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Scheme traffic in affiliate marketing

Scheme traffic in affiliate marketing

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Scheme affiliate marketing has been attracting the attention of webmasters and Internet marketing specialists for quite a long time. There are questions about its relevance and effectiveness nowadays. In this article we will consider what is schema traffic, how it works and whether it is possible to earn on it.

What is schema traffic?

Scheme traffic is one of the ways to drain traffic in gambling. It consists in attracting users by offering them to use pre-prepared strategies to beat the casino. Usually such schemes are provided by affiliate networks to motivate users to make a deposit in the casino. The main purpose of scheme traffic is to attract gullible people looking for a quick buck on the Internet.

It should be noted that schema traffic is considered as a type of motivated traffic and is not accepted on all offers. To understand how schema traffic works, let's consider an example:

A webmaster creates a media platform dedicated to a fictional character who lives a successful and rich life. In the course of time, this character starts sharing information about how he manages to earn huge amounts of money with the help of casinos. He tells about the "secret" schemes that will help everyone to become rich. In parallel, the webmaster attracts traffic from various sources to his media platform. Interested leads believe in the hero's story and want to make quick money with the help of these "secret" schemes. They make a deposit at the casino, which generates profits for the webmaster.

Advantages and disadvantages of scheme traffic

Scheme traffic has its own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when working with it.

Advantages of schema traffic:

  1. High conversion rate: Scheme traffic targets gullible people who are looking for a quick buck. They are willing to make a deposit at the casino or do other actions to get the expected profit.
  2. Relatively low cost: Scheme traffic does not require a large investment, especially when using low-competition Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries.
  3. High revenue potential: If you set up your sales funnel correctly and attract a targeted audience, schema traffic can generate significant revenue.

Disadvantages of schema traffic:

  1. Limited Offers: Not all advertisers accept schema traffic, so the choice of offers may be limited.
  2. Risk of account blocking: The use of schema traffic may violate the rules of affiliate programs and lead to account blocking.
  3. Questionable reputation: Scheme traffic has a negative reputation in the industry because it is based on deceiving the user.

How to make money from scheming traffic

To work successfully with schema traffic, you should keep the following recommendations in mind:

  1. Study the requirements of affiliate programs: Before you start working with schema traffic, read the terms and conditions of offers and requirements of affiliate programs. Make sure that the chosen offerer accepts this type of traffic.
  2. Create a quality media platform: To attract the trust of your target audience, create a quality media platform where you will share information about "secret" schemes.
  3. Attract traffic from a variety of sources: Diversify your traffic sources to achieve greater audience reach. Utilize social media, blogs, forums and other platforms to attract interested users.
  4. Optimize your sales funnel: Monitor the effectiveness of your sales funnel and optimize it to increase conversions and revenue.
  5. Keep an eye on industry changes: Since schema traffic has a dubious reputation and is prone to changes in regulations, it is important to keep an eye on industry news and updates to adapt to advertisers' requirements.


Schema traffic in affiliate marketing is one way of attracting users to merge traffic in gambling and other niches. It has its advantages and disadvantages, and for successful work with it you need to take into account the requirements of affiliate programs and create a quality media platform. It is important to remember that this model of attracting traffic is based on deceiving users and can have negative consequences for reputation and account blocking. However, with the right approach and optimization of the sales funnel, schema traffic can be an effective tool for making money in affiliate marketing.

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