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Scam in affiliate marketing: How not to get caught? Introduction

Scam in affiliate marketing: How not to get caught? Introduction

Affiliate marketing even despite its not so century old experience has become a worthy participant of internet marketing. But beginners who plan to professionally engage in Affiliate marketing operations often imagine that this is just a "gray" area where a lot of scams are found.

Scam in the Affiliate marketing industry still exists today. It is not as popular as it was 20 years ago, when affiliates and scammers were at roughly the same level. Nevertheless, there are still many representatives of this unattractive profession who harm advertisers and affiliates themselves, as well as scare newcomers away from Affiliate marketing.

In this review, we will look at the different types of modern scam in Affiliate marketing, as well as find out how difficult it is to identify a certain type of scam, how much damage it can cause and how popular it is.

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What type of scam there is

Affiliate marketing is not a scam, but a perfectly legitimate way to make money online.

Let's start with the question newbies ask: is Affiliate marketing a scam? Of course it isn't. It has recognition in marketing and allows you to transfer advertising rights to others, outsourcing. However, there are no rules, obligations or goals for the affiliates. He may bring in one or a thousand customers, or he may bring in none. There will be no agreements, the number of leads will reflect his reward. Thus, Affiliate marketing is a simple form of cooperation - if you bring in a customer, fine, and if you don't, another will.

What is the reason why scamming is so tightly associated with affiliate programs? Two reasons can be given for this attitude. The first is that scammers are to be expected in this field where big money is at play. Also, since affiliate relationships are virtually unregulated, the "onboarding" process is fairly easy. This was the case until advertisers started installing a whole host of filters to screen traffic.

Note that many verticals in Affiliate marketing are "gray". That is, they are allowed on some sites, but illegal on most popular ones. It is necessary to carefully distinguish between "gray" and "black" verticals.

On sites where these niches are prohibited, they are in a state of "gray zone". For example, in TikTok it is forbidden to promote gutro, gambling and adalt. However, in most countries, these areas are not subject to a ban. Therefore, people can use the services of licensed casinos and proven effective drugs if they wish. And adalt is a widespread niche, and the products of this sphere are used by people all over the world, but only on specialized resources.

The means of drugs, child pornography, and the use of knowingly harmful substances are not allowed almost anywhere except on the Darknet. These areas cause contradictions with laws that are approved in many countries, and therefore they stand outside the law.

Despite the fact that using "gray" niches on sites where they are prohibited is scamming, the site will still be displeased and will ban the ad campaign. We do not consider this type of fraud in our review, because it does not harm our readers, and among affiliates is quite common. However, a real scam can cause some harm and we need to be prepared for it.

Robotic traffic

Creating bots to participate in offers is considered an illegal practice.

Let's start with the most common phenomenon - with TOP 1. Bot offerers were popular in the black market already 20 years ago. It was enough to send fairly simple bots that could only register, without a passed captcha.

Fortunately, anti-plagiarism systems have improved a lot. Modern bots can defeat captcha type checking and address verification without any problems, but the behavioral factor is more complicated. For people after registration or other targeted activity, the flow of traffic is not established, and they do not buy the product. Even if the bots are technically advanced, they don't have the money to buy the product.

Therefore, analyzing the traffic coming from the affiliates in terms of duration of 10,14,20, 28 days gives the opportunity to detect undesirable processes. For example, if he brought a thousand clients, but sales from them were only 2-3 pieces, and it does not correspond to pure traffic of bots and real people, the moderator can easily check the correctness of the data and, in case of invalidity, cancel payments.

  • Who will suffer? Advertisers, in rare cases arbs, if they use unreliable and suspicious sources and exchanges that organize the distribution of bots in the advertising campaign;
  • What are the consequences? Without prior security measures, the damage that can be done will be very significant. But a simple blocking helps to avoid problems almost completely. However, some number of bots are always present. But the harm caused by them is negligible;
  • How to recognize? Using technical means - it is done difficult. But even a non-professional analysis of the behavioral factor will help to recognize bots, so it is easy to do;
  • What is the prevalence rate? Very high. Not only do not all arbs realize that bots practically do not work in the modern world, but they actively teach their truth to "young padawans", offering them wrong ways to earn money and fraudulent practices. Therefore, all of them

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The presence of the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. It has allowed people to interact with each other in ways previously unimaginable. This revolutionary technology has made it possible to create online communities and share ideas on a global scale. Thanks to the Internet, communication can take place in real time and span the globe. This unprecedented level of connectivity has allowed people to collaborate on projects, share knowledge and engage in meaningful dialog.

