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Best slot machines available on DraftKings

Best slot machines available on DraftKings

DraftKings has certainly earned its stellar reputation due to their industry-renowned sportsbook; however, their virtual casino is something else. Boasting a vast array of casino games and slots, this is one of the premier online casinos you can find.

If you’re looking to wager on online slots at DraftKings, we’ve got your back. Our experts have gone through all the slots they offer and assigned ratings based on aspects such as potential payouts, difficulty level, and enjoyment. Taking into account every gamer’s unique preferences, here’s our ranking of the best slots at DraftKings.

Neptune Waves of Wonder

DraftKings' Neptune Waves of Wonder slot game is a stimulating online diversion with a straightforward set of regulations — players must align colors, emblems, and figures to win. As you move up the stages, additional reward mini-games are included, making the experience all the more engaging!

DraftKings' Neptune Waves of Wonder slot machine is a great way to enjoy yourself while you have fun. With the addition of new bonus games as you progress through the levels, it keeps us captivated and engaged. The graphics are amazing with vivid colors and nice icons that make it look like an actual casino experience — it’s an awesome way to pass the time while having a blast.

American Treasures

DraftKings American Treasures is a great game for players of all levels. It is super easy to get the hang of, with its clear-cut rules, but it also has an abundance of enjoyable elements. As you move up the stages you will be excitedly spinning the reels to open extra mini-games. The visuals and aesthetics are incredible too, with the vibrant shades giving us that genuine casino atmosphere. Out of all progressive games, this has become one our top picks!

NHL Slapshot

DraftKings' NHL Slapshot slot machine is the perfect way to enjoy a thrilling online casino experience for all hockey fans. The rules of the game are straightforward, however you can expect a challenging journey if you progress to higher levels. Every time you make a successful move, you will be rewarded with bonus rounds that will leave you wanting more. Not only that but the visuals are also impressive; with vibrant symbols and slick animations, it feels like playing in an actual NHL match! Plus, there are bonus games for extra points which makes it even more enjoyable. Even those who aren’t into hockey love playing this dynamic and exciting game at Draftkings Casino.

Loki’s Luck

DraftKings' Loki’s Luck game is perfect for those seeking an online casino experience. It intertwines the Viking culture with the rush of a slot machine. The instructions are simple to comprehend and players can ascend through the stages and open extra games. The visuals are amazing too — vivid illustrations of Viking symbols transport you to a new place! We love that this intriguing game enables us to divert from reality and explore a world filled with fantasy and excitement!

Другие игры от DraftKings

Other than the previously mentioned DraftKings slot machines, there are plenty of other options with great RTP percentages, free spins, wilds to increase your chances of winning and more bonus features. Whether you choose to play on the website or via the DraftKings casino app, these games are sure to provide a thrilling experience.


If you’re looking for a chance at winning some big jackpots, then the mega jackpot version of Cleopatra is the slot machine to try. This classic game has been around for a long time, and it still captures the hearts of many players. Despite its age, it’s still an enjoyable experience with the added possibility of progressive wins!

In this game, you have a good chance to strike it big with Cleopatra symbols and 3x winnings in the bonus free spins. To make your odds even better, there are wild symbols for you to utilise. And of course, the enchanting visuals include mythical Egyptian symbols like scarabs and the iconic Eye of Horus. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to hit the mega jackpot?

This traditional one-armed bandit is still sought after because of its features: Cleopatra, a DraftKings slot, grants players free spins, wild symbols and other bonus opportunities that make playing it a pleasure.

Blood Suckers I & II

NetENT, a respected game maker, developed two of the top slot machines available at DraftKings Casino. Both versions boast high RTP values when compared to other slots on the platform, making them stand out from the rest.

This online slot, Blood Suckers I, has a return-to-player rate of 98%, which is significantly higher than other slots from DraftKings. This means your chances of making a profit by playing this game are greater than with other machines. Make use of the free spins and chance multipliers to increase your winnings and take home some real cash.

Blood Suckers II provides an RTP of 96.9%, which is not as remarkable as the original, however the visuals and settings are more advanced, with a variety of new characteristics. You have the potential to earn great rewards in this slot machine due to all of the multipliers and free spins available while playing.

How to start playing slot machines at DraftKings Casino

Registering with DraftKings Casino is an easy process that won’t take long, letting you get stuck into playing slots almost immediately.

To begin playing slot machines at DraftKings Casino, here are the basic steps to take.

  1. Download the DraftKings Casino app or visit their website.
  2. Click on the green "Sign In | Sign Up" button
  3. Enter your information as prompted.
  4. Click "Create Account."
  5. Make an initial deposit

Registering with DraftKings Casino is a breeze. After your profile is made, you will have access to a great variety of slot games.

Before you start playing, you should have a look at the promotions currently available at DraftKings Casino. They are offering welcome bonuses such as a deposit bonus, free spins or other perks to increase your bankroll before making your initial wager.

