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How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

Registration in the affiliate network

Affiliate marketing is the acquisition of web traffic from one source and its subsequent resale at a profit in another market.

Getting and exchanging web traffic is commonly referred to as buying and trading transitions: if guests visit your page, you buy web traffic, if from your site to other sites, you sell it. You can organize transitions without having your own site: from different sites, the owners of which you pay a fee, get access to the landing page, the owner of which pays you. This is affiliate marketing.

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing?

There are no wages in this form of employment. The arbitrator receives the difference between the cost of buying and selling.

An illustration of affiliate marketing: an affiliates bought 100 clicks for 2,000 roubles. If he finds an advertiser willing to pay 50 rubles per click, his income will be 3,000 rubles (+150%). If the advertiser pays 10 rubles per click, the income from traffic arbitrage will amount to 8,000 rubles (+800%). However, if the clicks will be realized only at 10 rubles, it will lead to the loss of half of the invested funds.

The final gain from affiliate marketing depends on three factors:

  1. The number of simultaneously launched advertising campaigns. Usually those who want to affiliate marketing take several offers at once and work with them in parallel.
  2. Profitability of each individual campaign (for example, +50% or +5%).
  3. The amount of money invested in each campaign.

As a rule, it is impossible to predict in advance how much traffic a particular campaign will bring. Nevertheless, experienced affiliates familiar with the process of buying and selling traffic for affiliate marketing can use the results of this campaign as a benchmark.

It can be assumed that the profit from trading can be limitless, experienced traders can earn from 50-100 thousand rubles per month and more. But to achieve such figures, it is recommended to start with smaller amounts.

How to find an affiliate program

Usually, affiliate marketing, which requires no investment, does not imply that the advertiser has to look for an affiliates or webmaster to place ads on his site. For this purpose, special services known as affiliate programs and networks are usually used.

By registering in such a program, the arbitrator immediately sees:

  1. Offers (offers) from advertisers. For example, one is ready to pay 10 rubles per visitor, another - 15 rubles.
  2. Offers from webmasters (site owners). Similarly: one offers traffic at 5 rubles per click, the second at 7, the third at 10 rubles.

By joining this system, the arbitrator can save a lot of time to find both buyers and sellers of traffic. In fact, the process of making money on affiliate marketing is reduced to finding suitable buyers and sellers, and then to organize the exchange between them. To do this, you need to take the link provided by the advertiser, create several ads based on it and offer their placement to site owners as well as other sites.

Having a reliable affiliate program is very important for an affiliates, as it not only saves his time, but also protects him from possible fraudulent actions on the part of both the buyer and the seller of traffic.

An advertiser may claim that the clicks he received are of low value and do not generate income, so he does not want to pay. Moreover, in reality, he could receive 1000 clicks but present a false graph showing only 500. Moreover, the traffic seller can "lure" non-existent clicks and take more money.

An effective affiliate program ensures safety in this area. As an example, Directadvert is a company that is part of the teaser network. As a third party, it mediates between the affiliates, the webmaster and the advertiser. Thus, everyone gets their fair reward, as none of them has a motive for dishonesty - 10 clicks bring 10 sets of payment. In addition, it is possible to track statistics to get a real idea of the success of the advertising campaign.

Choosing the right offer

Thinking about what offer to choose from the advertiser, you should not base your decision only on the cost of a click. It is necessary to evaluate everything in a complex, taking into account:

  1. The popularity of the product or service. One thing - cheap smartphones, another - production equipment.
  2. The cost of the product or service should not be excessively higher than the typical cost of the market. For example, most financial institutions provide a loan at 7-8% per annum, but the site offers a loan at 15%.
  3. The appearance of the site that requires conversions. The speed of loading of this site.

It is advisable to study the effectiveness of the registration button, if the reward is given not just for clicks, but for the fulfillment of a certain goal (for example, subscription to a mailing list). The amount of money that a person is willing to invest in an advertising campaign should correspond to the effort spent on studying all aspects of this offer.

Experienced professionals familiar with the intricacies of affiliate marketing usually do not accept all offers indiscriminately, but choose those that fit certain categories, such as gut. This is because they have the know-how to adapt their campaigns to such offers and know where to get the right audience for them. Thus, when engaging in traffic arbitrage, it is wise to choose one or more areas to limit your work exclusively to them.

Where to find available traffic?

Potential sources can include social media, emails, and web pages that have banner ads.

When choosing a source, it is useful to keep the following in mind:

  1. Social media advertising can be a powerful tool, but in most cases it is costly. This presents a major obstacle for those who are affiliates.
  2. Before ordering flag advertising on a website, it is advisable to fully investigate it: what is the number of visitors for the last day/week/month; who these people are (gender, age, origin of visits). If the owner of the site refuses to provide such data, then, most likely, it is better not to cooperate with him.
  3. Personalizing ads for the target audience is a necessity when it comes to contextual advertising. Working with search engines also means that you should strive to outrank everyone else who wants to take the top spots for relevant queries.
  4. Adverts that cost just pennies per click usually have high conversion rates, but they are not suitable for marketing rare or exorbitantly expensive goods and services (such as cars).

Beginning affiliate traders often run teaser promotions as it is low cost and helps to gain initial experience and income even with minimal capital.

How do you create an effective ad?

It is very important to know the rules of the site or platform where you are going to place your ad. This applies to what content is allowed (for example, VKontakte may restrict advertising of certain products) and the format (for example, text size and image resolution).

Of course, it's worth the effort to make the ad look attractive to anyone who looks at it. The image should be bright, clear, and evoke feelings. The text should be brief but informative: in a few words you should summarize the essence of your offer.

If you decide to use teaser ads, it is important that it creates intrigue. For example, hint at a simple and effective way to lose weight without naming it. This will attract people who are interested in learning more, and thus fulfill the conditions of the affiliate marketing offer - they will be directed to the target site.

How to competently set up an advertising campaign?

Once you have registered on a affiliate marketing platform and selected a suitable offer, it is time to compose several ads. It is best if each of them will be different from the others so that you can determine which ones are the most successful.

It is advisable to divide the entire budget between these ads. As a rule, the arbitrator applies both conventional (known to him) and experimental variants at the same time. For new experiments, a small part of the budget is allocated to evaluate their effectiveness.

After the initial clicks are registered, the effectiveness of different ads can be compared. If any of them turns out to be insufficient, an experienced affiliates will quickly turn it off so as not to waste funds.

One of the key points in achieving success is the choice of a suitable affiliate network. As an example, the company Directadvert, which, having 30 thousand partners, guarantees you both attracting customers and visits to the site.


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