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Who is a Media Buyer: A Profession in Arbitration

Who is a Media Buyer: A Profession in Arbitration

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In modern digital marketing, the profession of a media buyer has become one of the most in-demand professions. This specialist plays an important role in traffic arbitrage and online marketing in general. In this article, we will tell you who a media buyer is and how to become one. The difference between a media buyer and an arbitrageur will also be discussed. In addition, we will provide information on job openings and training opportunities in this profession.

Who is a Media Buyer?

A media buyer, literally translated as "advertising buyer," is a specialist in marketing agencies who is responsible for selecting effective platforms for advertising. A media buyer is also in charge of launching and controlling advertising campaigns, analyzing metrics and achieving key performance indicators (KPIs). A media buyer in traffic arbitrage has a wider range of responsibilities, such as finalizing and launching bundles, bypassing blocking and choosing a strategy for flooding.

Types of Media Buyers

Media buyers can work in a variety of team structures. In small marketing agencies, media buyers handle almost all the responsibilities of running advertising campaigns. They are directly involved in client outreach, including data collection, planning and negotiation. In network agencies, media buyers work in collaboration with media planners or designers, who develop plans and submit them to media buyers for contracts with third-party venues. Larger agencies may have an entire team of media buyers, each responsible for a different aspect of advertising work, such as gathering market data, negotiating and controlling costs.

Responsibilities of a media buyer

The responsibilities of a media buyer include the following aspects:

  1. Planning and Contracts: The media buyer negotiates the best advertising rates and contracts with sites for advertising.
  2. Traffic Acquisition: The Media Buyer procures traffic from various sources such as contextual advertising, mobile apps, social media and others.
  3. Analysis and optimization: Media Buyer specializes in analyzing various advertising platforms and evaluating the effectiveness of the purchased traffic. He also optimizes ad campaigns to maximize results.
  4. Specialization: Some media buyers specialize in specific social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and are experts in these platforms.

Skills and qualities of a media buyer

To be successful as a media buyer, you need a set of specialized skills and qualities. Here are some of them:

  1. Understanding of digital marketing: A media buyer should have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing and its tools.
  2. Knowledge of various traffic sources: A media buyer should be familiar with various traffic sources such as contextual advertising, social media, etc.
  3. Technical Skills: A media buyer should be familiar with various advertising tools like spy services, trackers and TDS.
  4. Analytical skills: The media buyer should be able to analyze data and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  5. Communication and Organizational Skills: A Media Buyer must be able to communicate effectively with a team and be organized in their work.

Levels of Media Buyers

The profession of media buyer has several levels, from Junior to Senior, depending on the experience and skills of the specialist.

  1. Junior: At the entry level, a media buyer is expected to understand the basics of digital marketing, know the different sources of traffic, know how to bypass blockers and work with advertising tools.
  2. Middle: A media buyer at the middle level should be able to analyze market trends, optimize and scale advertising campaigns and have a deep knowledge of technical features of various advertising platforms.
  3. Senior: A media buyer at a high level is usually a team leader and has skills in negotiation, team management and market analysis.

How to become a media buyer?

If you are interested in a career as a media buyer, there are several ways to gain the necessary skills and experience.

  1. Education: A university degree in marketing or advertising can increase your chances of getting a job in this field. There are also opportunities to take specialized courses and trainings in digital marketing.
  2. Experience and internships: Working in marketing agencies or internships in digital marketing can help you gain experience and practical skills.
  3. Certification: Earning certifications in digital marketing, such as Google Ads or Facebook Blueprint, can improve your chances of employment and enhance your professional reputation.

Jobs for Media Buyers

There are many job openings for media buyers in various marketing agencies, advertising networks and online marketing companies. Online portals like Linkedin and offer a wide range of job opportunities in this field. Also Magic Click, a leading affiliate network, is constantly looking for talented media buyers to work in traffic arbitrage in the gambling industry. With us you will find plenty of offers for your career in media buying with high rewards and professional development opportunities.


A media buyer is a specialist who plays an important role in traffic arbitrage and online marketing. He is responsible for selecting effective platforms for advertising, controlling metrics and achieving KPIs. This profession requires specialized skills and qualities, as well as experience and education in digital marketing. If you are interested in this career, you need to actively look for job openings and train to become a sought-after media buyer. And don't forget that Magic Click always welcomes new media buyers to our team and offers ample opportunities for your professional growth.

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