DraftKings Casino Slots Tips

Now that you have the hang of playing slot machines at DraftKings Casino, it’s time to take your first spins. To get the most out of your DraftKings slots experience, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Always check for bonuses

DraftKings Casino presents some of the most competitive deals in the market. By using a promo code or special link, which can be located on our website, you can gain access to deposit matches, gratis spins, bonus games and more in their online slots. Utilizing these promotions will give you a head start ahead of your first spin.

Understand the rules of the slot machine of your choice

It is essential to comprehend the rules of the game you are playing, no matter what it is. A lot of slot machines operate in a consistent way, but each one has a special gameplay that can give you the best chance of success. Some rewards that may be available are complimentary spins, bonus rounds or an infinite win multiplier. If not properly informed, you could end up squandering your bankroll if playing a slot machine without being aware of how it works.

Don't let your free spins go to waste

At DraftKings Casino, you can give yourself a chance to win through playing online slots. However, you must be quick since some of the free spins have an expiration date. Even though no real money has been spent on these free spins, if you don’t use them before they expire, then any potential earnings will also be lost.

Manage your funds

Online slots don't have the same stakes as many other casino games. However, you can still lose your bankroll. Due to how easy it is to play online slot machines, and the ability to repeatedly play the same maximum bet, things can quickly get out of hand. We recommend setting a firm budget to protect yourself from losses you can't afford.

Familiarize yourself with the different styles of online slots

DraftKings Casino has the greatest variety of online slots. If you are after a big payout, there are several progressive jackpot games where the rewards grow each time you spin. If you’re an amateur or would prefer to gamble at low stakes, try their low variance slot machines. You won’t win as much, but your chances of succeeding will be more elevated.

If you are interested in something other than the standard slot machines, we advise that you check out the Megaways slots. These are alternate video slots that provide various methods of collecting a win. As opposed to other slot games, Megaways incorporate contrasting regulations and game play, thus it is essential to be familiar with the rules prior to beginning.

Familiarize yourself with the different styles of online slots

When you’re looking for an online casino for playing slots, you’ll find lots of choices. However, DraftKings Casino stands out from the rest due to some special benefits it offers. A few of these are worth noting when selecting an online casino.

Best promotions and bonuses

We are huge fans of the slot games at DraftKings Casino for their generous bonuses. The welcome bonuses they offer are especially great, and they have other methods to gain free spins, complimentary credits or a deposit bonus.

Over 1000 online slots to choose from

It's a great selection of options, providing you with many different styles of play. Whether you prefer classic single line slot machines or prefer the excitement of multi-line games, DraftKings has you covered. They even offer free games to help you learn how to play and improve your game.

Variety of payment methods

DraftKings offers a variety of different methods to make depositing and withdrawing from your account effortless. These include online bank transfers, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, Play+ cards and more. This wide selection of banking options ensures you’ll never have difficulty getting your funds in or out.

Fair play at DraftKings Casino is guaranteed.

While it may sometimes seem that casino games can be rigged, DraftKings is open about its initiatives to ensure fair play in slot machines. This includes using random number generators to comply with government regulations and ensure daily winnings. Every time you use a DraftKings slot machine, you know you'll get a fair and unbiased result.

The best way to play online slots

If you are looking for the chance to try out slots and other casino games, DraftKings' online casino can give you what you need. It is simple to get started; either download the iOS or Android app, or access the PC site. As a bonus, they offer a sign-up incentive for new players.

Percentage of RTP

DraftKings and other casinos contain slots with a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage. This figure tells you the amount that will be returned to you in winnings when playing a particular slot machine. It is recommended that you search for those games with RTPs of 96% or higher, as these will maximize your chances of winning big. Most online casinos list the RTP of their slots, so make sure to take advantage of this information.

Promo code for slot machines

DraftKings provides various incentives and bonuses for their new customers to play slot machines and other online casino games. After signing up, they will give you a DraftKings slot machine promo code that can result in a deposit bonus of as much as $2,000.

DraftKings is offering a special bonus for inviting a friend, both current and new players. If you refer someone to join the platform and they sign up, both you and your friend will receive $100 when using the slots promo code.

DraftKings slot machine FAQ

Is it legal to play slot machines at DraftKings Casino?

If you’re situated in a locale permitting online gambling, DraftKings Casino provides slot machines for your entertainment. Don’t know if internet casino gaming is allowed in your region? Our compilation of states and relevant statutes should help you out.

Are DraftKings slots tweaked?

DraftKings utilizes random number generators to guarantee that you have an equal opportunity of being victorious each time you participate in an online slot.

Is DraftKings casino safe?

Yes, DraftKings is a prominent figure when it comes to providing safe online casino gaming. When you select DraftKings for slot games, you can be sure that your data and financials are secure.

What kind of slot machines does DraftKings casino offer?

DraftKings gives players the chance to play a broad selection of online slots. Gamers can choose from progressive jackpot slot machines, low variance slot machines, mega slots and even traditional slot machines.

Can I play DraftKings slot machines for free?

Check regularly for promotions at DraftKings Casino, as they offer free play.

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