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Working with Asian traffic via Line Messenger

Working with Asian traffic via Line Messenger


Thailand is one of the most popular GEO Tier-3 countries. In affiliate marketing, the Asian audience is huge, not overloaded with ads and easily suitable for working with any verticals.

Today we will tell you about a special messenger with which you can work with gambling traffic in Thailand and other Asian countries.


  1. Line Messenger what is it?
  2. Line Audience.
  3. Promotion of gambling in messenger line.
  4. How to create a Line Messenger bot?
  5. Offers.
  6. Conclusion.

Line Messenger what is it?

The Japanese messenger Line is wildly popular in Thailand. The first thing a Thai will ask you is if you have Line.

Line was created in 2011 in an attempt to develop a reliable network of emergency helpers. In the twelve months following the launch, at least 50 million people registered on the site, with the majority of them living in Japan. By 2013, registrations from Thailand, Taiwan and Japan alone grew by 400%, bringing the total number of users to 150 million. By the end of 2016, that number jumped to 201 million. Line is now the most popular social media platform in Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia and currently ranks 18th globally - behind Snapchat - with 203 million monthly active users.

One of the things that differentiates Line from other similar messengers is the presence of a built-in social network that supports blogging and commenting. Subscription is available only for official (commercial) accounts, which include corporate and media blogs.

To some extent, Line can be called an analog of Telegram, but with a bias towards the Asian market.

Line Audience


The Japanese messenger Line is wildly popular in Thailand. The first thing a Thai will ask you is if you have Line.

Population: about 70 million
Official languages: Thai, Isan, Yuan.
Average earnings: 500-600$
Average age: 40 years old

If we talk in general about country, the standard of living here is not the highest and even for foreigners living conditions in Thailand may not seem very expensive considering the average salary of an employee of the same average qualification. It is about 500-600$.

You can resort to using this messenger not only for Thailand, but also for some other GEOs where it is widely popular.


As of June 2016, the reported number of users in Japan was 68 million, while Thailand had 33 million.

Population: about 125 million
Official languages: Japanese
Average earnings: $2,000
Average age: 49


As of February 2014, Taiwan had 17 million Line users. Here, messenger has spread as widely as in Japan and Thailand.

Population: about 23 million
Official languages: Chinese
Average earnings: $1,600
Average age: 47


Indonesia had 20 million users as of February 2014.

Population: about 273 million
Official languages: Indonesian, Malay
Average earnings: $450
Average age: 28 years old


Population: about 33 million
Official languages: Malay
Average earnings: $600
Average age: 30 years old

The messenger is now managing to make its way to other parts of the world, but the process is moving very slowly.


Line Messenger is not only men, but also a large audience of women.


Statistics show that Line is most popular among 20-40 year old users. This age is most often the target in gambling.

Most of the users are office workers, which tells us about the solvency of the audience.


Today, it is ninth in the world in terms of users and fourth in terms of revenue. Only a couple of Chinese giants, Wechat and QQ Mobile, and Skype are ahead of it.


The monthly active user statistics are relatively small at 64.8 million users based on data from January through December 2022. Considering only android users.


However, in the statistics on the number of openings per day by one user is 16.48, which is more than all competitors, except WhatsApp, from which we can conclude that the messenger is used quite actively.


The percentage of users who open the app daily is 72.95% which is also more than all others except WhatsApp.

Promotion of gambling in messenger line

The whole point of using Line Messenger in gambling revolves around the fact that Line Messenger has its own built-in browser with the help of which you can integrate various sites inside the messenger.

The big advantage of using Line in gambling is not only its usability, but also the aggressive flushes that start coming after you add the bot as a friend. You can also customize this when developing the bot.

FB + Line Messenger

One of the most popular sales funnels at the moment is Facebook advertising a link to a landing page with a link to Line further down.


When we navigate, we are taken to a site assembled in the builder with two links.


Both of these links lead to Line Messenger.

Native + Line

Movie sites are one of the main sources of gambling traffic. Native advertising with colorful banners. We have noticed how Line is used on similar Taisky popular sites.

Let's see how such advertising works.


Here's one example. A large and bright banner, where you can already see the contact of the bot in Line (in the corner of the banner). When you go to the banner and follow it outside the messenger, the player gets to the direct page of the casino, bypassing Line. But since a great emphasis is placed on the messenger, because with it is much more convenient, many people immediately go to it and play directly inside. Agree, it is convenient to have a casino always at hand your favorite messenger.

A potential player enters username in Line Messenger, and in order for the bot to activate and be able to send messages, the user needs to add it to friends.


This is what the profile page looks like that we found.


After adding as a friend, the player gets this functionality. I agree, it is difficult to understand anything, but it is only at first glance. In fact, everything is simple.

