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What professions are there in affiliate marketing

What professions are there in affiliate marketing

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  1. Webmaster
  2. Affiliate manager
  3. Farmer
  4. Developer
  5. Designer
  6. Copywriter
  7. HR manager
  8. Support

The year 2023 is a great time for those looking for a job in arbitrage, as it can be very lucrative. However, some organizations are reluctant to accept newcomers into their ranks. Thus, we have created this guide to the hottest CPA positions on the market to give you an idea of what you can do and how to join the arbitration community.


A media buyer, otherwise known as an webmaster or buyer, is responsible for receiving traffic from any source and redirecting it to various offers in affiliate programs. This specialist is responsible for placing ads in advertising networks in order to profit from the difference between the cost of the received traffic and the payment from the affiliate or direct advertiser. The barer's duties also include the exploration of new packages (traffic source, GEO, offerer, creative).

Affiliate manager (affiliate)

An employee engaged in attracting affiliates to a CPA-network or affiliate program. His duties include not only attracting arbitrageurs, but also providing them with comprehensive assistance. Retention of webmasters is important to prevent them from moving to another network or affiliate program, as the affiliate's income directly depends on the number of active webmasters.


To begin with, arbitrageurs had to go through this phase. Many providers have a need for previously used accounts so that ads are not blocked when they first run. Farmer's responsibilities include:

  • creating an account,
  • mimicking the behavior of a live user,
  • increasing the site's trust to the account using various algorithms.

Gaining experience in farming will give you an insight into moderating different content and ultimately allow you to become a dealer in the future.

Website Developer

Every webmaster strives to get the most out of their launches by optimizing the starting and ending points. This is where a page layout builder comes to the rescue - it allows you to easily duplicate your site, change the provider, images, button color, optimize for mobile devices, and more.


Nowadays, mobile traffic is one of the priority areas for those who are involved in arbitrage. Many teams are dealing with app-related traffic, so the need is constantly growing. Currently, there are two main types of apps - PWA and WebView, so you need to understand them.


Depending on their abilities, a designer may:

  • Create and edit creatives, including videos,
  • create layouts for lendings and preendings to improve performance,
  • understand the needs of the target audience and come up with new approaches.

Many designers prefer to work freelance, completing various projects as needed.


The ability to write persuasive texts will be a great asset for lending and pre-lending, creative writing and SEO content creation. And if you are multilingual, you will certainly be in demand in the market.

HR Manager

There is a critical need for HR personnel in the CPA industry at this time. It takes a significant amount of energy to deal with the complexities of working with arbitrageurs. In addition, there is the problem that they can manipulate numbers to get on the team and consequently take away resources and money. Thus, if you are willing to work in a team with a penchant for risk, then join us!


The role of webmasters is extremely important for the functioning of any sphere, providing support for such services as affiliate programs, CPA networks, anti-deactivation browsers, payment services, etc. These specialists are responsible for promptly responding to any requests and resolving issues that may arise in connection with the use of this or that service.


We've put together an overview of 11 CPA marketing positions, proving that webmasters aren't the only ones who can be successful. There are a number of different responsibilities within an webmasters team, so everyone should be able to determine what suits them best. It should be noted that the world of affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, so it is important for every employee to keep up to date with the changes. In order to become a qualified specialist and be able to advance in your career, you should not only focus on your specialization, but also study other areas.

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