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Gambling traffic to Germany: Creatives

Gambling traffic to Germany: Creatives

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Table of Contents

  1. Stats and tips
  2. Creative review #1
  3. Creative review #2
  4. Germany's Best Offers

Statistics and tips

Germany is one of the favorite GEOs in gambling. Highly competitive and high payouts are about it.

  • Population: 83.2 million
  • Language: German
  • Minimum wage: 12 EUR/hour | 2062.299 USD/month
  • Average wage: 6162 CLP/hour | 1232.648 USD/month.
  • Salary of highly qualified employees: 4100 EUR/month | 4403.867 USD/month
  • Popular bank: Deutsche Bank AG

The development of advertising creatives for gambling in Germany follows the same principles as in other countries. However, there are some unique aspects and tips to consider if you want to attract more traffic:

  • Adults and erotica. Germany is known for its contribution to the adult entertainment industry, and it's not hard to see why. Adult-oriented material comes in many different forms and is hugely popular in the country. If you add an image of a half-naked woman to a regular gambling website, the number of clicks will almost certainly increase.
  • Germany is a country of migrants. When working with this GEO, it is necessary to use all available features that allow you to accurately target the user. In addition, when selecting the interface language of the devices from which the user accesses the Internet, choose German, but nothing terrible will happen if there is still English, it is possible that it can also give a good envelope.
  • Use different slot elements. It is well known that images of popular slot elements (e.g. moving symbols, figures, even fonts) are stimulating and make you want to participate in the game. Despite this, many people in Germany are attracted to new slots, and sometimes they can be interested in a new game.
  • Germany loves entertainment. It is one of the richest countries in the world and the emphasis on earning money is not necessary here. Take this into account and emphasize emotions.

Creative review #1

What can be emphasized?

  1. The new Crash game "Plinko" is used as a "slot". It has managed to grab a lot of attention and can attract players perfectly. More details about the crash games:
  2. The creative has a strong emphasis on reactions, which is a successful strategy to promote gambling in Germany.
  3. High-quality animations, which inspires confidence in the promoted product. We recommend paying attention to this. Especially important for a country like Germany, where the quality of casino design is an important criterion.
  4. Used the largest bank in Germany.
  5. The video is shown synchronously with the music that is used. This will always add some efficiency points.

Things to work on

  1. The Plinko game is shown almost throughout the entire video. A possible good solution would be to shorten it and add a call to action with a bonus that provides the casino you want to promote.
  2. One option to increase the attention of players on your creative is to use the flag of the country at the beginning of the video. This can increase the effectiveness of the creative.
  3. Women in the frame are always pleasing to the eye of any CA, the reaction of a beautiful woman instead of a man can help draw more attention to the creative.


The main advantage of the creative is the game "Plinko", right now this game has caught its hype and using it in the creative can automatically make the creative successful. From our point of view this creative can give you positive ROI results.

Creative review #2

What can be emphasized?

  1. Compared to the first creative, here girls are shown in the reactions. This can play to your advantage and attract more attention.
  2. There is a call to action and icons of app marketplaces, the viewer realizes that these are official apps and thanks to this potential players have less doubts.
  3. The creative uses elements of one of the most popular slots "Book Of Fallen".
  4. As in the first example we can hear excellent synchronization, which gives pluses to the quality of the video sequence.

Things to work on

  1. Commerzbank is used in the creative, this bank has three times less assets than the most popular bank Deutsche Bank. It is always best to use time-tested and most popular banks.
  2. The approach to the creative and its idea is pretty standard. Many players have already seen similar creatives, it is recommended to use new approaches. But this does not mean that the classic approach will not work for you.
  3. It is recommended to add a warning at the end of the video about the presence of a bonus for players according to your offer.
  4. Just like in the first creative you can add a country flag.


The creative is of high quality, but it can be refined if desired, thereby increasing its effectiveness. We cannot guarantee that any approach may work. All this is checked by tests and has a subjective evaluation. The classic approach used here still works. But we should not forget that gambling is a market that is open to new and unusual experiments.

Creatives are kindly provided by Kreo Queen service. You'll find a huge selection of ready-made solutions from them.

Germany's Best Offers

Offer #838 Brucebet

  • Fields of registration: 3 (DOI)
  • Bonuses: 500% up to 2000EUR
  • Popular slots: Book of Truth, Elvis Frog, Wild Wild Bananas, Wild Cash x9990, etc.

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Offer #666 Winning

  • Registration fields: 2+8 (DOI)
  • Bonuses: 100% up to 310EUR + 150 FS
  • Popular slots: Gates of Olympus, Book of the Fallen, Legacy of Dead, Sweet Bonanza, The Dog House, etc.

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Offer #616 Verde

  • Registration fields: 2 (DOI)
  • Bonuses: Get up to €3,000 + 150 free spins
  • Popular slots: Gates of Olympus, Book of the Fallen, Legacy of Dead, Sweet Bonanza, The Dog House, etc.

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