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What is Tier in affiliate marketing: Tier 1 Countries

What is Tier in affiliate marketing: Tier 1 Countries

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The countries of the world are usually divided into several levels or tiers (tiers). The first tier includes the most developed countries that are attractive to advertisers, and the third tier includes countries in the stage of economic development.

The division is based on:

  • level of economic development,
  • buyers' ability to pay,
  • their average income,
  • availability of various online payment methods.

It should be noted that there is no authoritative set of countries by which to determine which level they belong to. As a rule, their differentiation depends on the individual partner according to their personal experience. In addition, it is possible for a country to move from one group to another.

Tier 1 countries value

Tier-1s are the best crops for affiliate marketing, but there are challenges to working with them. This is where you can make the most profit, but it requires a larger investment in transportation costs.

At first, it is not difficult to make a good income in tier 1 countries: the rewards are quite high and the public is very affluent. This is the perfect place to start playing and gambling on RevShare or CC-Submit!

However, there is a significant caveat: citizens of these countries are hard to surprise. It is quite likely that they have already experienced everything you want to present to them. Moreover, they know how to turn off or ignore ads.

Tier 1 is an incredibly competitive sector for advertisers, so it's very difficult for newcomers to succeed because the most successful webmasters have already made the best deals and developed the best strategies.

Tier 1 countries are not only characterized by strong competition, but also, as a result, high rates. Traffic in these countries can cost 2-3 times more. Thus, it requires a significant initial budget from the affiliates.

  • Affiliates are drawn to tier one countries like moths to a flame, but only the most experienced traders can profit in these markets. If you are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, consider the second and third tier countries.

The legal aspects of advertising in these countries are much more stringent. Because of this, many techniques and approaches struggle to produce results due to the large number of restrictions and prohibitions in place.

There is a widespread belief that at Level 1, one can be fluent in English all over the world. This is only partially true. It is important to consider that in countries such as France and Germany, not everyone speaks English, and Canada has two official languages. If you're going to deploy a campaign in one of these GEOs, be sure to split-test in two languages and optimize it depending on which one produces the best results.

Personal information is highly valued in these locations, which means you can reap greater rewards from playing the sweepstakes than in other locations.

Tier 1 countries list

It was clear that the categorization of countries is based purely on subjective opinion. You may disagree with our list of Tier 1 countries, and understandably so. All we want to do is give you an understanding of the topic, not set any standards.

  • Australia,
  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Canada,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Italy,
  • Iceland,
  • Ireland,
  • Netherlands,
  • New Zealand,
  • Norway,
  • Spain,
  • Slovenia,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • Portugal,
  • Poland,
  • United Kingdom,
  • USA.

Top 10 countries in dash 1

In order to determine the top 10 richest countries from dash 1, we need to analyze the richest nations in the world. Which countries came out on top this year? According to a report by Global Finance, Luxembourg, Ireland, Singapore, Qatar, Switzerland, UAE, Norway, USA, Macau and Brunei made the list of the most prosperous nations in 2021.

This list may not exactly match our division, nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to.

Key characteristics of tier 1 countries

When considering tier 1 countries, an important factor is the size of the audience that can be reached. Although Luxembourg and Ireland are among the top 10 richest countries, their populations are small.

If you plan to roll out a deal in these smaller countries, consider that it may only attract a few people and consider what next steps you should take.


  • Paying audience;
  • Leaders in terms of payouts;
  • A lot of available offers; 
  • All payment methods available;
  • Excellent technology;
  • Wide range of traffic options. 

What else influences the choice of country for launching?

When webmasters decide which geo-zone to launch in, they consider not only the economic growth, the availability of different payment systems and the characteristics of the target audience, but also the amount of available traffic. This factor has a big impact on their possible profits.

It is useful to know how each ad network's traffic is typically distributed by the devices from which it comes. This can be helpful for those running mobile offers, especially if there is sufficient volume for the target region. It is wise to examine both desktop and mobile devices and tablets if the offer does not have a device-specific version.

It is clear that offer results may not be the same on desktop and mobile. Moreover, it is known that conversions are often more successful on desktops, despite the fact that there is less activity on desktops.

Features of traffic and its volumes in the Magic Click advertising network

The lion's share of traffic in Magic Click is mobile traffic - 80%, 15% is desktop traffic, and about 5% is tablet traffic. That said, there are geos on the network that are full of desktop traffic.

To make it clearer to you what features Magic Click traffic has, we have prepared a table for you.

Note that in the table you can see the top 15 countries by the number of impressions for different devices. For example, the USA ranks 7th in terms of mobile traffic and 1st in terms of computer traffic. And Brazil is in 3rd place both there and there, and the volumes are very good.

Interestingly, the top mobile traffic is made up of all Tier countries, but Tier 3 still has the advantage, while the most PC traffic comes from Tier 1 and 2 countries.


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