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Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?



  1. What kind of accounts are there?
  2. Which accounts are better?
  3. How do I use my accounts?
  4. Where can I buy accounts?
  5. Useful Account Tools
  6. Conclusion

What kind of accounts are there?


This type of account is the most convenient for marketers. It is not created manually, but with the help of special programs. There are a lot of such accounts on the market and they are constantly used for work as expendable material.

Active use of such an account, most likely, will lead to its banning, which will make it useless. To keep it for a long time, you need to fill your profile and update it regularly so that facebook doesn't suspect something is wrong and ban the account. If you try to post ads from a fresh profile, there is a good chance that you will have to provide documents for verification or risk being banned.


  • These accounts are not expensive.
  • It is unlikely that it will fall into a second hand


  • Autoreg needs to warm up
  • Such accounts are given a small spread
  • The FB system does not trust such accounts and they need to rest


Log accounts are analogous to brute force, but in this case the information is stolen from the computer with the help of a virus.

A person can install a virus that records site visits, button clicks, password input, and other actions. This creates a log, which is then quickly collected to log into the facebook account.

The system was originally used to gain access to bank cards, but as arbitrage gained more attention and the need for facebook accounts grew, it began to be used in this area as well.


  • It does not need to be warmed up, it is already warmed up.
  • You get not only the username and password, but also other data (cookies and proxies), which positively affects the Facebook fraud system
  • Thanks to the cookie, you get into an account without a username and password
  • In addition to Facebook data, cookies may expose other useful accounts


  • It is illegal
  • The account belongs to a real user and can be recovered by them.
  • Frequent second-hand sales
  • Accounts are hard to find
  • The price of such accounts is usually high and depends on GEO and its advertising limits


Regardless of which account you use in your work, you have to act like a real person in order to gain credibility with facebook. This is called farming.

This is usually done by an individual because it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Creating a reliable farming account in such a short period of time is difficult, so it is better to look for sellers who already have them. Facebook can be strict, and the slightest mistake can lead to a suspension, so it should be approached with caution.

First, when setting up a pharma, you need to find and acquire resources such as phone numbers, proxies and email addresses. After that, you need to work with tools with maximum anonymity and masking. Finally, after setting up and running a profile, you should start an advertising campaign.


  • Such accounts are created specifically for marketers
  • This is a warmed up account
  • In addition to the login and password you get a cookie


  • These accounts take a long time to create
  • Such accounts are expensive to obtain and even more expensive to buy
  • Facebook has been making it harder to farm accounts lately

Accounts with the advertising ban lifted

Banning advertising activity is a form of account restriction. It usually happens with profiles trying to join a business manager, creating new links to join, forming new accounts in BM, or for no apparent reason at all. Sometimes marketers deliberately provoke facebook to block, because once you get consent to appeal, you can move forward without much fear, but it is extremely difficult to do so.

Without any legal paperwork, getting through the vetting process can be quite a challenge if you are farming such accounts. Before 2021, it was much easier, but with new advances in IT, getting around verification has become far from easy.

Although such an account is usually exempt from any kind of advertising ban, this does not guarantee that it will remain so forever. It is very rare for an account to receive an advertising ban if there is suspicion of misconduct or illegal activity - out of fifty accounts, only three have encountered this problem.


  • These accounts are considered the best and have the fewest problems
  • These accounts have been trusted by Facebook to pass blocking
  • You get a username, password, email, and cookies when you buy them


  • This is the most expensive type of account.
  • It's hard to find these accounts these days.


Business Manager, or BM for short, is a special page that helps you manage all your pages, accounts, and employees from one place.

There are several types of BMs:

  • BM with a $50 limit - you can create 4 more accounts in it in addition to your main account;
  • BM with limit $250 - you can create 4 more accounts, but only with limit $250;
  • Verified BM - the maximum budget for advertising is unlimited, and the feature is that you can create about 80 advertising accounts.

With one social account, you can create multiple BMs (with a quality average of 5-7), and then you can create multiple advertising accounts.

When you work with a BM, you increase the credibility of the account and keep it for Facebook thereby prolonging the work of other BMs and advertising account accounts.

There are two options: promote the account yourself, relying only on your skills and savvy, or buy a Facebook Business Manager account.

