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Where and which proxies are better to buy

Where and which proxies are better to buy

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  1. What are the best proxies
  2. Which ones are better to use
  3. Where to buy proxies
  4. Where to check proxies

What are the best proxies

Beginners may be confused about which proxies to buy because there are several types of proxies. We will consider each of them and choose the best one for your tasks.

HTTP, HTTPS and Socks

These are special protocols through which all traffic of used IP addresses passes.

HTTPS encrypts information during its transmission and is backed by a secure SSL certificate. HTTP proxies, on the contrary, only change the IP address, and that's where their advantages end. They are suitable for basic tasks where privacy is not an issue.

SOCKS is a data transfer protocol that is used in work where HTTP/HTTPS is not applicable or where there is no default support for such proxy protocols. Data is transmitted as it is, without encryption.

To connect to any proxy we recommend to choose only SOCKS5, this protocol is considered the most reliable.


These are IP addresses provided by real ISPs and belong to regular users. Because algorithms link them to real customers, services tend to place a lot of trust in them and are less likely to fail on trust. Proxies, are linked to a physical address, which allows you to bypass any blocking.

This is a good choice for those who can't afford mobile proxies. Not the cheapest option, but much more reliable than others. They are suitable for dealing with gambling traffic on Facebook, but less reliable than mobile proxies.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are known for their trustworthy addresses, it is the best option for handling traffic providing a crystal clear reputation on the internet. These proxies do not get blocked like resident proxies and every user's access is seen as outbound from a smartphone. Even if the webmaster is using a computer, the connection will still be seen as outbound from a mobile device.

Due to the constant growth of mobile traffic, social networks are favoring such proxies. The use of mobile devices is becoming more and more popular, and this kind of addresses are trusted by social networks more than computers. 

This is not only the best option, but also the most expensive. Their average price reaches 10$ per piece. If you want to be 100% sure in the quality of proxies, it is recommended to buy these.

Server, Public, Shared

These types of proxies are most often not applicable in affiliate marketing, they are not suitable for linking to accounts and are only suitable for other, less important tasks. We do not recommend to use them as most likely such proxies are already blacklisted and may even lead to data theft.

In brief, server proxies are proxies for which special data centers are allocated. Public proxies are proxies that are publicly available. Shared - a type of proxy that is used by 3, 5 or more people at once.

What are the best ones to use

Now that you have an idea of what proxies there are, it's time to answer the question, "Which ones should I buy to start driving traffic to you?".

The answer to this question will only be answered by your budget. If finances allow, we recommend using mobile proxies without hesitation, if not, then resident proxies. In the latter case, check them thoroughly before using them and be prepared for problems. We will tell you how to check proxies a little bit below.

Where to buy proxies

One of the most asked questions among newbies is "Where do I buy proxies?". Every webmasters uses their own stores and it is difficult to single out one particular one. We have compiled a small list of reliable services with different types of proxies. Let's consider expensive, reliable options and budget ones.

  • Resident and mobile;
  • Price: from $99 for 15GB (there is a trial traffic package).


Reliable proxy rental service. It has 24/7 chat support, trial version and more than 3 million addresses for almost all countries of the world.

Go to →

  • Resident, mobile and server;
  • Price: $3 for 1GB.


The largest database of all types of proxies in one place. Single price for all types with payment only for traffic. You can create unlimited number of IP addresses

Go to →

  • Resident, mobile and server;
  • Price: from 0.8$ per port per day


Tech support informs that proxy types are mixed - mostly resident proxies, but there are also mobile proxies. The currency of the service is called "credits". The minimum top-up amount is 10 credits, or $8. Tech support answers all questions. 

Go to →


  • Mobile, Server;
  • Price: $74.99/week, $149.99/month for mobile; $0.19/day, $0.75/week, $1.49/month for server.


In mobile proxies you pay per unit, not per traffic. The interval between IP changes is from 2 minutes to 12 hours or via API. The creators say resident proxies will be available soon. 

Go to LitPort →

LTE Socks

  • Mobile;
  • Price: from $40 weekly, from $145 monthly.


All GEOs have unlimited traffic. Exception - IP-addresses of Germany and Sweden for a day. Proxy speed is up to 25 Mbps. Support is responsive, answers all questions. 

Go to LTE Socks →


  • Server;
  • Price: from 3.60 ₽ per unit.


The service offers anonymous HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies. They are provided exclusively to one hand and are not public. The purchase is possible starting from one IP, so the affiliates can take exactly as many as he needs. 

Go to Proxy6 →


  • Servers;
  • Price: from $0.90$/5 days.


The service offers anonymous HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies. They are provided exclusively to one hand and are not public. The purchase is possible starting from one IP, so the affiliates can take as many as he needs. 

Go to Proxyline →

How to check a proxy

Imagine you have purchased a proxy server and you are not sure if it is reliable. All stores offer the same services, and it is difficult for a beginner to make a decision. Don't fall for the salesmen's tempting stories, take control of the situation.

When choosing a proxy server, you should evaluate it by three main criteria: speed, anonymity and presence in public blacklists. Services that allow you to quickly solve this task can help.

  1. Conduct session setup in an anti-detection browser.
  2. Using the Fake Vision tool and run an advanced test. It will show you the results of your anonymity and IP quality.
  3. The next step is to check the speed of your proxies via It is better to favor servers with a green indicator.


If the proxy server you have purchased has passed the quality check, you can safely purchase it in any quantity you need. If you want, you can buy proxies from different services in order to be able to test and secure yourself.

Using proxies for Facebook affiliate marketing, is an important point. Bad IP is one of the most common mistakes that leads to bans in working with traffic. It is better not to save money and buy the best quality proxies.

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