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Threads: New social network for affiliate marketing

Threads: New social network for affiliate marketing

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What is Threads?

Threads is a social network based on a short text message format. Here, users can publish their posts, attach photos and other media to them, and reply and like other users' posts. It is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS. Threads can be seen as an analog to Meta's Twitter. However, it was created in response to the heckling towards Ilon Musk and his innovations on Twitter, which resulted in a drag on Threads' audience.

Threads Audience

Threads is integrated with Instagram, so when users sign up, they can link their Instagram account and transfer their data and followers. The majority of Threads' audience are users from the US and Europe. They are mostly former Twitter users who are looking for similar textual content. Therefore, content related to humor, user stories and short texts will be most relevant and appealing to Threads' audience.

Threads functionality and features

The functionality of Threads is basically similar to Twitter, but without the use of hashtags. Users can post messages up to 500 characters in length and attach up to 10 photos, animations or videos lasting no more than 5 minutes. Users can also reply to posts, give likes, and share other people's posts on their profile. Threads also offers a smart feed that picks up content from users who have an Instagram and Threads account subscribed to. Likes, quotes, and reposts influence what content a user will see. But you can't hide publishers or filter content.

Advertising opportunities in Threads

Threads provides native advertising opportunities. This means that you can attract traffic through creating compelling content that is relevant to the interests and preferences of the Threads audience. It is important to create quality content that will catch the attention of users and gain their trust. You can also comment on other users' posts to draw attention to your account.

Technical aspects of Threads

Currently, the Threads app is only available on the AppStore, but an Android version will come later. When you sign up for an account with Threads, you can add a profile description, photo, and external links. This will help drive traffic to your account. To successfully use Threads, it is recommended to create an account in a brand format, analyze and adapt your communication style based on big brand accounts. Threads audience interest may decrease over time, so it is recommended not to build long-term strategies and take into account negative dynamics.


Threads is a new social network that can be useful for affiliate marketing. It offers opportunities for native advertising and attracting traffic through quality content creation. Threads is integrated with Instagram, so it will primarily show content to those who are already subscribed to the author on Instagram. Use this opportunity to engage your audience and expand your audience. However, keep in mind the technical aspects and negative dynamics that can affect the results of using Threads. Try using this social network and evaluate its potential for your business or affiliate marketing.

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