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What types of offers there are in affiliate marketing

What types of offers there are in affiliate marketing

We have collected a number of offsets and detailed the reward models for each of them. This article will be useful for both beginner affiliates looking for verticals and offers, and experienced webmasters who want to familiarize themselves with new bundles.

Affiliate programs have a huge selection of different offers, so it's easy to find the most profitable ones to attract web traffic.


Compensation for participation in gambling may be received from industry partners or directly from promoters.

Compensation is for a specific action:

  • app installation
  • registration
  • first deposit
  • RevShare - A percentage of all deposits of referred players
  • Baseline - Payment to the webmaster is made after the referred user deposits money for an amount determined by the advertiser. For example, the base amount - with a minimum deposit of $5, and the reward to the webmaster is provided after the minimum deposit to his game account of $10.

White offer

White Offers are a product, advertising of which is not prohibited by the rules of the selected traffic source. Usually these are WOW products, clothes, real estate, official mobile programs, products from online stores and many more. White-label offers are safe for humans and do not deceive either the buyer or the advertising network.

Gray offers

Gray offers are not illegal, but they are prohibited by the rules of the advertising platform. That is, if you do not use camouflage and cunning strategies in your campaigns, you are usually quickly excluded.

To the gray type of offers include:

  • products that the customer receives in the mail;
  • horoscopes by text message;
  • online services with a non-transparent payment system.

For just 1 ruble, the buyer is offered to purchase weight loss drops that will not help him lose weight in any way. In addition to purchasing a 45-day course, the buyer is offered accessories that help in weight loss. Moreover, they get into a database from which managers regularly call them and offer them other products: joint supplements, potency enhancers and even amulets.

Before starting a campaign, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of various search engines, social networks and advertising agencies. This will help to avoid unnecessary waste of time and effort. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account all the goods and services whose advertising is prohibited.

Black offers

The user is deliberately misled in advance. There are various ways to obtain money, card information or other important data about a person. In Russia, there is a common practice of fraud with the help of surveys, at the end of which it is offered to pay for a supposed reward, which is never paid. As you can see, there is no reward.

Malware is malicious software that users are tricked into downloading under the guise of harmless programs. These malware programs are capable of stealing personal data or sensitive information. The financial gain from such offers can be significant, but you should keep in mind that it is illegal.

Private offers

The affiliate group has secret offers that are not revealed to those who are not part of it. Access to these exclusive offers is granted after passing a traffic quality check.

Existing offers can be modified in various ways, such as adapting the payment method or expanding the geographical coverage. Private traffic sources can also be tapped into. Recently, Push networks have introduced private offers, cleaned of unwanted traffic and providing remarkable rates and a superior quality audience.

In order to gain access to a preferred vendor, you need to develop a positive relationship with an affiliate manager and invest an acceptable amount of money in the affiliate offers of the affiliate network.

Dating offers

Such dating sites and apps come in two varieties: for online hookups and for mobile use.

  • Censored. Offer casual dating for social interaction.
  • Adults. Porn sites whose primary purpose is to fulfill sexual needs.

The payment system used in de-emphasizing offers is based on a per-target action calculation. As a rule, advertisers offer rewards for:

  • valid registration
  • app installation
  • subscription payment
  • credit card submit

Details of the offer can be found in the terms and conditions description or check with the branch director.

Gaming offers

Tempting offers entice users to install apps or games on their devices.

The webmaster gets rewarded for achieving a specific goal.

  • installation
  • registration
  • action in the game (subscription, purchases).

The advantage of gaming platforms is that they can be accessed from a variety of traffic sources.

Install offers

Affiliate programs provide incentives when the desired action is to install a program, game, plug-in or mobile application. The webmaster is rewarded for the installation and does not care about further user actions.


This includes any data that is sold on the Internet.

  • books
  • webinars
  • master classes
  • video tutorials, etc.

Webmasters can be remunerated in two different ways: he can get paid for registration (if the event is online) or for purchase (if it is an info product). Infoproducts can be obtained from any traffic source.

Loan Offers

Banks and other financial organizations offer the population several options for obtaining a loan. Typically, these are consumer loans or the option to apply for a card.

The webmaster may be compensated:

  • loan issuance
  • issuance of a bank card;
  • valid application
  • user's call to the managers of the credit organization

Use displays, social media promotions, search engine optimization and contextual marketing to interact with loan offers.

