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Gambling vertical from the inside: Affiliate Marketing

Gambling vertical from the inside: Affiliate Marketing

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We are now presenting you with an extensive overview of the gambling sector. We will cover what gambling is, the main payment schemes, how it works, the main KPIs and who it can benefit, as well as the potential revenues. Sit back and pay attention, because this affiliate marketing vertical is very lucrative and in demand right now.

What is the gambling vertical?

Gambling, otherwise known as gambling, is an extremely popular entertainment among gambling enthusiasts. This type of entertainment is highly sought after by consumers, with the opportunity to win "free money" being one of the main attractions. Gambling has made its way into the modern leisure industry.


This niche is recognized as one of the most profitable. Advertisers here usually offer generous rewards, multiple payment systems and are usually familiar with desktop and mobile traffic. However, just as the potential rewards are high, so is the competition. Not everyone can try their hand at gambling affiliate marketing.

What do gambling offers look like? What is gambling affiliate marketing?

Gambling games are offered in the form of online casinos, poker and other virtual machines. They can be both classic and game-like, both on desktop computers and mobile devices. For example, poker requires some thought and is similar to playing at a regular table; other games are simply push-button machines where, essentially, you only need to press the SPIN button. These are easy and enjoyable to play. As for money, players need to make a deposit. As soon as they register or use the bonus "free" money provided by the casino, they can start playing right away!


Now that we have a good understanding of the characteristics of operators in the gaming industry, let's look at how much an advertiser will pay an affiliates to attract customers from their traffic source.

What payment models are there in gambling?

  • CPL - payment per lead, per registration

Currently, many affiliates prefer this form of work, in which players subscribe to a mailing list with payment of remuneration. In this case, the user provides his data, after which the lead is considered effective, and the advertiser transfers the commission. In order to successfully do this work, it is necessary that your traffic meets the advertiser's criteria (closed KPIs) mentioned above.

  • CPA - payment for registration

The advertiser sets a minimum deposit amount, and when the player deposits, you receive a commission. If you provide highly profitable traffic, and the proposed site is compatible with numerous payment systems, then this model should suit you perfectly, and users will not have any difficulties with transactions.

  • RevShare - % of casino profits

This plan is only for the experienced and is not so easy to use. You will have to cooperate with rekl directly, not through a CPA network, and prove the superiority of your traffic. The payment model is that the casino deducts you a certain percentage of its revenues (more precisely, from the money lost by players).

This scheme has one major disadvantage: you may have to take a portion of the losses if a player ends up winning from the casino, which will reduce your balance. It is best to work only with someone you trust, otherwise you may find yourself in a situation where you no longer want to participate in affiliate marketing.

In some cases, a combination of payment methods can be used. For example, it is not uncommon to find a scheme where you get a reward for signing up and then a reward for your initial deposit. Alternatively, you may receive a reward for signing up and then receive a share in the subsequent activity of other gamers.

Vertical gambling: what is the KPI of most gambling advertisers?

Regardless of what profit scheme you use, you must remember that the main purpose of advertising is to attract customers who will constantly deposit and withdraw money from the casino, thereby replenishing the funds of the advertiser. Therefore, when working with the gambling business, it is necessary to evaluate all traffic: registrations, deposits and the amount of money spent.

All freshly arrived gambling traffic is what will be evaluated by: 

  • CR from click to reg, from reg to first deposit and from first deposit to re-deposit.
  • Behavior and activity on the site and frequency of returns.
  • CR of confirmation by email and disclosure of newsletters.
  • Amounts on first and repeat deps.

After the first week and at the end of the month will be watched: 

  • Player Return Rate.
  • Number and amounts of deposits from past registrations.
  • Percentage of returning players from spam emails.

After a month, the advertiser will evaluate when your traffic starts to bring them profit. The more your traffic meets all the necessary KPIs, the more favorable terms you can count on. When working on the revshare model, you usually get 30-40%. Once the quality of your visitors is verified, you have the opportunity to request up to 70% revenue share.

How does a casino affect an affiliates work?

Let's start with the positives:

A casino can increase the conversion rate and, consequently, the return on investment through various campaigns aimed at providing bonuses that will get the user into the game faster. This could be free virtual currency added to the account when registering or making a first deposit, or exclusive bonus days or hours with reduced cost of spins and multiple chances of winning. All these chips can be used with imagination, for example, in the form of attractive headlines and banners.

Negative aspects: 

The advertiser may not take into account the comments and wishes of customers and use outdated bonuses, non-working incentives, unattractive win or jackpot conditions. Moreover, use a credit with distorted customization and wretched usability, for example, a site with a corrupted payment form or a non-functioning registration button. Such cases can drastically reduce CR, so before you start, you should thoroughly check the functionality of all components and make sure that everything works as it should.

Target audience of online casinos

From this we can conclude that casinos are played by those who are well off financially, and they are driven more by the excitement of the game than by the desire to earn. For people with little income participation in gambling is not possible, as they must be in an incredibly desperate situation. Therefore, it is important to target this demographic when targeting casino players. 

Your target consumers value fun, outings, having a good time, and are interested in risky topics. If you are using teaser networks to attract them, look for your tsa on movie sites, adult sites, gaming portals and torrents.

If you advertise on social networks, such as Facebook, try to target affluent people who are interested in Apple products, foreign travel, expensive cars, luxury watches and clothes, and women.

In addition, there remains a group of people who have steadily declining incomes due to gambling or beer drinking. These people are hardcore gambling addicts and require a separate approach.

To summarize briefly, you can roughly divide players into ludomaniacs and "successful". 

Ludomaniacs can be lured by various incentives and rewards, free deposits, increased odds, as well as numerous tactics to overcome the casino, how to guarantee a hundred percent profit and how to maximize your winnings with a modest amount of money.

Establishments can easily attract successful players by having VIP support, a variety of recommendations and emphasizing the status of the casino and the player. The higher the quality and convenience in everything that is done, the more likely the player will become loyal to the brand. A ludomaniac will play even with an uncomfortable and poor interface, if he sees that today the jackpot is multiplied by ×5, and every third spin is free. For successful people, not only the result is important, they want their gaming experience to be comfortable and exciting.

Men dominate women by about 8 to 2. Of those 8: 1-3 aged 20-28, 1-3 aged 30-45, and the balance 50+.

Which source to choose for a gambling offer? Where is it better to drain on Gambling?

In the next two years, there will be a trend of people being diverted away from Facebook towards Prilki. However, FB still has a strong presence, providing a high-level audience, and by directing web traffic to Prilka, it gives users access to Gembla with less stringent moderation than a typical dark theme.

If FB is not around, you can try to strike a balance between price and quality of traffic by using teaser networks. Use networks that focus on entertainment and adult sites, which will allow you to spin casinos in the open.

YouTube is the perfect platform if you plan to create something related to beating the casino or reviewing a particular offer. If, however, you have more complex goals in mind, it is recommended that you take advantage of context and SEO traffic from a variety of relevant sites. This can be challenging, but will result in a high level of traffic.

To summarize

Casino affiliate marketing, or gambling, is an exciting industry with significant risks and intense competition.

Generating traffic can be more difficult than on dating or adult product sites, but easier than on options or cryptocurrency. Ideally, you should have two to four hundred dollars available for trial and find a source you are familiar with.

If you are just starting out, FB can be a good place to start, but only if you have a solid prime and top quality accounts. Concentrate on rich people, those looking for entertainment, and the ludomaniacs who can't tear themselves away from the casino. Go for the reg initially and do not exceed your first deposit. Don't rush into a revshare, otherwise all your winnings could be lost to the casino because some lucky player hit the jackpot.


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