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Gambling traffic in affiliate marketing in 2023

Gambling traffic in affiliate marketing in 2023

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Over the past twelve months, many teams in affiliate marketing sector and gambling vertical have reached new and exciting frontiers.

Topical GEOs

Regions such as Latam, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines and Bangladesh are increasingly featured in success stories. The Asian region is still relatively underexplored, so arbitrageurs are looking for high yields and unanticipated profits here.

In some of Europe's GEOs, stricter gambling laws have forced many operators to look for other markets. Tier 1 countries are optimistic about the US, where some states are discussing the possibility of issuing licenses to both existing corporations and new entrants.


In the last few years, choosing a target audience for gambling offers has been a challenge for every arbitrageur. Facebook and Google still maintain their advantage in popularity. As a result of stricter moderation on TikTok, only a few are willing to venture into this source. In addition, few agency account providers are willing to provide access to services related to gambling sites.

Beyond SEO and ASO, managed ad networks have become the preferred choice of promoters, affiliates and arbitrageurs due to the quality to cost ratio of the traffic attracted, as opposed to those that used to operate privately with full-time staff - an example being the tried and tested and proven MyBid. Formats such as push notifications, pop-under, in-Page and video continue to show successful results when run by someone who has been working with them for a long time.

How the situation will affect the gambling vertical in 2023

By 2023, webmasters are expected to be looking for new audiences in GEOs that are not yet well known and may not be considered profitable right now. While competition in the more expensive European GEOs will be high, it will not reduce revenues for those who choose to switch to gaming offers or have larger budgets and traffic volumes.

It is unlikely that Europe will see a significant reduction in the number of merchants and operators due to the growing presence of cryptocasinos on CPA networks' lists. The trend towards the use of cryptocurrencies is leading to the expansion of markets and the launch of modern offerings where players can deposit and withdraw money in a way that is much more difficult to trace by state supervisory authorities.

What are marketers to do in this vertical

The emergence of new promising GEOs combined with the growth of viewer enthusiasm for iGaming and competition between affiliates suggests that it is worthwhile to study the peculiarities of mentality, experiment with distinctive strategies in creatives and bundles, and conduct trial campaigns in order to successfully "collect the cream".

Advertising networks can be used to quickly study the characteristics of the target group, find successful strategies and improve advertising activities at the testing stage. This type of media has a number of advantages:

  • Adult and solvent audience;
  • Low cost per lead;
  • Variety of advertising formats that give direct access to potential players;
  • Large selection of GEO;
  • No blocking of advertising accounts;
  • Optimization of RC at the launch stage.

Affiliates predict that cryptocasinos will be a great source of conversions in 2023, so it makes sense to keep a close eye on them.

To get an idea of the gambling process in 2023, we asked current arbitrageurs for their opinions.

What solo arbitrators and teams have to say about dealing with gambling:

"Arbitrage in 2022-2023 is purely multi-source with traffic across 5-10 GEOs.

For some time, the methodology of work has remained the same: programs and sales funnels, launching rental sites, automatic registrations while meeting checkpoints, warming up the first pages, autocomplete strategy using Dolphin.

It is well known that problems related to FB payments, such as holds and micro-spending, can be solved. The setup process, approach, and quality of materials used are crucial to make things function properly.

It's important to remember that even if you use the correct procedures, there is still a chance that your Facebook account could be blocked. Account suspension is a common occurrence today.

There are numerous law enforcement, regional development authorities, bans on free products, and $25 per day limits in the 2022 marketplace. Nevertheless, with consistent testing and inventive launch strategies, some of these difficulties can be solved.

We must anticipate that new difficulties will arise, and with them the answers.


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