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Gambling traffic to Portugal: Everything you need to know

Gambling traffic to Portugal: Everything you need to know


  1. Legality of gambling in Portugal
  2. Turnover and market statistics
  3. Devices
  4. Conclusion

Today we decided to give a fresh look at a fairly popular country for bay gambling - Portugal. 

To start with a bit of introductory information to define the CA.

  • Population: 10.41 million, male/female ratio of approximately 48/52;
  • Language: Portuguese;
  • Currency: Euro;
  • Average salary: 1200 € per month;
  • The most popular banks in Portugal are Millennium BCP, Santander Totta.

Regulation of gambling in Portugal

Portugal is one of the countries that regulates the business to promote fairness, consumer protection and responsible gambling when searching for the most favorable predictions or placing bets.

As the popularity of online betting has been on the rise in recent years, the authorities realize the extent to which people are looking for Europa League predictions to bet online. Accordingly, the Portuguese government has created rules and regulations to regulate online betting activities and provide punters with a safe and open environment.

Licensing and regulation

Since 2015, online casinos and sports betting sites have been fully legal and regulated by Portuguese authorities.

In Portugal, online betting operators are required to obtain a license from the country's regulatory body Serviço de Regulação e Inspção de Jogos do Turismo de Portugal (SRIJ). This regulatory body ensures that operators comply with a number of requirements including integrity, financial stability and technical prowess.

In Portugal, only state-owned entities and locally licensed operators can provide online gambling services. Fixed odds sports betting is permitted, but pari-mutuel sports betting remains under the jurisdiction of the state monopoly. Lotteries are operated by the state monopoly.

What's next for the market in Austria?

One of the key trends in the Portuguese online gambling market is the growing popularity of sports betting. Thanks to a strong soccer culture and passionate fan base, Portuguese customers actively participate in sports betting, especially during major sporting events such as the UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup. This trend has further increased with the legalization of online sports betting in Portugal, which has opened up new opportunities for both local and international operators. Another trend in the market is the growing demand for online casino games. Portuguese customers love to play a variety of casino games including slots, poker, and roulette. The availability of online casinos has made it easier for customers to access these games from the comfort of their homes. In addition, the introduction of live dealer games has improved the gaming experience by providing a more exciting and interactive environment.

According to Ahrefs, the frequency of the query "casino online" has been stable at the same level for 10 years. 

Turnover and market statistics

The website of the Portuguese regulator released a report for Q3 2023 on the state of the white market of the country. 

Online casinos accounted for €154.5 million, up 40.7% year-on-year.

Slots accounted for 83% of all bets, French roulette 6.9% and blackjack 4.7%. Sports betting revenue fell 14.8% to €72.8m.

The number of new gambling accounts rose to 319.5 thousand, while the number of self-exclusions of players reached 215 thousand.

Regarding the financial status of casinos in portugal:

  • Revenue in the online gambling market is projected to reach USD 0.86 billion by 2024.
  • The annual revenue growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) is expected to be 3.67%, resulting in a projected market size of USD 1.03 billion by 2029.
  • The online casino market is projected to reach USD 0.40 billion in 2024.
  • In a global comparison, the majority of revenue will be generated in the United States (US$23,030.00 million in 2024).
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) in the online gambling market is projected to reach USD 1,27 thousand in 2024.
  • The number of users in the online gambling market is expected to reach 816.4 thousand by 2029.
  • The user penetration rate for the online gambling market will be 6.6% in 2024.


Android holds the major share of the mobile operating system market in Portugal in 2024. Nearly 70% of mobile devices in Portugal use Android, while over 28% run on Apple's iOS operating system. This highlights the consumer preference for Android in the country, reflecting the widespread adoption and popularity of this platform among mobile device users in Portugal.


Portugal is an attractive market for online gambling due to its high paying audience and favorable conditions for gambling promotion and advertising. This country provides excellent opportunities for online casino development and stimulates the industry due to its legislation and accessibility of the target audience.

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