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How do you get started in affiliate marketing?

How do you get started in affiliate marketing?

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One of the most lucrative and successful methods of promoting products online is affiliate marketing. It is an ideal way to start your online business and earn passive income. With affiliate programs you don't have to work long hours, face annoying managers or go to the office on weekdays. All you need is a computer and a reliable Internet connection.

This beginner's guide to affiliate marketing will give you an idea of what it is, how it works and how to start making money online with this program.

What is affiliate marketing?

Let's start our tutorial with the most essential basics. As part of affiliate marketing, companies offer a special program in which they reward partners for each successful registration, purchase or any other action made with web traffic received from the partner. Such cooperation is beneficial to both parties - companies can expand their sphere of influence and increase sales, and partners get the opportunity to receive income from various sources of traffic. 

Affiliate marketing involves cooperation between a firm and its partner, sometimes called a "webmaster". Using specialized links, the affiliate advertises the company's services or products in order to attract traffic. If a customer follows the link and makes a purchase or otherwise behaves, the affiliate is rewarded according to the contract with the company. The amount of remuneration depends on what exactly is advertised. Various means of promoting products and services are available to the affiliate, such as websites, blogs, social media, email marketing campaigns, etc.

It is important to note that an affiliate program can vary by tier:

  • Single tier affiliate program - a webmaster is rewarded only for actions taken through his personal links;
  • Multilevel affiliate program - a partner receives payments both for traffic from his personal links and for traffic from the links of his "referrals".

Types of affiliate programs

There is no single affiliate program that can cover all aspects of life, making affiliate campaigns as simple as possible. This is understandable: there are thousands of different products and services, and it is impossible to group them all into one. Therefore, affiliate programs can vary both in what they promote and how these programs work.

Most affiliate programs are CPA offers, in which the company pays a commission to the affiliate for any sales or other actions made by real people who use their links or codes to direct traffic to relevant web pages. 

CPA offers are one of the most sought after and profitable affiliate models. However, there are other options in affiliate marketing.

  • Pay Per Click is a type of affiliate program in which payment is made for each click on the webmaster's link. It does not allow deception, as it does not take into account multiple clicks of the same visitor. This type of advertising tends to be low-paying, often found in developing countries.
  • Instead of CPA, Pay Per Sale is a type of affiliate marketing in which remuneration is based solely on direct sales of the promoted product or service. Payment can be made either per individual sale or for an overall share. This type of marketing is quite complex, but at the same time provides the opportunity to generate high revenues.
  • Getting paid on a Pay Per View basis. Webmasters get paid for displaying recommended ads on their website. It is not even necessary to push visitors to click on marketing links or perform certain actions, it is enough to have a popular page with a large number of views, which will display advertising. Despite its seeming simplicity, getting these offers is not easy. You need to establish yourself as a reliable source of traffic without having to create an affiliate campaign from scratch.

Depending on what your goals are, what your approach to work is and what ambitions you want to realize will determine the type of affiliate network you join. There are networks that offer only one type of program among the available ones, and there are those that mix the characteristics of all types in order to get more money.

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

Several groups into which affiliates are divided based on their monthly income:

  • Newbies who are only losing money at this point;
  • Affiliates at the lower end of the scale, earning about $300/day.
  • Average-performing affiliates, whose income ranges from $300/day to to $3,000/day;
  • High-end affiliates, who earn more than $3,000/day;
  • Super affiliates, also often called "affiliate marketing gurus", who earn over $10,000/day.

In order to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to have patience and dedication. Don't expect that if you made $300 dollars once, it will always be like that. With the right niche and strategy, you can suddenly make a lot more money than usual. Unfortunately, there are also examples of affiliates who, after earning a high income, stop earning at all.

Benefits of affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between companies and their partners that proves to be beneficial to all parties involved. Companies can use this partnership to increase sales, expand and grow their business without investing in advertising or attracting new customers. In addition, affiliate marketing gives businesses the opportunity to open up new markets and target audiences through collaboration with partners.

Affiliates can make money without having to invest heavily in producing a product or service by taking advantage of affiliate marketing.

End users benefit from being able to quickly and easily access a product or service through a partner. Large companies join forces with trusted partners, giving customers more confidence in the products and services they purchase, resulting in increased sales and profits for both parties.

A detailed plan for aspiring webmasters

Create your website, blog, youtube channel or other project

In order to profit from affiliate marketing, you must first create a steady stream of website visitors. This task is often the most difficult. Many fail to succeed because they don't know how to create and develop their own platform and keep viewers interested. When creating your website, blog or other traffic source, be sure to pay attention to these features:

  • Choosing the right topic is very important so that it matches the product you are going to advertise.
  • To attract more visitors to your site, you need to provide your audience with both useful and interesting content.
  • If you have a website, it needs to be customized for search engines and social media to make your content easier for your audience to find.

Creating a website or blog is just the beginning, but a very important step towards earning a lucrative income from affiliate marketing. You must think about your topic, create useful and valuable content, and improve your website or blog for search engines and social media to attract more visitors who will be the source of your affiliate campaign.

Choose an affiliate program

Once you have a reliable source of website visitors, it's time to think about affiliate programs. However, first you need to determine what products or services your subscribers might be interested in. In addition, you need to make sure that the selection of partners is done thoughtfully and based on certain criteria, such as the credibility of the company and the quality of its products.

To simplify the task, you can start your search for suitable affiliate programs by researching the market and identifying firms that offer products that fit your already established fan base.

If your blog is dedicated to computer technology, it will be inappropriate to advertise betting products, however, if the content of your site is sports-themed, gambling can be a great option.

It is advisable to pay attention to the quality of the advertised products, preferably based on your own experience. In addition, when choosing an affiliate program, it is advisable to make sure that there is effective online help available, as well as to carefully study the contracts provided by the company.

Once you have found the right affiliate programs, be sure to join them and get your own affiliate links. In addition to links, these programs often provide a number of marketing materials. In some cases, utilizing these resources is mandatory. Keep in mind that successful promotion of affiliate products requires careful organization and a customized strategy. It is advisable to engage your readers and viewers by informing them about the products, giving your personal opinions and suggestions, and using various advertising methods to promote affiliate links.

Start promoting the product

Once you've prepared your affiliate links and materials, start marketing yourself. Place links on your website, on social networks and on bulletin boards. Do not use aggressive advertising, as this will drive people away and reduce the likelihood of switching to the promoted products. Focus on informative content with sales elements. Also, to get more clicks, be sure to create interesting, useful and original content. You can write product reviews, give tips on how to use them, or talk about your own experiences using them.

You should consider linking to external sources that your readers can benefit from. This will allow your visitors to learn more about new products and services, and search engines will see your site as important and rank it highly. If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, it is very important to provide your audience with quality content.


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