnel?

We can illustrate the concept of the CPA sales funnel by the example of the business lending industry. Specifically, we can break our target audience into distinct segments: business owners, executives, and directors. So how do we build an organized series of offers for this?

At the beginning of the page, it is recommended to decide on the area of business. After that, a landing page with these i-frames will appear, containing materials and content useful for business executives. Most often it's business credit, then human resource management, numerous training programs, specific business benefits, etc.

Essentially, it's a technique of additional sales, or, in another way, upselling. That is, these are additional related products that potential customers may be interested in.

Let's explore this issue in more detail. For each user, the acquisition cost is $1. This cost is recouped through production costs, but no profit is generated. Once the user completes the segmentation page and leaves their contact information, they will be redirected to a thank you page with several i-frame offers tailored to their interests.

This is how you monetize the process and increase your profit per initial traffic.

In conclusion, let's outline the process of affiliate marketing CPA sales funnel. It involves going through a certain multi-level sequential procedure that leads to several offers and may include clicks on contextual advertising links. It is in this way that traffic can be maximized.

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