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Facebook Problems: Advertising Ban. Causes.

Facebook Problems: Advertising Ban. Causes.



  1. What is a Advertising Ban?
  2. What does Facebook give Advertising Ban for?
  3. Why and how to call a Advertising Ban?
  4. How to get a Advertising Ban?
  5. How not to get a Advertising Ban?
  6. Conclusion

What is an Advertising Ban?

Facebook now applies this restriction to almost all accounts used for advertising, regardless of their quality level. It has been noticed that when you try to join a BM, or create a new join link, or create new accounts in the BM, or for no reason at all. It's gotten to the point where every account that works with ADS manager is bound to get on the Advertising Ban.


What does Facebook give you a Advertising Ban for?

In 2023, Facebook can give you an Advertising Ban for:

  • Any slightest violation of the advertising rules on newly created (within one year of registration) accounts.
  • Communication between advertising accounts (ip, mac, bank details and other information that facebook uses to recognize users), even if anti-detection browsers are used.
  • Using the same promotional materials created during the same time.

The problem became so commonplace that many people associated it with the business account confirmation system that was introduced earlier. At first, only a limited number of people could go through this confirmation, but then Facebook made it mandatory for all newly created BMs.

Advertising Ban is now so common that many people consider it a standard procedure.

Nevertheless, working with what we have, and to know what action to take in such circumstances, it is necessary to understand how facebook's algorithms evaluate accounts before "determining" whether to impose a restriction on advertising activity.

How does FB decide whether to give you a Advertising Ban?

It's important to realize that facebook's neural networks observe almost every movement of the user, whether inside or outside the advertising cabinet. Studies have shown that facebook reacts accurately to the following cases:

  • If you are logged into multiple accounts from the same ip address, the "ad ban" status will be applied not only to the account it was using at the time of assignment, but to all related accounts.
  • Make sure you use different browser fingerprints to protect against detection for all profiles that require authorization. Be sure to use anti-detection browsers.
  • Setting a limit on ad spend before linking a card - If you set any limit other than the one determined before linking a payment card, it will almost certainly get an Advertising Ban.
  • Creating three or more accounts in the business manager and for Facebook's system, it doesn't matter if you broke the rules or not.
  • High activity in the first few hours after registering an account makes the system suspicious and it is recommended to let the account "lay dormant" for 2-3 days or more.
  • Frequent change of personal information can "shear" the protection system and it is recommended to change it not more often than once every 2-3 weeks.
  • Too fast and/or large coverage - as paradoxical as it may sound, but if Facebook believes that the advertising it sells is effective, it issues an "Ad Ban" to its client. Facebook is Facebook.

And in general, it is very difficult to determine the reason for the Advertising Ban at the moment and it is worth taking this restriction for granted.

Why and how to invoke Advertising Ban?

Before running ads on facebook, you should first invoke the Advertising Ban and bypass it. Subsequently, you can increase the trust of your account by submitting documents to get the blocking lifted. However, there remains a possibility of your account being restricted again even after passing the ad ban.

Priority of action when invoking the Advertising Ban:

  1. Create a BM - This almost always triggers a Advertising Ban;
  2. Set a limit on ad spend before linking the card.
  3. Go ahead and create an advertisement. For example through Ads for coverage, choosing something from Fan Page.
  4. Bind a used card with bad bins.
  5. Alternate clicking on the following links:

There is a chance that these actions will shake up the defense system and you will get your coveted Advertising Ban.

How to pass ZRD?

Not all accounts are able to get out of ZRD, but if you do not lose hope, you do the following:

(We recommend to work on the English interface according to observations it is better in terms of solving all sorts of problems)

Open "Account Quality" -

 and click on the "Request Verification" button.


You will have to click "Next" and pass the captcha and will immediately go to upload the photo what to do with the photo told in the next paragraph


There is a possibility that the system will ask you for postal confirmation instead of documents, then go to it and accept the code.

How to unblock if you've caught an ID check

It happens that accounts are sent for document verification and it's normal, our task is to submit a unique photo of documents (passport or driver's license) to Facebook.

In this case, there are a couple options:

  • Buying a rendering from a designer or making a template that we use all the time in the future
  • Searching on the Internet (necessarily belonging to the country of the account).

If the Facebook system asks you for a photo of your documents, one of the options is also to search for photos on social networks through the hashtag #poluchilala-rights and other similar tags.

We need to find documents under the country of the account, so we will increase the trust. Once you have accumulated a database of documents you can reuse it. But for reuse we need uniqueization -

There are two other options, but we do not recommend using them:

  • You can buy ready-made documents in stores
  • Compose on generators or

What is important when working with a file:

  • Don't forget to change the name of the file itself;
  • We can clean Meta-data through Show Exif application (more reliable) or (this is the main mistake).

Once we have what we need we send it to FB, the check takes up to 3 days


Once we have submitted everything, we can only hope that you will pass the Advertising Ban, if it has not been removed, we recommend replacing the photo with another one and submitting a new request. You can reuse the documents, but not too often and be sure to uniquely identify them.

If there is no "Request Verification" button

Let's imagine that you have passed one or more times the Advertising Ban restriction, but suddenly you get it again, but following the instructions and going to the "Account Quality" tab you see that there is no verification button or it is simply inactive. You don't get a response from support or chat with it is not available to you at all. This limitation can also be passed.

One of the following ways usually helps in such situations:

If the chat is available - apply and politely with a share of bewilderment ask what happened.

If tech support does not answer or the chat is unavailable - use the same method but from another account, explaining that there is no such possibility from that account.

What happens to an account that has passed the Advertising Ban?

After a successful Advertising Ban, Facebook will notify you within 2-4 days that your ad campaign has been approved. This applies to both your personal account and your profile. However, it will not give you a perpetual antiban. Your account is simply trusted by Facebook's systems and ready for adequate work from you. In rare cases, an account can be blocked again by the Advertising Ban. If the profiles are of good quality, only 1-3 out of 50 will be re-banned.

If your sources (accounts, doc photos, etc) are not trustworthy, then within 30 days the social will fly to a second Advertising Ban without a positive/negative decision from FB. There will be a button hanging to continue processing the request. After submitting, another 1-2 days will pass and the continue button will appear again.

How not to get a Advertising Ban?

Many partners do not feel the need to make additional efforts to increase their level of trust by passing the Advertising Ban - the default level of trust already in place is more than sufficient for their needs. Consequently, it's easier to avoid the hassle of reaching the Advertising Ban level rather than unlocking it.

In order to avoid getting Advertising Ban as much as possible you should:

  • Use Facebook's interface in English - Observations have shown that this kind of activity is more trusted by the system and your trust in its eyes increases.
  • Be sure to use an anti-detect browser and it is important to focus not on anonymity and on tampering with the data that Facebook tracks.
  • Use two-factor authentication - Nowadays almost every user does this let alone advertising accounts that will later pay for ads.
  • Use good and reliable proxies. It is important to remember that most popular and public proxies are on Facebook's unspoken "blacklist".
  • Use Facebook's "Facebook Creative Center" - Studies have shown that these kinds of advertising offers are not questionable by facebook users. This is especially true for new accounts who, according to facebook, don't necessarily need to be familiar with the advertising platform and are more likely to go for simpler creatives.



Gambling is a vertical that falls under the advertising ban and such a restriction in this niche is normal. We recommend using accounts with a passed restriction so that you don't waste time on passing it and get results quickly.


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