Fraudulent activity

Frodom refers to any type of fraud that involves bot traffic. It is mainly used for affiliate programs and expresses specific types of fake traffic. Such as motivated and fraudulent. Previously, this type of traffic was quite thriving and is still used for offers where there is no immediate purchase. For example, when promoting an app where the user donates only after reaching a certain level of the game. However, it fails after a few payouts.

The two types of motivated traffic are paid and free. The first one is much more dangerous, because there have always been people online who want to "earn just". They don't even have to study or learn anything, but simply sign up for apps and fill out surveys. When the acquired "hamsters" realize that the scammer is paying them a few pennies (if at all), they immediately abort. But these are typical aspects of phrod, high turnover of performers and offers banning after the first transaction.

  • Who bears most of the losses? In most cases, it's the advertisers;
  • What can the damage be? For some offers that do not provide an immediate sale and have poorly developed traffic analytics, the damage can be significant. But in most cases it is average;
  • How easy is it to identify instances of frod? It is more difficult than detecting bots. However, simple analytical methods give a reasonably good result in most cases. It may be necessary to use a hold for identifying frod above the standard, about 24 days;
  • What is the prevalence rate of phrod? Compared to last year, the current level is low.

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False cookies are a form of deception that can be used to gain access to a user's account or system. They are created by an attacker and presented to the user as legitimate credentials to gain access to their data or system. The attacker's goal is to use the false cookies to gain access to sensitive information or resources.

Deceptive cookies are also a scam

Affiliate cookies allow you to solidify a user's identity and expose them to earned rewards. However, some sites may add additional information to the cookie without the user's knowledge. As a result, the affiliate may falsely identify the customer as a scammer.

In the practice, the scammer creates sites with random content and makes visitors get extra in cookies for the offers. He doesn't study the audience's preferences, so he doesn't know what they will use. However, by creating many such sites, the scammer uses the method of accumulating the number of offers.

After a week, the user visits an online store, buys a vacuum cleaner, and the seller pays a percentage to the fraudster. No one suspects that someone did not get paid. Perhaps it's just a switch from type in, and the company is paying for their customer.

  • Who it might hurt. Product and service sellers and affiliates;
  • How big the damage is. Due to the low number of substituted goods in general, the damage is not great;
  • Is it simple enough to determine. Without additional technical defense tools and services, this will be difficult;
  • How widespread the scheme is. Not enough, as it is not easy to pick the right customer, so the scheme itself is not particularly profitable.

The world of technology has seen a dramatic leap in development over the past few decades. Over the past few years, the world of technology has seen a dramatic leap in the level of development. This is largely due to the constant introduction of new developments and ideas. Innovation has been the driving force behind the rapid progress as more and more people around the world have the opportunity to create and share their ideas. This has led to unprecedented growth rates in the industry.

The use of technology has fundamentally changed the way organizations operate. It has reduced costs and increased efficiency, simplified tasks and customer interactions. Technology has revolutionized the way businesses do business, giving them the ability to expand their reach and increase the number of customers.

URL hijacking

URL hijacking is akin to cookie spoofing

Compared to before, scammers now target their victims in a targeted manner. They create fake versions of services, stores, or other advertisers' projects in hopes of hijacking people who have made a mistake in the type-in or SERP. In such a case, the search engine will show the fake site as more relevant than the original one, as a person may confuse the spelling of a name, for example, Maria and Mraia.

When a user goes to the fake site, he will be automatically redirected to the original resource, where he can continue shopping. In this way, the scammer is rewarded for the traffic he attracted.

Thus, it seems attractive to apply the scheme, but when checking any competent search engine checks the reputation of the site, the number of unique users and behavioral factor, screening out unreliable results in the search engine. It follows that you can only hope for a mistake when entering a query, but even then, large companies always have purchased in advance similar domain names.

  • Who could be the victim? Probably the company creating the duplicate;
  • What is the level of consequences? Minimal damage that can be overpaid to one particular agent;
  • How difficult is it to identify? It is very difficult to make a detection that the traffic is fake because the customer is behaving normally, buying products and browsing;
  • What is the level of prevalence? Low, due to low effectiveness.

In recent years, the use of technology in the classroom has become more and more common. Today, it is not uncommon to see technology integrated into the learning environment from elementary school to university. With the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones, students and teachers have access to a plethora of resources that can enhance and expand their educational experience.

Over time, the use of technology in the educational environment has become more and more prevalent. From elementary school to university, technology is being used more and more in the classroom. With computers, tablets, and smartphones, students and teachers can access a multitude of resources that can enhance their educational experience.

