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Affiliate marketing through Facebook gambling apps

Affiliate marketing through Facebook gambling apps

Gambling is one of the most profitable verticals in traffic arbitrage. Most affiliates do it through Facebook promotion. But it's not as easy as it sounds. We will tell you - what it is, how to work with applications and what difficulties may arise in the process.


  1. Gambling Traffic via FB Apps. What are they? What kind of apps are there?
  2. Benefits of working through apps
  3. Disadvantages and problems you may encounter
  4. Purchase of consumables
  5. Choosing of the offer
  6. Instructions for running an ad
  7. Frequent questions
  8. Conclusion

Gambling Traffic via FB Apps. What are they? What kind of apps are there?

You may have come across these apps in the app stores and they look like this:

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There are 3 types of these applications:


The most popular and used type of application, and often most of our partners work with these. The application itself is added to the markets and is a shell for the browser. And when you open it, the user gets to the page with the offerer (casino). The user does not see the address of the site, not realizing that it is a kind of "deception".

The process itself is simple: an advertising campaign is launched and the goal "install the app" is set. When you go to such an app, Facebook moderators see a stub (not a casino), and the target user gets to the page of the offerer.

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PWA is a technology that allows you to disguise a site as an application. The essence is simple: it is a real page in the Internet space, which runs in the browser. In this case, on the main screen of the smartphone, the user has an icon that is exactly the same as that of any other application. The essence of this approach is that the user does not need to go into the browser to open a particular page. He clicks on his usual icon of a conventional casino. It opens in the browser under the guise of a real application in PlayMarket. The only thing that can stop the user is that he will notice the incomprehensible URL and the Google Chrome interface, in which the PWA-application was opened.

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This is an official application, brands can provide it, such applications are more often used to promote in-app networks!

We will consider working through Webview applications, as this is the most popular and less complicated source for gambling today.

Benefits of working through apps

It is not for nothing that it is the most popular source of traffic. This method of marketing has a lot of advantages over other types:

1. Disguise and Trust FB

Since Facebook's policy prohibits showing casino-related ads, we need to build the system's maximum trust in the process. Neural Networks and FB moderation are more loyal to app ads than to other types. The logic behind it is this: the app has been added to Google Play and has been moderated, so it is unlikely to violate Facebook rules.

In addition, many tools in the process of creating the application itself allow you to mask and hide the nuance from the eyes of Facebook moderation, thereby simplifying the work.

2. User confidence

Another clear advantage would be the trust not only of FB, but also of the end user. Would you agree that you would believe the official application more than a site with a suspicious domain? In this regard, this source of traffic shows greater effectiveness relative to others.

3. Push notifications

Once the user has downloaded the app and started using it, we have the ability to send him Push notifications with various offers, which in turn greatly increases our conversion rate.

Disadvantages and problems you may encounter

In spite of the advantages, this source has many problems that you will definitely face and we recommend that you treat this not as a disadvantage, but as an obligatory item of work.

1. Not stability

Since apps violate not only Facebook's policies but also those of the marketplaces themselves, they are always doomed to be banned, so they live for about a week and are unusable when banned. Be prepared for the fact that your advertising campaign will suddenly be stopped and you will need to change the app.

2. Bans and restrictions

Perhaps the most disliked item by partners with the many different restrictions from Facebook that arise from bad consumables or improper actions. Chances are, you can't avoid running into them.

There are several types of them:

  • Ban on advertising - Banning advertising activity to your account.
  • Policies - Violation of Facebook policies.
  • Risks - Problems with payment methods.
  • Limits - Restrictions on ad spending.

There are also other problems, we recommend that you read our material in which we explained in detail the causes and solutions bans: Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy

Purchase of consumables

A large part of your success in your work is influenced by the selection of consumables. The more reliable and high-quality they are, the less hassle Facebook will cause you. We'll need to buy proxies, accounts, and arm ourselves with an anti-detect browser and payment cards. Let's take a look at the best solutions.

Anti-Detect Browser

There are quite a few anti-detect browsers that you can use, but we recommend the anti-detect browser Dolphin Anty because of its ease of use and functionality.

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In addition to the browser itself, the company is constantly releasing other handy tools to work with, such as the autoloading service and is constantly working on improvements.

You can read more about anti-detect browsers here: Anti-detect browsers for affiliate marketing.


When you use a proxy in conjunction with a browser that prevents detection, it ensures that your data is completely hidden. Facebook won't stand a chance of detecting you - all actions taken on different accounts will look like a typical user's behavior.

Using a mobile proxy to mask your ip address has the advantage of having fewer ip addresses than with a regular one. There are a huge number of people connected to the network with the same ip, which makes it easier to mask with a mobile proxy. It is recommended that you choose a proxy from the same country as your account.

You can learn more about proxies and where to buy them here: Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?


When it comes to advertising on facebook, you should think about acquiring reliable accounts to work with so you don't get blocked. There are different types of accounts you can buy, such as auto-regs, farm accounts, bm-accounts and kings. To understand which accounts to buy, we recommend reading the article: Аккаунты Facebook для арбитража: В чем различие?

Payment methods

What is traffic arbitrage without cards? Payment cards are required to fund advertising accounts on any platform. While individual networks designed exclusively for webmasters give you multiple ways to recharge, such as with cryptocurrency, large sources, including facebook, google, and tiktok, require trust accounts. Typically, bank cards are used.

It is unlikely that you can issue 50 cards in a month without help. To issue virtual cards, it is preferable to use the services of specialized payment services. These services make it easy to issue cards, top up your account, and pay for advertising on any web page.


