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Where to find jobs in affiliate marketing

Where to find jobs in affiliate marketing

If you are looking for a CPA specialist, you can look through ads on popular job sites or TG channels. Unfortunately, specialized sites with affiliate marketing job offers are not so common. However, we've gathered those resources that may come in handy for you.


This site has a lot of marketing and affiliate marketing jobs. New offers appear here frequently, and most of them offer an invitation from international companies with the possibility for relocation.

You can find offers on the site that match your experience with different sources (Facebook, Instagram, SEO, ASO). There are also additional jobs such as content marketing, video production and other affiliate marketing related jobs.

STM Forum

This is a platform for industry members to discuss and share information. This online community allows you to ask and answer questions, share resources, and collaborate on projects.

The largest community of affiliates, the forum has a section with new job offers. You can also find contacts for media buying teams there and reach out to HR directly.


This is an English-language web application for job search. It is not intended for affiliate marketing, but vacancies in the CPA industry often appear here.

The site offers easy navigation and filtering options. You can specify the amount of salary, type of work (remote, office, full-time), date of posting, etc.


A great place to look for jobs. The company's website offers a wide range of career options, making it an ideal place for those seeking career advancement.

One of the largest companies in the affiliate marketing industry is regularly looking for new employees. All open positions can be found in the Careers section of their official website. However, you need to keep an eye on the site to make sure you don't miss out on any job openings.


This site is one of the largest online services for finding full-time or project-based jobs. Here you can find media-buying job offers, as well as read ratings and reviews of professionals, companies, and more.

In order to find a job on Upwork, you need to create an account, attach a portfolio and specify your skills. You will also need a high level of English to communicate by e-mail with customers.

The Upwork portal page is located in the main menu.


A popular platform for building professional contacts and searching for staff. To use all the features of the platform, you need to register and fill out your profile, specifying your skills, work experience and certificates. Only then can you go to the "Jobs" section. Based on your experience and skills, LinkedIn will offer a list of suitable offers.

The LinkedIn platform presents the job openings and provides a page of them in the image.

We Work Remotely

The We Work Remotely website provides a search engine focused on finding remote jobs containing the term "partner".

The IT remote job search platform is popular. The site has a limited number of media buying jobs, but they offer good terms and the opportunity to relocate to the US. There are also plenty of white label marketing offers.

However, if you want to get a job in a foreign company or project, you will need to restructure your resume. The US, UK and other European countries have their own CV format and if your candidacy differs from this format, there is a higher chance that you will be rejected.

When looking for a bourgeois job, you need to state the rate per hour, confirm that you are willing to work full time, emphasize that remote work is allowed, and express your willingness to relocate, etc.


Jobs in affiliate marketing can be found at This site provides opportunities to find and get this type of job.

Another great job search site that offers a set of affiliate marketing jobs. In order to increase the number of job applications, a paid subscription to the service is offered.

Even though you may not think you are qualified enough for the position, send in your resume. In general, employers are willing to consider candidates who are at least a 70-80% fit. HR usually outlines an ideal portrait for an employee. Also, even if you are not taken as an applicant for that position, they may offer you another position.

Telegram channels with affiliate marketing jobs

Telegram channels are another source of current arbitration jobs.

"Cardinal Recruiting | Your Personal HR!" -- Traffic Cardinal's TG channel, which posts occasional invitations for affiliate marketing jobs.

The HR IT channel provides an opportunity to search for arbitration jobs. It publishes updates every day and posts vacancies in Russian and Ukrainian.

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