PPC (Pay Per Call)

The webmaster is directly rewarded for carefully selected contact with the user. Here, you need to target the quality of website visitors to minimize errors as much as possible.

Affiliates are provided with a variety of PPC offsets:

  • real estate
  • services of a repairman, dentist, lawyer, etc.
  • insurance companies
  • medical centers
  • buyout of broken cars and dozens of other offers.

Compensation will be paid only for those calls that have been reviewed by supervisors.

Nutral offers

A group of medical products that are generally prohibited or restricted for promotion on advertising platforms. Such products include:

  • weight loss products
  • dietary supplements
  • cosmetics
  • enlargers
  • creams
  • elixirs
  • powders
  • remedies for parasites, arthritis, prostatitis
  • immunity remedies
  • universal pills for everything, etc.

The enduring popularity of "folk methods" of self-medication is not weakening. Such products can be purchased on Amazon, Ebay, they can also be found on Facebook.

This is a rare case: usually all reliable social networks and search engines are not generous, but in this particular situation, advertisers are providing webmasters with rewards far in excess of what they could get from weighted-offers.

Merchandise Offers

The purpose of these offers is to purchase goods, and they are designed mainly for the mass market, as well as for those who prefer low and moderate prices. Interestingly, the cost of products such as iPhones, watches, and slimming drops are incredibly low - 1,500 rubles, 1,200 rubles, and 1 ruble respectively. This pricing strategy was adopted in order to reach a wide range of customers who usually purchase such goods online.

Profits from trading goods can be made through high volume transactions. Advertising platforms are less likely to block white goods, so it is necessary to sell out large quantities quickly.

Pharma offers

This group includes medicines that have a favorable effect on the body. It includes remedies for:

  • psoriasis
  • arthritis
  • parasites
  • diabetes
  • poor eyesight, etc.

The rewards are significant as the products are not always approved or authorized for promotion by most advertising networks.


A lucrative middle-class market where webmasters generate income from school students is Essay Offers. On these pages, students buy essays, assignments, research papers, term papers, diplomas and other student assignments for a fee. The advantage of such a scheme is that the affiliate can get money from any subsequent orders of the student.


The webmaster earns money from betting on sports. It can be soccer, hockey, tennis and other games that the bookmaker has. Winnings are obtained similarly to gambling. The bet can be placed either on the website or in the app. Making money from betting becomes profitable after just a few days, especially during sporting events when fans are at their busiest online.

Pin submit

An offer that aims to subscribe to something using pins, usually when purchasing mobile traffic. The range of subscriptions is huge, from adult entertainment to e-commerce and financial topics. Often user information is collected in exchange for the promise of attractive rewards such as a new iPhone, etc.


Organizations offering giveaways as a way to obtain user data or credit card subscriptions are usually trying to market "dubious" products or services. This type of promotion is often used by advertisers.

The raffle offers a chance to win top gadgets such as iPhones, Samsung and Sonys, as well as vouchers worth over $500 from the AppStore or Amazon. There are two ways to enter the raffle, either by registering (SOI or DOI) or by providing a credit card with a validated CC.

Smart links are able to find the most appropriate offer for each visitor. The webmaster does not have to conduct tests, create a customer profile and develop targeting strategies. All traffic is combined on one link. When a user arrives at the jumping point, the system evaluates where he came from, his operating system, service provider and, if possible, his preferences and demographics. As a result, artificial intelligence suggests the most suitable offer for a particular person.

WapClick offers

One way to pick on paid subscriptions is to sign up for a "sexbook" website, which is similar in appearance to Facebook. To watch the full video, you have to provide your phone number and then enter a code that is sent to a short number. After that, you are billed monthly for various services. Unfortunately, you can only find out the cost of the subscription by requesting an itemization from your service provider.


Such deals involve webmasters receiving compensation for time spent on the call. This can be astrology, psychic, financial counseling, phone sex, and other time-consuming services. To capitalize on these offers, you need quality website visitors. The more precisely the target audience is chosen and the better the creative is worked out, the longer each call will bring profit to the affiliate.

Forex, Crypto, Binaries

Referring people to binary options, cryptocurrency and forex trading platforms. The webmaster receives remuneration for referring a user to the platform or for making a minimum deposit.


You have to attract users to the products or services on your e-commerce site. First of all, when you generate traffic, it will lead to your referral link. If a purchase is made through such a link, you will be rewarded for it.


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