  • Card countries: GB
  • Cost: Free of charge
  • Commission: 3-4,5% for deposit
  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Payment methods: SEPA/SWIFT, USDT


  • Card countries: USA, GB
  • Cost: €5
  • Commission: €5 per month per card + %
  • Minimum top-up: $300
  • Payment methods: Crypto, WIRE


  • Card countries: AE, UA, EU
  • Cost: $2
  • Commission: 2% to 5%
  • Minimal deposit: $500
  • Payment methods: USDT, Paypal, Paxum


  • Card countries: EE
  • Cost: €2 - €4
  • Commission: 1%, per authorization
  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Payment methods: USDT


  • Card countries: USA
  • Cost: $10 and $15
  • Commission: <$999 - 4%; <$9999 - 3%; >$10000 - 2%
  • Minimum deposit: $30
  • Payment methods: BTC, USDT


Apps are the current format for running ads for gambling. The webmaster simply buys traffic to the app, which the user has to install on his device and through which he will play, refill his account and bring you profit.

Some people develop their own applications, but since many solo arbitrageurs do not have such a possibility, there are many services that offer them for rent. We provide our partners a lot of mobile applications absolutely free, also available applications for different slots - Aviator, Bonanza, Plinko, etc.

Choosing of the offer

An important factor in the success of your work is the choice of an offerer. Not all of the offers will work equally, and almost 50 percent of your success will depend on the casino itself. There are several important points to consider when choosing one.

  1. Decide on a payment model.
  2. Conduct an analysis of the offer
  3. Choose promotional materials

Learn more about how to choose the right offer and analyze its effectiveness you can here:

Instructions for running an ad

Next, we'll discuss a brief run on applications manually, something any arbitrator needs to know and understand. The example will consist of launching a business manager with a fan page.

  1. Bind the business manager to the account.

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  1. Create an advertising office.

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  1. Then bind the card in our advertising office, in the billing, or through an overview of accounts.

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  1. Go to our fan page and make a boost post, write something or confirm to publish the publication, choose your BM, in the screenshot you can see where.

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  1. When the post goes to review, it raises the limit, which depends on your bank card and your account trust.

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  1. Sharing the app with ad accounts. Send accounts' IDs to the bot and create a naming/diplink in Magic Click Apps Bot

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  1. Create a campaign, after the ad already goes to check, the post can be stopped so as not to waste our traffic, the instruction to run will be detailed below

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Choose promotion of the application, advertising of the application, and insert your naming, which is issued individually for each offer and GEO. You need to be very careful with this, and do not forget to understand who the payments go to.

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Then go to "new ad group" and select the application that we shared through the bot above.

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If we run on deposits, we need to specify Events in the application - Purchases

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After that, you choose the GEO from which you start. Age and sex, too, be sure to change for your offer, in each it may be different. There is an opinion that if we put a mark and a radius of up to 1 km, it saves you from POLICE, but we do not guarantee that it will work.

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Automatic placements or manual selection? To do this, click on "Choose manual placements" and look at the available places.

If the offerer does not specify the placements you want to use in your ads, you can use all the available places in the advertising cabinet. We recommend using Facebook, Instagram - these are the biggest and highest quality places, Audience ads often bring in a bad audience!

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Here we choose OS versions, versions 7 and later reach the largest number of audiences, but the 10+ versions perform best because of the high purchasing power!

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Go to "Ads" this is the third tab in the Ads Manager, we use an account with a Fun Page already created, select it, sometimes you have to do it twice (bug fb)

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  1. Through the "Add Media File" add your creative, this can be a media file or video file, and below insert the diplink, which is also issued with the receipt through the bot, along with naming that we have inserted above (the 7th point).

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Do not be alarmed by this error, because in order to use the delayed link (diplink) you will need to accept the additional Facebook agreement and the error will disappear

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Frequent questions

  • The cabinet isn't unlocked and you can't select an app?

Yes, this can happen, for two reasons. Not uploaded and did not share the bot or you copied the wrong account number

  • I put optimization for events in the application, but the error comes out?

Yes, it will always be there as long as you don't put BUY in the app events as in the screenshot

  • Why don't I see the stats after launching?

Check your naming/diplink, the country you're launching traffic to, study Facebook reports, and if that doesn't help, contact your account manager

  • I get a risk payment after launching

Do not use the payment data more than 10 times, if you get this error, try to link a new card

  • It does not let you publish at startup?

First of all, check what error is in Facebook itself, if you can not publish due to the lack of profile in instagram, then try to reload the page and re-select your fanpage / add a nickname / remove instagram from the location

  • After adding a creo does not publish ads?

Pay attention to the creative, perhaps the moderation bot saw a lot of times your creative and reads it inappropriate elements and already marked in the system - it is recommended to refresh the creo or use a new one

  • Why does it take so long for an ad to run?

We recommend that the creative used be unique before each launch.

In addition to this reason, pay attention to the time of display in the country of advertising, it may be just night and the ad has not yet begun to collect the desired number of coverage

  • Ads stop and don't show?

It is necessary to look whether the fan page or the payment method is not lost, this also happens when you often use the same card. But another reason can be that the application gets tagged or goes to ban. Then you need to leave the campaign and re-allocate the new app, and restart on it. This is another big advantage of launching from an app. Because the bot will immediately inform you.


Promoting through Facebook applications is not that old and will live on for a long time to come. The advantages of this method make it one of the most popular and kills several birds at once. It is possible that at some point it may stop working, because we all know that FB is constantly tightening the screws. Thanks to our manual you should be able to do it, and there will be no difficulties if you prepare for them competently!

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