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SEO traffic in gambling: how to work in 2023

SEO traffic in gambling: how to work in 2023

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SEO gambling traffic has become one of the top trends of 2023. This type of traffic differs from purchased traffic in that the user searches for a product or service on their own, rather than being influenced by advertising. In this article we will consider the main aspects of working with SEO-traffic in gambling, learn how to create a site, what costs are necessary for its development and how to increase income from SEO-traffic.

The main groups of sites in gambling

In gambling, all sites working on SEO-traffic can be divided into several groups, each of which has its own features and advantages.

1. general thematic review sites

These are sites that present reviews of several casinos, allowing the user to choose a suitable option for him. Such sites are popular with users, as they offer a wide range of choices and information about different casinos.

2. Mono-branded sites

These are sites dedicated to a specific casino brand. On such sites, webmasters create "mirrors" of the original casino, offering the user the opportunity to play on them. However, not all affiliate programs have a positive attitude to such traffic, as the user may be misled.

3. themed sites

These are sites that focus on a specific game or slot. For example, such sites may be dedicated to the Aviator game. Such sites attract a targeted audience that is interested in a particular game or slot.

The main costs and pros of SEO

When dealing with SEO traffic in gambling, the main costs are related to content, links and other expenses.


Content is a key element of successful SEO traffic. To fill a website, you need to create articles that will attract users. You can save money on content by writing articles yourself or translating articles from other languages. However, it is important to keep an eye on the uniqueness of the content.

Links are an important element of site promotion and increase its trust rating in the eyes of search engines. There are several types of links, such as outreach links, crowd links, social media links, through links and redirects. Each type of links has its own characteristics and affects the promotion of the website.

Other costs

In addition to content and links, there are other costs such as site translation, customization, design and other auxiliary work. In the initial stage, the webmaster can perform these works independently, but with time it is better to delegate them to other specialists.

Indirect costs

Indirect costs include the cost of domain, hosting, dedicated server, vpn with no speed limit, website template and Wordpress. The cost of these expenses can vary depending on your specific needs and the competitiveness of the chosen GEO.

Pros of SEO traffic in gambling

SEO traffic has several advantages that make it attractive to webmasters in gambling.

1. Website as an asset

A website powered by SEO traffic is an asset that will continuously attract traffic and gain the trust of search engines. Unlike other traffic sources, SEO is suitable for generating passive income.

2. Opportunity to earn outside the top

To work with SEO-traffic does not have to be in the top of search queries. The site can be far from the first positions, but still bring significant income.

3. Diversity of platforms

SEO traffic is not limited to websites. Webmasters can work with YouTube or relevant social networks such as Telegram or YouTube. Creating review channels or channels with shorts is a popular approach in gambling.

SEO traffic in gambling: the trend of 2023

At ZM CONF 6 Alex SEO Nomad shared some tricks on how to promote gambling sites using SEO traffic. Here are some of them:

  • The importance of a team of experts

To be successful with SEO traffic, you need a team consisting of analytics, development, and copywriting experts. Each of them plays an important role in optimizing and promoting the website.

  • The importance of quality content

In 2023, the importance of quality content is of particular importance. Texts should be unique, informative and meet the requirements of search engines. It is important to use synonyms, avoid duplication of information and create articles that will be of interest to users.

  • Collection of semantic kernel

To attract a solvent audience, it is necessary to properly collect a semantic kernel. This will allow you to select keywords with optimal frequency, taking into account the competitiveness and needs of users.

  • Working with advertisers

It is important to take into account the peculiarities of working with advertisers. Some of them may not approve branded traffic, so it is important to agree on this in advance. Bypassing original sites and creating better content will attract their organic traffic.

  • Internal advertising

One way to increase SEO revenue from gambling traffic is to utilize native advertising. This allows you to monetize your traffic and increase your revenue.


SEO traffic in gambling is the real trend of 2023. Dealing with this type of traffic requires certain costs such as content, links and other expenses. However, SEO traffic provides an opportunity to generate a stable and passive income. Working with gambling sites on SEO traffic requires a team of specialists, quality content and proper selection of keywords. Observance of all these aspects will allow you to attract a solvent audience and increase income from SEO-traffic in gambling.

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