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How to work with gambling traffic with Push Notifications

How to work with gambling traffic with Push Notifications

People have developed the ability to overlook advertising. Inattention to banners, refusal of e-mail newsletters, overshadowing ads and buying first-class accounts - it is increasingly difficult for promoters to find a common language with potential customers, even if their offer is really profitable.

In fact, push advertising has huge advantages. Unlike other types of advertising, push notifications really grab attention! So let's see if there's still enough time left to participate in push traffic arbitrage in 2023.

What is push traffic

As far as push traffic is concerned, we should pay attention to push notifications. It is with their help that we can build up this type of traffic.

Push notifications are not a new concept. Although the technology behind it has been around for over a decade, it's only in the last five years that they've become a popular advertising method. Before that, they were mainly used to send application or OS messages such as "You have a new message" or "Program X has received an update" - you've probably come across these types of messages many times.


In fact, the format of promotional push notifications is not much different from regular alerts. However, the process of subscribing to them is different, and they even provide an opportunity to earn income....

Before we delve into the intricacies of push traffic arbitrage, let's take a look at how push traffic is created and how people get it.

How do users subscribe to push notifications?

Once an app is installed, the user starts receiving push notifications from the mobile software. These notifications are usually not intended to generate revenue, but to convey information. This does not include the type of push notification traffic that we will talk about a little later.

In the case of ad push traffic, the situation is completely different. Here, there is no need to download anything. As soon as a user visits a website that has a form to receive notifications from the site, he starts receiving ad messages.

This is usually how it is displayed on the computer: Once approved, the user starts receiving ad packs and joins a specific set of ad packs that will send him marketing materials.

Whether the user continues to browse the site or has already left, the subscription information is stored in the push grid database and he will receive notifications sent to his browser.

What push notifications consist of

A push notification is closely related to a regular notification, as the latter is its ancestor. Therefore, it has a similar appearance.

An icon in a thumbnail format is presented next to two lines of text - the headline and the message - to give a finished look along with a large image.


Push here behaves like an enticing advertisement, when clicked on, the user is redirected to either a pre-launch landing page or a landing page related to the offer.

The appearance of this "banner" can be different for smartphones and computers. In the mobile version, the large image is hidden.

Affiliate marketing via push traffic is often divided into segments, so make sure you know which traffic is more prevalent on the grid before launching a campaign. There may not even be a need for a full overview if you're running a mobile-only campaign.

What are the pros of using push traffic?

1. 100% visibility and no banner blindness

One of the main advantages of the format is its almost guaranteed visibility. Since Push Ads appear in an area where the user's attention is usually focused, such as on top of other windows on a mobile device or in the corner of a desktop screen, they are very hard to miss.

Missing a push notification is quite problematic, as people are used to receiving messages from there.

2. Push traffic is real people

Only those who have explicitly consented to receive push notifications will receive ads through this medium. There are no other ways for ads to reach them.

If unscrupulous site owners use bot baits, this can be quickly detected. As a rule, advertising networks have resources that are used to test traffic.

3. High CTR

Undoubtedly, the highest rates of clicks on push notifications were recorded in the first year of the system's operation. Many users saw such messages for the first time and reacted to them with an active click.

Despite the fact that five years have already passed, quite a number of people on the web are still not familiar with the modern format. Push advertising still yields positive results, moreover, those who opt-in to receive notifications are more likely to remain loyal.

4. Low cost of push traffic

Compared to buying ads on Facebook or other platforms, the cost of buying pools is much lower. The CPC (cost-per-click) model can be used to attract traffic. The cost per click starts at $0.003 and varies by geography. For example, in the USA, the minimum cost per click is $0.01, and in India it is $0.003.

5. Loyal content policy

Webmasters find push traffic extremely attractive because of its versatility: it differs from Facebook, Google Ads and other traffic sources in that it allows you to promote a wide range of vendors without resorting to cloaking. Verticals such as gambling and betting are available for push traffic. This means you won't face a boycott or need regular cloaking.


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