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Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?

Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?



  1. What are proxies?
  2. What are proxies in arbitrage for?
  3. Why do I have to use a proxy?
  4. What proxies are there?
  5. What proxies are good for gambling?
  6. Where can I buy proxies?
  7. How to Use a Proxy?
  8. Conclusion

What are proxies?

A proxy server - a program or device - is something that allows you to access the Internet through another ip address. Each computer has its own ip address, which contains information about where it is and who is providing it with Internet services; a proxy server allows you to navigate the Internet under an alternate address.

Proxies are used to bypass bans that are based on a person's geographic location. There are a number of countries that restrict their citizens' access to certain web services. Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States fall into this category. A proxy hides and transmits the data a user needs to access a blocked website, including the location and ip address of their device.

Using a proxy server, the user can mimic the actions of different machines at the same time. This requires the use of multiple proxy servers.

What are proxies in arbitrage for?

Bypassing the antifraud system

Using facebook and google adwords, it is important to remember that one ip address can only be associated with one account. Otherwise, it won't be long before your profile is blocked. Moreover, if the same ip-address has already been blocked before, any subsequent violations will be detected much faster and, as a consequence, will lead to the suspension of your account. Both services maintain their own databases containing all blacklisted addresses.

Disguising your identity

Proxies are used also to hide your identity and not to show yourself anywhere. You can use the Internet without worrying about being tracked.


Any activity on the Internet requires the creation and operation of multiple accounts. A proxy gives each profile a special ip-address, which allows you to avoid suspicion of violation of the rules of use and protect yourself from being blocked.

For those who arbitrate traffic and want to get a good profit, there are many anti-detection browsers for which a proxy is a necessary component.

Why do I have to use a proxy?

It is not possible to work with any source of traffic without a proxy.

If you try this, your ip will soon be flagged and all connected accounts will be blocked. After that, you will not be able to initiate advertising or create and fund an account.

In addition, the lack of a proxy limits your choice of sites and regions to advertise, since you cannot change your location. The major ad networks won't let you advertise on their platform if you don't have the required region.

We advise you not to skimp on proxies and switch to paid dedicated resident servers. In the end, free proxies will only bring you inconvenience:

  • Ad networks usually blacklist free and general proxies, making it impossible to set up ads or create an account from them.
  • Slow speed. Free proxies can slow down progress considerably because they can be used by multiple users at the same time.
  • Risks can be avoided by using free proxies, but it is not as secure and can lead to your information being taken over by others using the same server.

What proxies are there?

We can explore many proxies, but we will look at the most common and used in traffic arbitrage.

Server proxies

Data centers, that is, networks based on optical links, cannot be used for affiliate marketing because any website can quickly figure out the origin of the user when checking the server;

There are different kinds of server proxies, including:

  • Shared. Ip addresses can be shared, which means that multiple users can use them at the same time. Unfortunately, this can lead to proxy blocking, since requests usually come from several people.
  • Private. You get access to ip addresses for a certain period of time that are used exclusively by you.
  • Public. These proxies, which can be found online for free, are not at all reliable because they can be shut down at any time due to the large number of people using them in their work. In addition, the data transmitted is not encrypted, which means it can easily be intercepted by anyone.
  • Dedicated. You can get the privilege of accessing ip addresses from the data center you use (e.g. Azure, aws, salesforce, equinix, oracle, digital realty, and so on). In addition, this class includes your own server architecture.

When it comes to server proxies, several different pricing models can be used. Renting an Ip address is one option, and traffic charges and charges per request are the other two. Evaluate your needs and choose the model that works best for you to get the most out of your server proxies.

Resident Proxies

Ip addresses associated with real gadgets come in two types. You can choose either wi-fi or mobile. Keep in mind, however, that not all residential proxies offer this choice.

Resident ip addresses are available as reverse-connected proxies. This type of proxy allows you to change your ip address multiple times during the day. It also provides an extra layer of protection and anonymity, making it difficult for sites to track your activity. In addition, it is not profitable for sites to block these types of ip addresses, as it will affect not only bots, but also ordinary users.

