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How can I access your platform?

Please register on our website by filling out this form and provide the most detailed information about your experience in arbitration: verticals, geo, sources, links to publics, channels, sites (if any).

Screenshots of your work statistics from advertising accounts or from other sites also play an important role in making a decision on admission. Screenshots should be clear, relevant and fresh, reflecting the essence of your work with the vertical and the source.

Leave links to your screenshots in the appropriate field during registration

What is Magic Click? How can you earn?

Magic Click is an international performance marketing agency.

We help our affiliates to monetize traffic, and we provide advertisers with comprehensive brand promotion services.

We work with affiliates and advertisers all over the world and work in iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, Games, eSports and many more verticals.

The simplified scheme of how an affiliate works with Alfaleads is as follows: you promote offers presented on our platform using a link with your unique ID. When a user clicks on your link and then performs a targeted action, you get paid. The target action (otherwise it is called a conversion) is described in the terms of the offer. You can promote offers using various allowed traffic sources: on your own website, using ads on Google, Facebook, and so on.

Why is your registration closed?

Our company is growing, developing and striving to always be number one in terms of traffic quality and service provided. In connection with these high demands on ourselves, we came to the need to close free access to our platform and further analyze potential partners. This is how we can guarantee a personalized approach and speed of response to affiliates and quality traffic to advertisers.

How long do I have to wait for you to process my application for registration?

During the day on weekdays your application will be processed. If you registered on weekends or holidays, your application will be processed on the next business day.

We will inform you about the result to the e-mail specified during registration.

If we need additional information to make a decision on access, we can contact you in one of the messengers indicated during registration.

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