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Crash Games in Affiliate Marketing

Crash Games in Affiliate Marketing

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  1. What are crash games?
  2. Crash games in marketing
  3. Popular crash games and countries
  4. Plinko game
  5. Conclusion

Crash games have been important in arbitrage for over 3 years. The famous Lucky Jet, Aviator and JetX never fail to convert. In this article we will discuss how these games work, why people like them, compare query statistics from Google, and tips on how to attract traffic with Crash games.

What are crash games?

Crash games for money are new online casino games that offer a simple game scheme and at the same time give players the opportunity to apply winning strategies. You may know the most popular game of this genre "Aviator".


In these games, the player watches a line or object accumulate a bet multiplier over a period of time. It could crash at any second - hence the term "crash" - but you can also cash out and collect your winnings at any time! This is how every crash game at an online casino works, so there are no fancy rules or complicated payout tables for you to deal with.

Crash games in marketing

This game format has appeared quite recently, and due to its uncomplicated mechanics, convenience and friendly interface crash games have become incredibly popular among both users and partners.


You may have seen how some crash games are quite often used in creatives, as they sometimes generate much more interest than slots due to their novelty. Some brands dedicate separate catalogs to this genre.

When working with such games, as well as with any other game genre, it is important to take into account its popularity within the GEO. Let's see what statistics Google shows us on requests for some of the most popular games in this genre.


This legendary game, the originator of the crash genre, where the main character is a pilot who is rapidly gaining altitude. Your potential winnings also grow as the plane gains altitude, and your task is to collect your winnings before it crashes.


It is obvious that Aviator is many times ahead of its competitors in terms of requests. The countries where this game is popular are mostly Tier-2. Brazil, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, UK, etc....

This game does not target a specific country, but all at once. The list is wide and you can also find Tier-1 and Tier-3 countries, which makes this game universal.


Crash game by SmartSoft Gaming, released in 2019. The game is made in the genre of Aviation. The maximum winnings are equal to X100. A successful analog of Aviator, in which the player has to control a starship. It is distinguished by high-quality graphics and pleasant audio accompaniment.


The leader in demand for JetX is Brazil. 80% of traffic comes from Brazilians and using this game for Brazil will be a great solution.


A new crash game from Pragmatic Play. This long-awaited crash game has been a topic of discussion among crash and mini-game lovers for quite some time now, as it is the very first crash game from Pragmatic Play. Plus, it has a maximum winnings of 5000X.


Spaceman is mainly targeting Tier-1 countries, with the US, Spain, UK, Germany, but also not without everyone's favorite Brazil.

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is a popular crash game at online casinos. The number of people recognizing Lucky Joe on a flying backpack is steadily increasing. Lucky Jet game will give fun, experience new emotions, as well as earn decent money without making any effort.


For residents of the CIS many popular crash games were unavailable, which is why there is an analogue Lucky Jet, which is predominantly popular in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova. Also the slot was not left without attention in India and Brazil. When pouring on the CIS we recommend using this game in creatives.

Plinko's game

This is a special, new kind of game that is winning the hearts of players right now and is enjoying wide relevance. Plinko is hard to classify as a crash game, but nevertheless we have included it in this article as an original variant for use in our work.

The name "Plinko" as well as the game itself is borrowed from the western TV show "Price Is Right?"


The essence of the game is quite simple, the player has to make a bet and start the game, after which the interactive field begins to roll the ball from top to bottom. At the bottom of the field are located wells each of which is assigned a multiplier bet. In what hole will hit the ball that the player will get the winnings.

Where is it popular?

The frequency of google searches on Plinko has reached JetX level and we are sure that it will continue to grow. The game has been widely distributed in such countries as Brazil, France, UK, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia.


Right now this game is gaining tremendous momentum and has a crazy hype around it due to its simplicity. We recommend you to use it!


Crash games never ceases to grow in popularity. It is, indeed, a convenient and simple solution to attract players, which is aimed at the mass consumer. You don't have to look for ludomaniacs to get the user to play. Excitement is a strong feeling that is easy to control. And it is in every person.

I would also like to finish with a useful and banal advice for our partners. Use in your creatives the games that the brand really provides.

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