The main difference between mobile and resident proxies is that their ip addresses are fixed. Resident proxies permanently keep the same ip address, which cannot be changed.

Mobile Proxies

Acting as an intermediary between the user and the online world, mobile proxies are a combination of hardware and software. Through the gsm operator, these proxies facilitate the exchange of data by relaying requests from the user to the Internet through a mobile connection.

With this method of operation, all user requests directed to the internet will be routed through the cellular carrier using a mobile ip address. This will provide you with internet access and all its benefits when it comes to the wireless network of a gsm operator.

These intermediaries are considered the most reliable choice.


Given the peculiarities of mobile Internet, a mobile ip-address is a separate technical solution. With so many customers using online services, it is impossible to provide each of them with a static ip-address; besides, it is not financially feasible for a telecom company.

Instead of assigning separate ip-addresses to several subscribers, it is much more efficient to create one big pool and assign it to many users. Consequently, this means that one mobile ip-address can support hundreds or even thousands of mobile Internet subscribers at the same time. However, this requires certain changes in the mechanisms of banning and restricting access on large sites, such as facebook - otherwise blocking one mobile ip-address may result in thousands of people not being able to access the service.

Socks or HTTPS?

Websites and applications work with one of the protocols - socks 4 or 5, as well as https. Usually socks 5 is considered more private for two main reasons:

  1. Does not send HTTP headers, so it is almost impossible to trace the IP address.
  2. The newer protocol, respectively, uses new encryption methods.

So choose Socks. Generation 4 of the protocol is rarely sold anymore, most often you will find generation 5.

What proxies are good for gambling?

Since gambling is a niche that falls under the ban of Facebook, we need to arm ourselves with the most reliable proxies.

Server proxies (about which we told above) we will not consider, for gambling they are not reliable because they do not provide that level of masking that we need, they can be used only in the FB Tool.

For accounts, we recommend either taking mobile accounts with GEO for King (for example, Ukrainian), or resident accounts.

The best option would be to use mobile proxies.

Where can I buy proxies?

There are many different proxy services, you can google them or ask the chats about what other partners are using, but we can recommend the following stores:

An excellent and inexpensive proxy rental service, there are both general and resident proxies. They are great for autoregs and other unimportant accounts, but we advise to use more expensive and reliable proxies for accounts with more serious work.

A more serious store, if your budgets allow it, we recommend you to use it. Expensive and premium mobile proxies with payment for the traffic used.

A universal shop with a range of both mobile and general, relatively not expensive and popular store.

How to Use a Proxy?

Different anti-detect browsers have their own process of connecting to the proxy. We will consider how to connect mobile proxy to Dolphin Anty and if you use another browser you should see how to use it but as a rule the best antidetects are very clear and simple.

The proxies we bought look like this (other types of proxies look almost the same):

Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?, изображение №1

  • HTTP address and port (We do not use HTTP)
  • SOCKS5 address and port
  • Proxy login and password - Required to authorize your internet traffic. Almost always static but can be noticed.
  • Link to change your IP - Issued only with the purchase of a mobile proxy.

Before using it, it is recommended to use a proxy checker to make sure that the proxy works.

  1. Creating a new profile in Dolphin Anty

Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?, изображение №2

  1. Be sure to select Socks5 and enter in the first line of the "proxy" address, port, login, password in the format "address:port:login:password" as in the screenshot.
  2. Add a link to change the IP in the line "Change IP URL".
  3. Click on the button "Create" and our session is ready. Since we added the link to change the IP, we have a button to quickly change it.

Proxy for traffic arbitrage. Which ones are better?, изображение №3


There is also a button next to it which allows you to check the IP status. It is recommended to constantly check the IP status.


Unreliable proxies are one of the most common causes of gambling problems. We recommend to choose only the highest quality proxies and not to spare your money for such consumables.

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