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How Affiliate Marketing has changed in 2023. Trends in traffic arbitrage.

How Affiliate Marketing has changed in 2023. Trends in traffic arbitrage.

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The world of igaming is notoriously volatile, traffic sources often change places (some dominate, others decline), and new, profitable geo-zones emerge. This requires new approaches to creating creatives and bindings, as well as different strategies for dealing with traffic sources. Changes in igaming can be due to various factors, such as stricter rules, high competition or the blocking of certain sites. Despite this, igaming remains an evergreen vertical, and here we will discuss the latest trends in this niche.

Traffic Sources 2023

People are finding it increasingly difficult to make money on facebook and instagram because of stricter content regulation on these sites. Moreover, moderation rules on tiktok changed in 2022, making it harder to monetize there. Therefore, arbitrageurs are actively exploring other sites and methods to find opportunities.

The source of traffic is circuitous

Although many people are dubious about this type of traffic, it has started to gain momentum in 2022. This can be seen in the success of telegram, instagram* and youtube. Articles and cases related to this topic are appearing more and more often in the media. At the zm conf conference, Igor Alexeev and Eric Cartman gave their thoughts on the use of traffic schemes.

The program works effectively in second- and third-tier countries whose residents typically have minimal to moderate income. These include Latin America, India and some Asian countries.

Traffic Source - ASO

Search engine optimization has a huge impact on igaming, even though it's a lengthy process. By making sure that your betting site is properly optimized, you will undoubtedly increase your profits. Seo involves a combination of search engine results, semantics and keywords, number of backlinks to the site and user friendliness. As long as people keep searching for information on Google, being at the top of the results page will be vital to your marketing efforts. You can also take advantage of native advertising (participating in a picket line or commenting on other people's content), which will also generate traffic and help generate more revenue.

Source of traffic - Influencers

Starting in 2022, the number and degree of influence drivers have started to increase. It looks like this trend will continue. Unlike other social media outlets, influence puts more emphasis on creativity when interacting with its target market. Attracting from facebook doesn't work here; you have to look for alternative methods, which are mostly worked out by experience. Each arbitrage group has its own methods.

Other sources

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar was another lucrative event for the industry. In particular, the arbitration sector emphasized sports betting, and many decided to try their hand at it for the first time. It is likely that enthusiasm for such events will only grow in the future.

Against the backdrop of increasing restrictions on well-known social networks, affiliates looked for other outlets. For example, instead of tiktok, they turned to lesser-known services such as likee and bigo. It is likely that there will be more such initiatives in the future.

Aviator, released in the second half of 2022, caused a surge in traffic to gambling sites. Other games with a similar interface and concept could potentially emerge, which would favorably affect the handling of a wide variety of traffic types.


Seo consultants often try to build a specialized seo map, which is divided into sections based on game interest: the intensity of competition and the presence or absence of already established affiliate projects in google.

The most influential members of the group are those whose native language is English, mostly first-tier countries (U.S., U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and India). They are followed immediately by the group of countries whose native languages are in Western Europe and Northern Europe - all but one have first-level status (Germany, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Finland and Italy).

Next is a group of Eastern European countries with their respective languages - Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Denmark. They are followed by the third tier countries and their associated languages (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia).

Spain is unique and deserves special treatment in terms of seo. Its people not only have strong feelings, but are also passionate about sports. It is followed by Portuguese-speaking countries - Portugal and Brazil; the latter has become a particularly attractive geo for gambling traffic in 2022. This is followed by Latin American countries, which have been identified by Spanish seo.

These countries, which are less competitive than others when it comes to seo gambling, still offer great profitability. This group includes countries in the former Commonwealth of Independent States such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. This list also includes the Middle East - Iran, Iraq and Turkey. And finally, East Asia - China, Japan and Korea.

Top GEOs in 2023.

- GEO - Latam.

By 2022, Latin America will be an important hub for igaming, especially gambling. Brazil is a leader in this area. The increased interest from partners can be explained by the fact that promoters have worked out how to pay in Latam and have started to explore this market. In addition, fantasy sports and cybersports in Brazil are no longer considered gambling by 2022, which has stimulated increased attention from arbitrageurs.

The area is home to about 9% of the world's population, so there are no traffic problems. On the other hand, there are other difficulties. The mentality here is different from the European one, which requires different connections. Local incomes are lower, and low ability to pay means poor remuneration; thus, the main problem in Latin America is reaching kpis. As an aside, we have already done extensive research on what makes Brazil attractive for gambling.

- GEO - Eastern Europe.

The gambling sector is gradually attracting eastern Europe, but only in an approved way. More and more products are launched in Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia with local licenses, which facilitates the creation of different payment systems for player deposits. Although the traffic here is low, it is not as expensive, and the competition here is not comparable to that in tier-1 and tier-2.

Top GEO 2023 - Bangladesh, India, Portugal

Bangladesh is a remarkable place on the globe, with a huge population that arbitration doesn't reach. The country has been compared to Brazil in terms of soccer prowess. There is an abundance of inexpensive traffic and a good return rate, the main problem is knowing how to work with users from this region. During the 2022 World Cup, this region was particularly buzzing.

Even though gambling and betting is completely banned in Bangladesh, several products became available there in 2022, indicating a likely continued expansion of gambling in the region.

In India, the use of mobile applications, including gaming platforms, is growing as people become more financially secure.

Portugal has great potential for online gambling because the market there is not as competitive. Betting on soccer matches could be especially lucrative during the 2022 World Cup; if Portugal's team makes it to the tournament, that geo-zone should convert effectively.

Other changes

- More brands.

Two years from now, various affiliate programs in the gambling world will be on the rise. From Brazil to Pakistan to India, new products are being developed that involve not only arbitrage scaling, but also technological advances such as advanced apps with 3d elements, virtual reality, augmented reality, automated systems and cryptocurrency.

The development of esports and the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup have brought more attention to the gambling industry. In addition, legalization in a number of countries has allowed new operators to emerge, resulting in a market that is not as crowded as it could have been.

- Changes in legislation

Although some countries are trying to remove restrictions on gambling, others are achieving the opposite effect. Ireland thought about a complete ban, but then decided to leave it with user permission. India has also banned gambling advertisements in news publications and television networks; violating this rule results in criminal prosecution. The UK banned the use of celebrities, such as athletes, musicians and actors, in gambling advertisements in 2022.

The Netherlands put an end to cashback bonuses in gambling and betting as a way to solve gambling problems. Romania, however, has decided that customers will pay for their online casino winnings: withdrawals of less than $623 will be taxed 10% of the amount; 20% if the amount is between $623 and $2,000, and 40% for amounts over $2,000. Finally, Italy has raised taxes on bookmakers to 20% for income derived from bookmakers and 24% for online betting.

In Bangladesh and Japan, gambling is not just a hobby - anyone caught gambling online (even if from another country) faces jail time or a $3,380 fine.

The UK is currently busy preparing a white paper outlining the rules for the online gambling sector. It is expected that some gambling affiliates will not be issued licenses, and laws for this are being drafted. On the other hand, Singapore will have a single body to oversee and manage all types of gambling within its borders.


The iGaming business sector continues to evolve, with more players and products emerging, exciting geo-zones opening up, and new systems being introduced. At the same time, some countries are introducing new gambling regulations, while others are expanding freedom. Thus, changes in the business confirm the principle that gambling is an evergreen vertical, despite the constant transformation.

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