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Online voice-overs | Best services

Online voice-overs | Best services

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Over the past few years, the use of artificial intelligence and neural networks in various fields has become increasingly common. One such area is text-to-speech. Online text scoring services using neural networks allow to turn written information into audio files using various voice effects and intonations. This opens up new opportunities for creating creative materials and attracting the attention of the audience. In this article, we will review the best services for online text scoring and tell you about their popularity and application in traffic arbitrage.

Features of text scoring services

Online text scoring services work on the basis of neural networks and artificial intelligence. They allow you to convert written text into audio files using speech synthesis. These services offer different voices, intonations and effects that can be applied to the voiced text. Some services even allow you to customize the emotional coloring of the speech, adding anger, happiness, friendliness, and other emotions.

Application of text scoring services

Online text voiceover services have found application in various fields, including traffic arbitrage. The quality of video creatives is important for ad conversion, and text dubbing plays an important role in creating attractive videos. However, creating a quality voiceover can be time-consuming and requires professional skills. In this case, text scoring services become an indispensable tool that allows you to automate the process of creating audio materials and save time and resources.

The best online voice-over services

  1. Voicemaker is a service with high-quality neural network-based text scoring. It offers a large selection of available languages and voices, as well as the ability to customize the emotional coloring of speech. With Voicemaker you can create voiced messages, videos, presentations and other materials.
  2. VoxWorker is another popular online text-to-speech voiceover service. It offers different languages and voices, as well as the ability to add effects and intonation to the voiced text. VoxWorker also allows you to customize the voicing speed and other parameters.
  3. ZVUKOGRAM is a free service for generating audio series. It allows you to voice text files of different complexity and offers different voices with customized speed and intonation. ZVUKOGRAM also has a large database of sound effects that can be used in voiced materials.
  4. Robivox is a service with a wide range of features and tools for text dubbing. It offers many languages, voices and sound effects. Robivox also has a trial period for new users, during which you can generate voiced content up to a certain time.
  5. is another popular online text-to-speech voiceover service. It offers various voices and effects that can be applied to the voiced text. also has a simple and intuitive interface that makes the process of voicing text fast and convenient.

These are just some of the best services for voiceover text online. Each of them has its own features and benefits, so the choice depends on your individual needs and preferences.


Neural network-based online text voiceover services provide a convenient and efficient way to turn written text into audio content. They allow you to customize different voices, intonations and effects, which opens up new possibilities for creating creative materials. In traffic arbitrage these services are especially useful, as they allow you to save time and resources when creating converting video creatives. The choice of service depends on your needs and preferences, but in any case, the use of voice-over services can significantly improve your promotional materials and attract more attention of the audience.

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