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Best services for link shortening

Best services for link shortening

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Before we get into a detailed look at services, we'll explain why link shortening can be useful and when it's not recommended.

Here are the platforms you can use to shorten links:

The main justification for using link shorteners is their ability to save space. In blogs and SMS messages, where the amount of information is limited, it is much easier to hide long URLs with UTM tags than in a blog. They are easier to forward to another person, you can even memorize them and say them out loud. Moreover, some link shorteners offer useful statistics, such as the number of visitors who clicked through to the site and audience characteristics (region, gender and age).

It's difficult for email providers to determine where a shortened URL leads. The destination could be irrelevant information or an automatic download of a malicious file. That's why emails with links that redirect from one address to another usually end up in the spam folder. To avoid this, you should use full URLs in your emails.

When navigating significant areas of the site, if the link shortening service is discontinued, it is likely that all shortened links will no longer be functional and should therefore be changed.

The procedure is quite simple. First, you need to select and launch the appropriate service, copy the desired URL and paste it into the specified field, then click on the "Shorten" button or similar.

In order to use several applications for shortening links, you must first register. This can be done through various social networks or with an email account.

By utilizing the services, people are able to take advantage of additional features that allow them to compress links. Here are some examples:

  • watch statistics on click-throughs (sometimes even by gender, age, geography of users);
  • customize URLs (specify part of the address yourself);
  • use mass shortening (for a whole set of similar links);
  • connect your own domain (for beautiful addresses like

But, as a rule, such options are paid.

This well-known service is characterized by incredible reliability. Registration is required to use it. Bitly allows you not only to cut links en masse, but also to track the number of link clicks, personalize short URLs, bind a domain and create redirects.


To get an idea of the number of clicks on an abbreviated URL, simply add a "+" sign at the end of the URL.

There is no charge for the first 10 shortened links. To get access to additional features, such as mass shortening, QR code creation, geography and device statistics, you need to subscribe with a minimum fee of $8 per month.

Cons: English interface, mandatory registration.


Yandex offers a convenient service that allows advertisers to receive shortened URLs without registration. As an added bonus, it immediately creates a QR code for the new link, which allows it to be quickly distributed in social networks.

Cons: lack of analytics on short links. 

There is a free service that allows users to create shortened English-language links as well as QR codes without having to register. This platform allows you to name your own shortened URLs and even combine multiple links with a single keyword.


You can go to the Smart Multi-URL Shortener page and enter multiple URLs. Select a single suffix for them, such as "blogunisender", and you will get a collection of shortened links associated with that term. Visit the Smart Multi-URL Shortener web page to enter multiple web addresses. Select one common suffix for them, such as "blogunisender", and you'll get a collection of shortened links containing the same keyword.

Cons: non-Russianized interface, poor statistics. 

This English-language service offers many features, including the ability to create shortened URLs and customize them to your liking. In addition, you can attach a domain name, generate QR codes, track analytics, change the addresses of existing short links, use an API interface, and password-protect URLs.

Disadvantages: if you choose the free plan, you will be exposed to ads and pop-ups. Full features are only available in the paid plan, which costs $9.99 per month. You must register to create shortened links.


You don't need to register to access information about clicks (clicks, devices, browsers, referrers and OS). It is enough to memorize the track ID or statistics page. However, if you want to edit or delete any of the links you have previously created, you need to log in.

Chrome browser also has a corresponding extension that allows you to quickly shorten links right in the browser.

Cons: changing already created shortened URLs is only available in the paid version.

This free platform allows you to customize the end of a URL and close it from being indexed by search engines. This is a great alternative to prevent duplicate pages that can be detrimental to SEO. You can also lock the short link with a password if you wish.


Cons: the platform is overloaded with advertising. You need to register to get access to analytics. 

Rebrandly is a particularly useful tool for shortening hyperlinks. Not only does it make URLs easier to share, but it also allows users to use their own domain name instead of a predefined one (provided DNS records are already set up). In addition, the program provides UTM tags for the source link, as well as three options for shortened URLs: random, shortest, and SEO-friendly (the latter uses words taken from the source URL). In addition, you can edit the target URLs and even create multiple short links at the same time. Finally, QR codes can be generated with this tool.


Cons: the free package is limited to a certain number of controlled clicks and branded links, lacks more sophisticated features. The least expensive paid version starts at $14 per month. 

This URL shortener is one of the most famous URL shorteners. It used to be outdated and is now a real adversary to Rebrandly, Bitly and other link shorteners. The usefulness and rates are also comparable. For free, you can simply create short links, give them modified names and keep track of their history, while advanced research and association of your field are paid services.


Minuses: advertising on the free package, other plans are not affordable (from $12.99 per month). 

A new offering that allows you to abbreviate long URLs and has a number of additional features. Registration is required to access the abbreviator, but the extra features are worth it. offers various services such as connecting your domain to VK, OK and Facebook* pixels, as well as creating numerous shortened links. These links can be directed to the right place depending on the platform you use (iOS, Android, Web). They also provide API integration and detailed analytics.


Cons: the full set of features is available only in the paid version. 

This service provides the ability to shorten links without requiring registration. However, if you want to monitor the number of clicks on your shortened links, it is recommended to create an account.


Minuses: the presence of a registration form requiring ten items to be filled out, but it provides an opportunity to assess the sources, locations, and web browsers used by visitors. 

Once logged into VKontakte, you can create a shortened link using the VKontakte link shortener. The created URLs can be used not only in the social network, but also for other purposes. In addition, after creating a shortened URL, you can access QR codes in png and svg formats, as well as get viewing statistics.


Cons: You need to be authorized in VKontakte to use this feature. Residents of Ukraine may have problems with these shortened URLs working (unless they use a VPN or proxy).

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