In the top message received from the bot, a carousel with pictures, to which are attached their URLs. Then comes the message itself. And the bottom two buttons are the permanent menu of the bot (by clicking on the bottom inscription and arrow menu will close and open the input), where specifically in this case the player can register and authorize.

Let's move on to registration.


When clicking on registration we have the internal browser we mentioned above open and we get to a page with a carousel where the player is informed about the benefits and bonuses. This is a kind of pre-landing. When clicking on the button, the player is taken directly to the page with the registration itself.


After completing the registration, respectively, opens the casino.

When you click on the banner itself, all the same thing happens, but the player does not interact in Line, and plays inside the browser from which he went to the site with the movie.

FB Messenger + Line Messenger

An interesting way that can give you lots of ideas.


FB ad on Messenger, with creative where a man does a review on a casino. It's noteworthy that at the bottom of the clip the link to the Line bot contact is brightly highlighted.

Let's go to FB Messenger.


After trying to send a message, we received an instant reply. With the message and pictures of the functionality.


Where at the end of the message we see Line contact again.

That's right, it's a combination of Facebook chat bot and Line chat bot. How to create such a bot in Facebook we have told here: Start gambling via JSON messages + Manychat

Let's go to Line and enter this contact in the search.


Add your friends.


Once again, we get to a bot with the interface we described above.

These are by no means the only ways to monetize the messenger. We are sure that it can be used much more widely. But we'll leave that behind the scenes, leaving you food for thought. Don't be afraid and always experiment, maybe you will find a new gold mine.

How to create a Line Messenger bot

It's easier than it looks. Thanks to the built-in builder, you won't have to mess around with writing it.

First of all, you need to create a personal Line account. You can do this by renting a number or any other convenient way.

Registration is simple and does not need any explanations. Let's go directly to creating a bot.

This is done using the Line developer console, which you will have access to after authorization:


In it we need to create a channel in the "Providers" tab as you can see above, we already have it created, but you will have an empty one, and Line will ask you to create it for further work. Click "Create".


We need to set a name for the provider. This is not the name of the bot. Click "Create" again.


Next we need to choose what we want to create. The "Create a Messaging API channel" is what we need.


Then we set our channel name, description, avatar, category, subcategory and email to receive important notifications.

We will make a bot on the example of one of our Thailand offers - 7Slots.


Accept all user agreements and click "Create" again.

After that we will be taken to the profile of the channel itself where you can see its ID. We can not change it, all IDs are issued automatically and individually.

From this moment we have created our bot and it will already appear in the search when you try to find it. But for now, it can't interact with us in any way. Now it's up to the bot builder.

Go to the account manager page:


Select the bot we just created and get to the page of editing it.


Next, we are presented with a large development menu on the left. We are not going to look at every function, but just show you how to work with the main ones.

The menu buttons on the left that will be useful for us are:

  • Step Messages - Create fluff and messages that will arrive on specified days;
  • Automatic responses - Automatic responses based on keywords;
  • Rich Media Messeges - Build bulk messages with embedded images and features (including carousels that we may have seen in ads);
  • Chat Screen - Create a welcome message and menu;

Let's start with creating a welcome message and menu. Choose "Greeting Message".


Enter the desired text. You can use stickers, emoticons, videos or pictures and anything else you want. Click "Save Changes" and save.

Go to the menu and click "Rich menus" on the left.


Here we can download the menu template as a single image, give it a name, select zones and assign them the desired click actions.

Click "Template" and choose any template you like.


Next, click on "Select" and insert our prepared template for the menu.


After that we specify the necessary action for each zone. In our case it will be "Link", where we insert a link to the casino and give a name.


Save, and finally let's see what we've got.

Send profile ID to search and add to friends.


Immediately we get a welcome message and menu (some avatars and names Line forbids, be careful).

The functionality does not end here. In the same constructor you can make carousels with pictures and add them to welcome messages, as it was in the examples, make the design and so on. Everything is simple, you should just try it!

Offers for Thailand

#596 7slots

One of the best offers, we recommend to connect.

Paid Target: Minimum Deposit
Minimum Deposit: 50 TRY / 57 PHP
Test Cap: 20 deposits
Bonuses: 12500₺ + 300 FS

Access to the offer:

The 7Slots offer has several landings, one of which greets the player with a bonus offer. When clicking further, he is taken to the registration.


After completing a short registration in 2 registration fields, the player is taken to the main where he can further proceed to deposit.

Sales Funnel: Landing Bonus - Registration - Home - Deposit



In conclusion, we would like to say that gambling loves crazy people, and without constant learning and finding new ways of advertising, you will simply be strangled and left without profit. We have considered in this article only a couple of examples of using Line Messenger, but in theory, and perhaps already in practice, it is used much more widely. Now you can try your hand at using this application.

If you have any thoughts or would like to discuss, you are welcome to do so in our chat room!

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