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What is pre-landing page in traffic arbitrage?

What is pre-landing page in traffic arbitrage?



  1. Pre-landing page - what is it?
  2. Types of Pre-landing pages
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of Pre-landing page
  4. The difference between Pre-landing and landing
  5. The use of Pre-landing page in different verticals
  6. Creation of Pre-landing page
  7. Conclusion

Internet marketers use several tools to make their work more effective. Studying the cases of those who are at the top in this field, you will notice that they use what is called "Pre-landing. You can use a social media page, a blog, or even a secret telegram group for Pre-landing. In some specific industries, webmasters can be quite successful without Pre-landing.


For traffic arbitrage in verticals such as betting or gambling (online casino sites), the most appropriate approach is to use these pre-links between the traffic source and the advertiser's landing page. In addition, the use of pre-links is the only way to pass moderation checks when dealing with complex offers. In this article, we'll explain what pre-linking is, how it differs from landing pages, and how to create pre-links that are highly effective.

Pre-landing Page - What is it?

A pre-landing page, also called a landing page,-is an intermediate page that a user reaches after clicking on an ad or link. Typically, a pre-listing has informative content that describes a problem and how it can be solved with the product or service that the webmaster is promoting. Generally, Internet marketers use pre-links to achieve specific goals:

  • To entice visitors, or in other words, ignite the curiosity of potential buyers until they arrive at the advertiser's landing page. Content placed on the preland provides additional information about the product or service, emphasizing its advantageous features and benefits to convince users of the necessity of the promoted product.
  • To screen out those who do not want to purchase the product or service being promoted, the preland page plays an important role in conveying the purpose and details of what is being offered. By studying the material presented in the preland, potential customers will be able to decide if they need it.
  • When it comes to audience segmentation, internet marketers usually develop several versions of prelands, each designed for a different group of target demographics. This way, they can segment potential customers by age, behaviors, hobbies, and so on.

Before showing ads on a major traffic source like the facebook platform, pre-listing is an important tool. For example, this social network doesn't allow big-brand replica ads without permission. However, facebook moderators are willing to allow ads with a link to the product information page.

Types of pre-landing page

The main task of pre-landing is to create confidence in possible customers. For this reason, their design should be taken seriously. In most cases, depending on the product or service being advertised, web pages are designed with these features in mind:

  • News Resource;
  • Blog;
  • Forum;
  • A page with answers to frequently asked questions;
  • Review site;
  • A site where you can compare product features.


The core of the preland is a narrative designed to inspire confidence and highlight product features. All other elements of the web page have a decorative purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages of pre-landing

A prelanding site does not directly contribute to sales, so it should not be used for direct advertising. However, in industries such as beauty and health (nutra), acting, betting and gambling (online casinos), pre-landing can be very effective. This technique can have both positive and negative aspects, which we will discuss below.

Advantages of pre-landing

Pre-landing encourages the target audience to act the way the referee wants them to, thus achieving the most significant benefits of this method:

  • Providing important information and "preparing" viewers. Many of today's Internet users are reluctant to make a choice if they haven't received enough information. Preland offers you the answer to this question.
  • The ability to eliminate uninvolved people, thereby increasing the efficiency of operations.
  • You can use Preland to hide the product you are selling, thereby circumventing any sanctions or restrictions on major social media sites, even when it comes to such a tricky and delicate vertical as gambling partnerships.

It is very important that the presentation format you choose is appropriate for your target market, the services provided, and any other relevant factors.

Disadvantages of pre-landing pages

Despite its advantages, a landing page site also has some disadvantages, just like any other marketing strategy:

  • There is a cost involved in creating a landing page.
  • If the page is poorly made or if the material included is of low quality, it will drive visitors away.
  • Using a preland adds another step to the marketing channel, thereby lengthening the path to the intended result.

If your goal is to become a partner in the gambling or betting industry, pre-listing will help you pass moderation on major platforms and promote products. Nevertheless, it requires a professional approach to the design, which implies an investment of time and money.

The difference between pre-landing and landing

To determine the difference between a pre-listing and a landing page, let's look at their design. A landing page is a web page with content that highlights the benefits of a product and also includes a direct call to action - making a purchase. Pre-listing is not meant to promote a specific product or service. In fact, it's a page with a story about how a particular product helped someone overcome a particular difficulty. The lack of direct advertising of the advertised product is the main difference between pre-landing and landing. There will be a link at the end of this article that will take you to the landing page.

Using prelanding in different verticals

In order for a landing page to be truly successful, you need to consider all the nuances of the industry you are dealing with. To give you an example, let's look at the prelands available in well-known industries such as bookmaking, gambling, performing arts, and others.


Online casinos are very popular nowadays. However, many people are hesitant to bet and risk their finances. To encourage users to take some action, you can create a simple page with a big jackpot and a link that leads them to the gaming site you're advertising. You can also create a story about how an ordinary guy won significant money at an online casino. Some webmasters go one step further, framing preloaders as credible news sources as well as surveys that direct visitors to the product being promoted.


Unlike gambling, success in sports and cybersports betting relies heavily on the risk-taker's ability to evaluate statistical information about the results of athletes and teams. For this reason, prelands in the form of web pages with tips and betting plans are regularly created. A closed chat room in Telegram, which is used for regular monetization, can also serve as a preland.


One way to illustrate the potential of a vertical gut preland could be a page that looks like a personal blog written by someone who has managed to lose a few pounds with some remedy or exercise. This page may contain "before" and "after" photos. Or it can mimic a news source detailing the transformation of a famous person who has dramatically changed for the better after using the advertised product. Either way, the page should tell a compelling story about how this particular product helped someone achieve real results.



When it comes to marketing the services and products provided by banks and microfinance institutions, a unique strategy must be used. Simply writing about a success story will not be enough to achieve the desired result. Skilled webmasters create pre-loan pages that contain features such as loan terms, tools to compare different loan options, calculators, and other elements that can prove extremely useful to potential savers and borrowers.


Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and etherium have shown tremendous growth in their value, which has attracted the attention of large investors and small users. The potential for increased funds being injected into the cryptocurrency market is a major factor that motivates many people, and should be emphasized in content designed for pre-landing. To further increase engagement, surveys can be used that ask users to predict whether the value of a digital asset will rise or fall.


The goal of pre-landing is to weed out untargeted traffic. Adalt requires "soft" images. That is, something soft and neutral, not aggressive.

For example: a soft image of a gorgeous girl and a button with a warning or age question. This is a classic preening for the vertical. After clicking on the button, the user goes to the target page of the offerer with "18+" content.


Creation of Pre-landing page

A variety of methods can be used to create a site:

  • This task should be outsourced to an outside professional.
  • Create a page using html/css plus javascript (if you know how to do web development).
  • Use a website builder or an existing platform like wordpress.
  • Get a ready-made landing page and customize its design and features.

Working with a trusted betting partner can give you a fully formed pre-load package without the cost and time.


Pre-landing may not be an effective means of increasing sales for all industries. It is especially beneficial for products that do not lend themselves well to direct advertising on large sites. In addition, it is not enough to create a page and direct users to it; you have to do analytics and a/b-testing to create a really working site.

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