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What are the risks in affiliate marketing

What are the risks in affiliate marketing

For all Internet users, the earning opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing are particularly attractive. Webmasters are attracted by the wide range of offers and the possibility of earning high incomes when cooperating with affiliates and in direct marketing - it is not uncommon for affiliates to earn $1,200 for each successfully completed action.

In addition, the field of affiliate marketing requires great abilities from the webmaster, such as the ability to circumvent obstacles, come up with unconventional strategies for creatives and site visitors. However, there are components that webmasters are unable to control. 

We will now explore with you the risks associated with affiliate marketing, direct advertisers and determine if it is possible to mitigate these risks with an affiliate program.

Financial risks of direct advertisers

Working with direct advertisers today has certain risks in its operations:

  • Suspension of a user's account...;
  • Problems with the payment system, leading to a long interruption in work;
  • Postponement of the deadlines for consideration of applications to the CC;

Consequently, it may not be possible to use traffic for advertising offers due to regulation of some GEPs or revocation of a financial services license.

The consequences for webmasters are felt immediately - payments are postponed, currency exchange rates fluctuate, time is wasted searching for additional traffic sources or alternative GEOs.

To reduce the potential risks in this case, we considered working with an associate company rather than a group of direct advertisers.

The role of an affiliate in assisting a webmaster in his business relations with advertisers.

We believe that using affiliate programs and networks will allow you to avoid the danger of being denied payment when your account is blocked.

If there are problems with payment, for example, if your KC drops or delays, we have the ability to switch the webmaster's traffic to another advertiser so that his conversion rate remains unchanged. This is beneficial to both our company and our partners. In addition, we have sophisticated technology that allows us to use smartlink, which optimizes campaigns automatically and switches traffic to the most effective offer.

It is very important to get accurate and reliable data about the advertiser. A competent affiliate should cooperate with autonomous external promoters (not affiliated with the affiliate program, providing their own offers) who are mindful of their reputation.

It is necessary to check each ad to make sure it complies with the laws of the various GEOs. This is something no webmaster can handle. Can we really expect a person sending traffic to 10 different GEOs to know all the laws of those countries?

Our affiliate has legal and analytical departments that check the legitimacy of the offer in a specific area, and also perform a comprehensive analysis on the traffic conversion rate. This allows us to provide webmasters with rates that potentially exceed direct advertising opportunities.

Affiliate review webmasters recognize the significance of these points. They prioritize 24/7 support service, range of offers, versatility of GEO and, of course, the size of payouts for webmasters in the Russian Federation and the bourgeoisie.

What you need to consider when choosing an affiliate network

When choosing an affiliate network, you need to check the following elements of its activities:

  • You can get exclusive offers from numerous advertisers.
  • Gaining insight into the work processes through analysis.
  • Webmasters get the ability to allocate traffic to optimal ads for different geographical locations.
  • Utilizing a traffic boosting tool to shift attention from one ad to another if the first one is not delivering the expected results.
  • Access to a dedicated counselor and 24/7 assistance;
  • Having a lawyer on the team who can support you in advocating for your interests on problematic issues.


Nowadays, payment and transaction issues in different GEOs can be challenging for promoters of financial offers. An affiliate program can help reduce the risks associated with advertising if you choose it according to the requirements mentioned above.

Moreover, you can even earn more income than direct reclomings if you choose a favorable GEO or take advantage of exclusive affiliate deals.

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