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Youtube Affiliate Marketing: Gambling Traffic

Youtube Affiliate Marketing: Gambling Traffic

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Facebook, ASO, SEO - these are the most popular sources today. But we, the Magic Click team, are sure that you can make a lot of money outside of them as well. We will tell you why you should consider YouTube as a source of gambling traffic and what you need to start earning.


  1. Why you should try working with YouTube.
  2. Examples of working with YouTube.
  3. Useful tools for YouTube.
  4. What content is relevant.
  5. Work plan.
  6. How to collect keys for video clips.
  7. Tips for working with Youtube traffic.
  8. Conclusion.

Why you should try to work with YouTube

We will omit the topic of paid advertising in YouTube and consider free work with hosting, as most of the partners working with this source, use organic traffic.

Benefits of YouTube

  • Traffic volume

The first and rather obvious reason to work with YouTube is the fact that the site is the second most visited after Facebook, and it is where the audience comes to have fun, respectively it can work better for Gambling and Betting users.

  • Minimal bans

YouTube is one of the most loyal platforms at the moment in relation to casino and betting advertising. As far as Facebook is concerned, we rarely see restrictions related to casino promotion, and betting is practically not subject to them. But nevertheless, we can't promise that you won't have difficulties. 

  • Cheap or almost free source

Compared to the most popular source, Youtube is almost free. All you may need to work with it is to buy channels and access to the VidIQ tool. Yes, you might spend a little more time, but that's what free sources are all about, you won't suffer any financial losses and you'll get the most out of your work.

  • Audience Transfer

When working with Youtube, you will have the opportunity to transfer your audience to other sources (TG, FB) and continue working with them there. This is a significant plus that will allow you to scale your advertising effectively.


YouTube is not a new platform and you should probably expect competition. It all depends on your GEO, brand and YouTube skills. Many well-known brands and BKs are probably already busy in their key countries, but that doesn't stop lesser-known brands and countries from being introduced.

We recommend countries where YouTube is actively used, where your chosen brand is popular and where there are few converting videos. By "converting videos" we mean videos that tell you how to register at a casino, get a bonus or promo code, make a deposit and withdraw your winnings. Such videos reach the target audience and it is this fact that can be highlighted as another advantage.


Separately, I would like to say that from YouTube you can pour traffic to almost all countries in the world, in addition to those where it is forbidden:

  • China;
  • Iran;
  • North Korea;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Eritrea;
  • Syria, Sudan and Tajikistan.

In the rest of the countries, access to Youtube is allowed and all you need to know is English or the local language.

Examples of working with YouTube

You can find many channels on the site dedicated to gambling that drive traffic, we will show you some examples of such.


Go to:

The channel has its own website, which is aimed at a French audience, is in French and has been active for a year. In total it has 153 videos and 500000 views. It is not hard to imagine what good traffic it brings.

The development of your channel and the first profit may take six months or a year. There are cases when this way came out in the plus after 2 months of work.


Go to:

Another example. The channel is designed and maintained in English. The channel is less than a year old. Uploaded 53 videos and got 50000 views.


Go to:

Another interesting channel but less advanced as the previous ones. On it you can watch videos with slots and voiceover.


Attached to each video in the comments is a HeyLink service link, which in turn leads to several casinos.


It is noteworthy that the channel was bought not so long ago and already had a large number of views.


Go to:

Another channel for Turkish audience which managed to get almost 10 thousand views with the very first video of the slot.

You may notice that all the channels we have given as an example have a large amount of time left and most likely have been bought.

Useful tools for YouTube.

For the best results we will need good analytical skills and a few tools that will help us in this endeavor.

  • VidIQ - An extension that allows us to track the statistics of our channel and competitors. With its help we can conveniently take competitors' tags and analyze them. Also on their site you can generate tags yourself and view their statistics.
  • Keywordtool - Excellent service in which you can view statistics of various queries to Google and Youtube. You can use any other similar services.

What content is relevant.

This source basically involves two types of videos.

Brand Overview

Above we have given some of such channels. It's quite simple, you need to do reviews on casinos and their functionality. Here it is extremely important what brand you choose, because the frequency of queries for all brands is different. We suggest using to view query statistics or any other similar service.

To do this, we will select the "Youtube" tab and enter the name of our brand and choose a country.


For example, "", which is in our catalog as an offerer and is one of the most popular bookmakers in Brazil. We see the result: low competition and 1.2 million requests per month.


Offer "FavBet", which is also in our grid, shows results in 6500 requests per month and has minimal competition.

But it is important to realize that all the traffic you will get in this way will be hot and targeted, which is a good plus in working with YouTube.

Slots and games

Some channels that we have shown above post a simple slots game. This type of video also brings good traffic, but less hot. 

As in the case of brand reviews you should analyze which slots and keywords are in high demand.

Here it is important not to fall under restrictions as Youtube prohibits this kind of videos.

Work plan

  1. Create/buy a YouTube channel.
  2. Decide on the type of work described above (you can do slot scrolling, casino reviews or shorts).
  3. Find an offerer with interesting conditions, for example Galerabet from our offer grid.
  4. Upload videos, attaching a link in the header or pinned comment. 
  5. Scaling up. Create new channels or throw shortened videos 1-3 minutes in different social networks, using reels, Youtube shorts, and pour more from them.

How do you collect keywords for your videos?

There are two ways to do this.

  • The first way

You can find a successful competitor's video and grab their tags using VidIQ. More often than not, these tags will work just as effectively as the channel you took them from.


The extension has a handy export and copy tags feature.

A great way would be to collect the top tags together, from all the competitive videos on your query.

  • Second way

VidIQ service also has an option to search for and generate tags that match your request.


Tips for working with Youtube traffic

  • Stability

If your strategy is to play the long game, it's crucial that you maintain discipline and stability. Youtube loves those who post content regularly and dislikes those who do so infrequently. 

  • Reels

Youtube Shorts should not be forgotten, short videos can also help you get traffic.

  • No links

We don't recommend using direct links, always use shortening services or lead users to link managers. This way you reduce the chances of getting any restrictions.

  • Sales Funnel Expansion

YouTube arbitrage allows you to scale and optimize your funnel. If you want to increase the volumes and get even more profit, you can use a Telegram channel or any other resource. And then it's up to your imagination.

  • Boost

Youtube is difficult to deceive and its algorithms can easily notice the spoofing. You can resort to it at your own risk. Many people do not recommend using it and some do not see the point of working without it. Much depends on the type of your content.

There are many services that allow you to bring your video to the top on any query. Perhaps this will be the best solution to the boost.

  • Buying a channel

It is recommended to refuse to create a channel and buy a ready-made one with existing activity. New channels have more chances to get restrictions. It makes sense to create a channel if you intend to play big and create any gambling resource.

  • Neural Networks

Youtube is the one place where the help of neural networks can play into your hands and save you a lot of time. You can generate a voiceover in Amazon Polly, or make a preview in MidJourney. But at the moment people are doing a much better job, so use it wisely.


In our opinion, YouTube is one of the most promising sources of UBT gambling traffic today, which replaced the early adopters. It's easy to work with and has a lot of room for scaling. With the right approach, YouTube can bring you high revenues.


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