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Native advertising (Native) in affiliate marketing

Native advertising (Native) in affiliate marketing

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Native advertising - what is it?

In the study, it is crucial to analyze native advertising from two perspectives:

1. Promoting a product through native advertising involves hiding it from the consumer instead of presenting it directly in front of them. This is usually done by using banners or other types of ads, such as news or recommendation boxes.


2. Native ads, or native banners, are a type of advertisement that appear in the most visible places on a website. These ads usually contain only a headline and an image, but may sometimes include a short description.



Native ads offer users a different entry point into the online space by masquerading as editorial content on websites. Not unlike traditional banners, native ads provide useful information relevant to the user. They appear as part of the site design without interfering with the user experience, and developers don't have to sacrifice site design to capitalize on traffic.

Benefits of Native Advertising

Native advertising is beneficial because of what it provides:

Organic native advertising fits perfectly into the theme of the site and attracts users: it looks like useful material and does not annoy them.

  • Will not interfere with applications such as AdBlock
  • creates trust in the user due to its origin.
  • demonstrates a high degree of engagement.

The benefits of using native advertising as a form of marketing are numerous; the main ones include:

  • Due to its position it attracts more attention.
  • A partner promotes his brand on the site with the help of banners.
  • The advertisements can be customized for any type of gadget.

Native advertising and affiliate marketing

Native advertising can be used in affiliate marketing, but to do so, it is necessary to disguise the resource on which it is placed as a news site or a major magazine. To be more convincing, it may be necessary to purchase a domain similar to the link of the original site.


The link to the proposal is on the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" website, which can be seen in the screenshot below.


To conclude the article, the doctor tells about the solution that worked for him. By popular demand from readers, a link to the doctor's website is provided in a separate tab. This is not done for advertising reasons, but to help those who have asked for it.

This way of marketing causes trust in consumers and increases the likelihood that a person will follow the link and buy the product, because he learned about it not from annoying advertising, but directly from a respected professional, which even told the news. And not on some obscure site, but exactly in "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Regardless of what kind of business you are engaged in, native advertising can be used. The main thing is to determine how best to present it and where it is most appropriate to place your site.

It is possible to generate free traffic for native advertising through blog grids and email newsletters that lead the user to Preen.

In addition, catalogs, digital magazines, and social media can also be sources. An example is a celebrity's Instagram news profile, which periodically features posts advertising weight loss products.


By leading a person through such a page, you can convince them of the credibility of the content and encourage them to buy the advertised product.


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