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As the digital age progresses, affiliate programs are increasingly becoming a popular way for businesses to expand their reach. One such program that has gained attention in the online gaming industry is Samurai Partners. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key aspects of this affiliate program, including its commission structure, the brands it promotes, and its payment methods.


Introduction to Samurai Partners

Samurai Partners is a notable affiliate program in the online gaming industry, responsible for marketing several online casinos. This program operates under the jurisdiction of Curacao and primarily caters to English-speaking affiliates. Its engaging theme, coupled with its attractive features, makes it a compelling choice for webmasters and marketers in the online gaming space.

What Sets Samurai Partners Apart

What makes Samurai Partners stand out is its commitment to providing its affiliates with a fresh and exciting theme that harks back to feudal Japan. This unique theme, combined with a responsive and intuitive platform, makes it easy for marketers to navigate through the program.

The Brands Associated with Samurai Partners

Samurai Partners is associated with several well-known online casinos, including Spin Samurai Casino, Casiqo Casino, and Wildfortune Casino. These casinos are known for offering a great variety of games to their customers, ranging from slots and poker to baccarat and bingo. All games can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile devices, enhancing the user experience.

Commission Structure

Samurai Partners offers a revenue-sharing plan that ranges from 20% to 35%. The commission is calculated based on the amount of First Time Deposits (FTD) referred by the partner. The commission tiers are as follows:

  • 0 - 15 FTD: 20% RevShare
  • 15 - 25 FTD: 30% RevShare
  • +25 FTD: 35% RevShare

This structure provides a clear and motivating pathway for affiliates to increase their earnings as they bring in more players.

CPA and Hybrid Deals

In addition to the revenue-sharing plan, Samurai Partners also offers Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deals and hybrid models. These alternative commission plans allow affiliates to choose the method that best suits their preferences and business model. To apply for these plans, affiliates need to discuss the terms and conditions with their account manager.


Samurai Partners offers a sub-affiliation program, encouraging affiliates to refer other individuals to the program. For every referral, the affiliate earns a 5% commission on the referral's commissions, providing an additional income stream.

No Negative Carryover

One of the appealing aspects of Samurai Partners is its no negative carryover policy. This means that any negative earnings at the end of the month are wiped clean, preventing affiliates from starting the new month in a deficit.

Payment Details

Payments are calculated monthly and typically paid out on the first day of the following month. Samurai Partners offers multiple payment methods, including Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Wire Transfer. The minimum payment threshold is €100 for e-wallets and €300 for bank transfers. Please note that an administration fee applies to all withdrawals.

Software Utilization

Samurai Partners employs the use of NetRefer affiliate software. This software allows affiliates to access their accounts, track their marketing campaigns, monitor referred players, and view their earned commissions.

Marketing Tools and Banners

To aid in successful marketing campaigns, Samurai Partners provides its affiliates with diverse tools such as links, banners, and graphic materials. These resources can be effectively used on affiliates' websites to attract and retain players.

Target Markets and Excluded Countries

Despite Samurai Partners' international reach, certain regions are excluded from its program. These include Spain, France, Israel, Italy, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. Affiliates should familiarize themselves with this list before joining the program.


In conclusion, Samurai Partners offers a compelling affiliate program for those interested in the online gaming industry. Its unique theme, flexible commission structure, quick payments, and access to useful tools make it an attractive option for both new and experienced affiliates. However, as with any business venture, affiliates should carefully review the program's terms and conditions before signing up.


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