The use of technology has become an integral part of our lives, and we rely on it more and more for everyday tasks. This reliance grows as technology advances, making it an integral part of our lives. We turn to technology for almost everything from entertainment to finding information to conducting business. The ubiquity of technology has made it an integral part of our lives.

Improbable courses, trainings, associations and strategies

And basically already these scammers are causing arb problems. And they represent a special group - either beginners or those who intend to engage professionally in the near future.

There is a lot of free material on Affiliate marketing and internet marketing on the net. For example, project blogs, YouTube channels, specialized sites with information bases and even free courses. If you want more expensive materials, however, we recommend that you purchase books on Amazon at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, people still fall for scammer offers, which can be either paid compilations of free materials or, even worse, unsupported stuff. To distinguish such a project is quite simple: you need to look closely at the authority of the resource, look at the reviews (if you can, assess their reliability), look at free tutorials and demos (if there are none, it's a bad sign).

Golden mountains for super-easy work, which miracle courses promise, do not give an exceptionally positive result. They often offer to do simple tasks such as building websites, posting ads on social media and creating RKs. However, in order for this to produce good results and a flow of money, you need to have professional knowledge in Affiliate marketing. However, many people still buy such courses, which cost between 300 and 1000 dollars, despite the fact that they contain superficial and disordered information. The downside of this position is that subscribers of infleuners with millions of accounts rely on their advice, even if they have previously dabbled in dancing or game reviews.

You can get access to secret bundles that can make you a lot of money with a 25% conversion rate for a reasonable $100-200. However, the practice of selling such bundles begs the question: why would an arb share their secrets? To get access to competent bundles without losing resources, you can use reliable spy-services, reviewing other people's RCs to assess effectiveness. For a couple dozen dollars a month, you can have access to a global base.

  • Who may need help. Beginning arbs and those who wish to become them;
  • Potential losses. Huge, and it is not uncommon for beginners to simply spend their budget on these unreliable courses;
  • The difficulty in distinguishing the genuine from the fake. For those with knowledge and intelligence, no, but careless actions should be avoided;
  • Prevalence. High, and frustratingly, it is only increasing. Learning has become fashionable, especially for those who have no skills.

The impact of technology on our lives is undeniable. They have revolutionized our lives and brought about a lot of changes and advancements. From the way we communicate to the way we get around, technology has played a role in making our lives easier and more efficient.

The way to avoid plagiarism is to change the structure of the text without changing the meaning or context. This can be done by using a different vocabulary or rearranging the sentence structure.

Offers for money

Usually, in order to join an affiliate program or sell an offerer on a scam site, you need to make a significant amount of money in the form of a contribution. Before reaching the threshold of $500, you will not be given the opportunity to cooperate. Thus, the administration is trying to protect itself from your scam and guarantees the return of investment after the first payment.

There is no way to return the spoiler. Marketers should not make a monetary contribution to the offerer, as the income is built by customers, not them. In addition, the hold is already a full-fledged security, so additional financial guarantees are not required.

In such affiliates, the fee for accessing their collection of offers is usually symbolic, which saves you time. However, paying money to promote an offerer seems a bit odd. This is not buying a franchise where you are entitled to a profit. In this case, you remain a salaried employee who additionally has to pay.

  • Who gets hurt by affiliates? The average level of damage;
  • How easy is it to recognize? Easy enough, if the advertiser demands payment, stop cooperating with him;
  • How widespread is this process? The level of prevalence is below average, but there is a tendency for it to spread in the sphere.

Creating a website requires a lot of labor and effort. Creating a website involves a wide range of tasks, from designing the layout to coding it, and each stage requires a significant investment of time and effort. You need to plan ahead and carefully consider how the site will be organized, what it should contain and how it should function. In addition, the content must be well-written and optimized for both search engines and users. Finally, the site needs to be tested and updated regularly to make sure it is working as it should. All of these steps are crucial to the success of the site.

One way to avoid plagiarism is to change the structure of the text without changing its original meaning and context. This can be accomplished by rephrasing sentences and using different vocabulary, as well as changing the order of words and sentences. Ultimately, the goal is to create an entirely new piece of writing that conveys the same message.


There is no doubt that a great variety of forms of scam are present. And their variety will continue to grow, with more and more new scam schemes emerging to undermine businesses. All affiliates and advertisers need to be informed enough to avoid losing profits. The only solution is to keep your finger on the pulse. We will endeavor to notify you of any news that emerges that could lead to loss of revenue.

The concept of "plagiarism" implies using someone else's work without citing its merits. This is a very serious offense that can be punishable in court. To avoid this, it is necessary to ensure that the borrowed work is properly cited and referenced with attribution. Failure to do so constitutes copyright infringement and can lead to serious consequences.

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