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What is a landing page in traffic arbitrage?

What is a landing page in traffic arbitrage?


A landing page is a one-page website with concise, marketing or step-by-step information about a product that is reached by advertising, including banners, emails and ads.

This article will explain what a landing page is, what benefits it offers, and how to get one if existing options from an advertiser don't work for you.

In almost all traffic arbitrage industries, a landing page is a key component. With the help of this page you can demonstrate the benefits of the product, show it in an attractive form, tell an enticing story or simply attract the visitor's attention and turn him into a buyer.

What a landing page consists of

The task of the landing page is to make sure that no customer ready to buy a product or service slips away. Its role is to be the last step in the customer interaction funnel in traffic arbitrage.

The absence of a successful landing page can lead to low conversion rates. If the page doesn't answer queries and guide the user to purchase, then advertisers don't get rewarded for their investment. This is far from ideal.


If we talk about the mandatory semantic components, then we can distinguish the following blocks in a landing page for arbitrage:

About the project and the company. Landing should contain a brief description of who produces or distributes the product. This will save the buyer from having to leave the page to search for detailed information about the seller.

About the product or service. If you are advertising a product to fight impotence, the landing page should present its constituent elements, how successful it is, any documents and results of experiments proving its effectiveness. This will inspire confidence in buyers and remove any doubts they may have.

About advantages. It is very important to emphasize your competitive advantages. For example, free shipping, the opportunity to try the product for 1 ruble, organic ingredients, fast results.

How to use the product in life. The buyer knows what impotence is, but may not know all the associated symptoms. It is important to explain that your product can help improve sex life, genital health and other problems that may be hindering them. Point out potential problems and demonstrate how your product can fix those problems.

Cost. Not having a price on the page can be detrimental to any branding efforts. If a customer doesn't know the cost of a product, they are likely to leave the site rather than wait for a call-to-action with that information. People don't want to find out that a product is too expensive.

CTAS. It's a good idea to include a few buttons on the landing page. It's best if they are different, but all end with the same result. Examples include the "buy" option and "order a callback".

Testimonials. The reliability of the product can be further confirmed by customer reviews. It is important that they are genuine, but there is a helpful tip: you can fabricate user reviews and provide fictitious identities, such as social media handles or email addresses. This has been proven to generate more trust.

Contacts. A contact block is essential for any website. It's best to include a phone number, email address, messaging system, and feedback form.

The size of the landing page is judged by the number of screens. There is no definite standard for what size is best for a landing page or prelanding - it can be two screens or twenty screens.

How is a landing page different from a regular website?

A landing page, which is different from a full-fledged website, is created for a specific purpose and has a different look and feel.

Compared to a standard website, which is usually overflowing with information and contains hundreds of pages, a landing page is much smaller in size and consists of only a few blocks. Its main purpose is to sell a specific product. But what other differences exist between a website and a landing page?


A corporate website can fulfill many tasks at the same time. For example, it can act as an information source about a corporation, providing instruction manuals for its products, up-to-date information and profile reports. It can also be a catalog with various products or an online store. Such sites have everything from official documentation to blogs.

A landing page is designed for one purpose: to promote a product or service and encourage people to take a certain action. For example, you can't place an impotence cure and a cryptocurrency arbitrage app on the same landing page. This is because each has a different target audience, different needs, and requires a different format.


Typically, a landing page has a single button, either to buy something or to provide contact information. However, a company website has more versatility: you can browse products or services, select a supplier, discuss project requirements, sign up or leave comments.


A landing page is a single page consisting of multiple sections. A website, on the other hand, can consist of many pages that can be explored indefinitely. Each page has its own individual web address.

A landing page should not be confused with a business card site. The former is an effective promotion tool, and the latter is just a basic site that is not particularly useful.

Types of lendings

Different types of websites can be defined based on the purpose of their use..:

Sales website. A landing page can be used to promote a product or service, such as a diet pill, headphones or a wristwatch. It usually advertises the product and its benefits, along with a call to action button and customer testimonials.

Announcement. Creating a landing page is designed to advertise a fresh product or an upcoming event. Its functions include: providing contact information for more details about the upcoming event, signing up for the event and placing a pre-order. Such web pages are also used in various offers related to courses and educational programs.

Pre-landing. A landing page is used to filter visitors before they get to the main website. For example, if an ad promotes investing in a startup, the pre-listing should include the minimum cost required to invest, which is $500. This way, only people who can afford this amount and are interested in investing will get to the main site.

Another way to grab the attention of viewers is prelinking. This can be used to energize and motivate them. For example, if a person comes in unexpectedly or clicks on a link by mistake, they will be presented with facts about a winning story related to the product. This is usually accomplished by using storytelling.

It has been proven that the most effective way to drive traffic to a website is to have multiple landing pages and pre-branding for different products and services. While this method may take longer, the traffic it generates will be better targeted to achieve the desired results.


Advantages and disadvantages of branding lendings

Branding as a marketing tool has certain disadvantages....:

  1. Intrusiveness. In most cases, promotion can be considered intense. Constant invitations to action and explanations of benefits can alienate the consumer.
  2. Limited information. When writing, you must focus on the most essential and "attractive" elements of the product or service and therefore cannot give an exhaustive account of them.
  3. Short-termism. Tapping down may help increase sales of a particular product immediately, but it won't have a lasting impact.

Creating a landing page is a quick and easy task that can be accomplished with a variety of solutions, including no-code platforms. This means that no coding skills are required from the user, allowing anyone to create a working landing page.

One of the key benefits is versatility. Compared to building and maintaining a full-fledged website, creating and managing a landing page is much easier. It can be hosted instantly, and the content can be changed as needed to keep up with current trends.

Who to order a Landing from?

The downside of the many offers from different studios and marketing companies is that they tend to be more expensive. This can be a serious problem if you need to launch multiple landing pages in one week. Also, you don't always need a well-thought-out lead with a lot of market analysis, which is exactly the kind of service many agencies provide.

In arbitrage, lendings can be obtained:

  1. From an affiliate or advertiser. Often they are provided for free, and it is the responsibility of the one who offers them. It is less common to request a customized landing page or pre-credit. These services are offered by both affiliates and advertisers. For example, pinup has a stock of existing ads, but they also create them based on affiliate preferences.
  2. Order from a freelancer. On arbitrage and design forums, you can find experts who charge a reasonable fee. The rate varies depending on their experience, number of projects, subject area and other relevant factors.
  3. On freelance platforms and exchanges. and are the most popular options. The advantage of this approach is that clients are protected - you can be sure that your order will be fulfilled, and in case of problems, moderators will be on your side.
  4. Do-it-yourself. You no longer need to be an expert developer to make a one-page website. There are tools like tilda and ukit that can help you.

There are a huge number of website design offerings on the market, both from experienced agencies and aspiring freelancers. This wide range of options is due to two main elements.

Technical progress has made it possible to create a landing page using a designer without knowledge of html, java, css or other programming languages. In addition, the use of branding as a marketing technique for products is becoming increasingly popular.


For any reseller, a landing page is an absolute necessity. It makes it easier to get leads and sell products. However, landing pages, including creatives, offers and targeting settings, need to be experimented with. Often, platforms offered by advertisers or affiliates no longer deliver results, but simply result in wasted traffic that accomplishes nothing.

You can buy a great strip at a price from five to seven thousand rubles. By choosing professionals who are ready to fulfill your order quickly and inexpensively, you can save both money and time.

It is recommended that you look for people who are well versed in arbitrage so that they understand why arbitrage is vital, what should be prioritized and what strategy should be used to achieve greater success.

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