It is unlikely that you will come across a low-quality BM, but as with most other products, be wary of choosing the least expensive option - "the miser pays twice". Investing in a quality account will save you money in the long run. Plug it in and then leave it alone to warm up, and make sure you don't link multiple accounts - facebook is always on the lookout.

Mastering BM can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Becoming familiar with all the parameters can be perplexing, but don't let that stop you.


  • Properly handled, BM will greatly simplify your work and play to your advantage
  • Your personal accounts remain untouched while you are able to buy ads
  • You get a username, password, email and cookies when you buy


  • Such accounts as well as those with a passed ban on advertising are hard to get.
  • They are expensive.
  • It is necessary to trace and remove the previous owner from the BM in order not to lose him

What accounts are better to buy?

There is no universal answer to this question, it all depends on your goals and skills. An experienced arbitrageur might be enough for Avtoreg, but as a rule, there are certain recommendations, which vary depending on the state of Facebook.

Familiarize yourself with the current scheme of work to date and following it buy the necessary accounts and consumables.

Since gambling is a niche that violates Facebook rules, you are advised to use reliable accounts that will not raise suspicions and you should not skimp on them.

How do I use my accounts?

Log in to the account must be strictly in accordance with these 3 rules:

  • Use anti-detect browser (Dolphin Anty, Indigo, Sphere, etc.).
  • Log in with cookies or username and password (there is no better option).
  • Strictly use the same proxy (statics, resident, mobile).

Once you have bought the right type of account open it and get acquainted with the content!

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?, изображение №1


This is what the purchased account data looks like. What's in it?

  • Facebook login and password - We try not to use and log in to the account through cookies;
  • Mail and password - Needed to accept and confirm further actions;
  • 2FA-key - Two-factor authorization for higher account trust;
  • Token - For FBTool and quick interaction with the account;
  • Usergent - Browser fingerprint for masking;
  • Cookie - For fast account login and masking.

Depending on the type of account and shop, you may be given other data, but this is the standard.

How do I sign in and use my account?

Let's take the most popular anti-detect browser Dolphin Anty as an example of how to log into your account.

  1. Copy and paste cookies and user agent

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?, изображение №2

  1. In Dolphin you can select the "Facebook" function and enter your username and password there

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?, изображение №3

  1. Connect the proxy corresponding to the country of our account.

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?, изображение №4

  1. Save and go to the profile and immediately open Facebook and get to our page

Facebook Accounts for Affiliate Marketing: What are they? Where to buy?, изображение №5


If you used cookies and did everything correctly, then you do not need to log in to the account and you will have access to it immediately.

Where to buy accounts?

You can search for shops in local Telegram channels, in your browser, or you can use the big site, where you can find many different FB account shops with an easy search and built-in product listing. That's where you can look for reliable stores with accounts and buy them to work with.

We recommend the following stores:

Large assortment of goods, includes farms, brutes, LUX accounts, BM, etc.

Guys have their own chat -, bot-support and its own guarantor service

This is one of the most popular shops and it has a big quantity of partners! Especially for our partners store gives promotional code for 15% discount - Kansk_Abrosimov.

Unique, high-limit types of RDP accounts are on sale. More details about these accounts you can find on their site, but be prepared for high cost.

Especially for our partners the store gives a promo code for a bonus up to $200 for the first deposit - MAGICRDP.

Another major account dealer, there is an assortment of different accounts for sale: Farm, BM, etc. As the store provides its customers to use a variety of useful services, there is telegraph customer support - and bot - where you can quickly buy everything you need.

Especially for our partners the store gives a promo code for 15% discount - 175986541

Reliable and old shop of accounts with a large selection of products from brut to BM, the store maintains its own blog and works steadily with a large number of buyers.

Especially for our partners the store gives a promo code make15 - 15% discount on any purchase.

We are not related to these shops and do not vouch for their work, but only give recommendations.

Useful Account Tools


One of the most popular services for affiliate marketing that streamlines the work by allowing autofill and simplify the work by automating processes.


A free service that allows you to quickly check your Facebook account for validity and ban advertising activity.


Free neuronet bot that generates unique faces and helps you pass the selfies ban

Combine accounts

A great service compatible with dolphin anti-detect that makes it easy to work with accounts, automatically loads them and passes many errors.


Take as a basis that the accounts are consumables and the principle of working with accounts is constantly changing depending on the relevance of the various schemes of pouring. Don't hold on to them and be able to replace them quickly at the right moment.

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