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The Best Tier One Countries for Affiliate Marketing

The Best Tier One Countries for Affiliate Marketing


Ever wonder where the big money is in traffic arbitrage? Look no further than tier one countries. These nations have high GDPs, strong economies, and populations with disposable income—all factors that translate into more valuable traffic. You're going to want to focus your efforts on the best of the best tier one countries to maximize your profits.

In this article, we'll break down the top tier one countries for traffic arbitrage. These are places where people have money to spend and are ready to whip out their credit cards to make purchases on the offers you're promoting. We'll look at factors like internet penetration, percentage of English speakers, and GDP per capita to determine which tier one countries should be at the top of your list. The opportunities in these nations are huge if you know how to take advantage of them. Ready to get started and see where you should be driving your traffic? Let's dive in.

What Are Tier One Countries and Why Do They Matter?

When it comes to traffic arbitrage, tier one countries are where the real opportunity lies.

  • These countries typically have a high cost of living, strong economies, and citizens with disposable income who are willing to spend money on products and services.

  • The major tier one countries are the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Western European countries like Germany, France, and Italy.

Why do tier one countries matter so much? There are a few key reasons:

  1. Higher Cost Per Click (CPCs): Advertising in tier one countries typically costs more, often significantly more, due to high demand and competition. This means that as an affiliate or advertiser, you can charge higher CPCs and make more money from your traffic and leads.

  2. Increased Conversion Rates: Citizens of tier one countries tend to have more trust in online businesses and are more willing to spend money on products and services they find online. This results in higher conversion rates, especially for digital products and ecommerce.

  3. Brand Power: Having a major presence and lots of traffic from tier one countries builds authority and credibility. It shows you can attract an audience in affluent, competitive markets. This brand power extends to all areas of your business.

In summary, tier one countries should be a key part of any successful traffic arbitrage strategy because of the earning potential and brand benefits. While emerging markets shouldn’t be ignored, the major economies of the world drive the highest quality traffic and revenue. If you want to build a serious business, you need to tap into that.

The UK: A Top Tier One Country for Affiliates

The UK should be at the top of your list for tier one countries to work with for affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage. Here are a few reasons why:

The UK has a very strong ecommerce market, with 77% of adults shopping online. Brits spend an average of over $3,500 USD online each year, so there's no shortage of potential sales and commissions for affiliates.

Internet usage in the UK is high at 96% of the population, and most people have access to high-speed broadband. This means your offers and promotions will load fast, and UK traffic tends to convert well.

English is the main language, so you can easily create content, ads, and offers that will resonate with users. There's no need to translate and localize like with some other markets.

Many large affiliate networks and advertisers operate in the UK, so you'll have plenty of offers and deals to choose from. Look for networks like Awin, CJ Affiliate, and Rakuten Marketing.

The UK has strict laws around data privacy and protection, so you can feel confident collecting and using user data and cookies according to UK laws and industry standards. Users will also tend to trust UK-based websites and offers.

In summary, the UK checks off all the boxes for a great tier one country to work with for affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage. Focus your efforts there, follow the rules, create amazing content and offers, and you'll be well on your way to success!

Canada: High Conversions and Commissions

Canada is a tier one country that should be at the top of your list for traffic arbitrage. Canadians have a high standard of living and disposable income, so they tend to spend more per visitor. They are also early tech adopters, so they are very familiar with affiliate marketing and receptive to offers.

High Conversions

Canadians have one of the highest conversion rates of any country. They are highly engaged visitors and more likely to make a purchase once they click on an offer. The sales you generate from Canadian traffic will boost your commissions with advertisers. You'll want to focus your efforts on verticals that are popular with Canadians like finance, retail, travel, and subscriptions.

Lucrative Commissions

The high cost of living in Canada also means that commissions tend to be more generous. Advertisers know Canadians are willing to spend more, so they offer higher payouts to affiliates who can deliver them quality traffic and conversions. It's not uncommon to see commissions of $50-$100 per sale for certain offers. If you can tap into the Canadian market, the earning potential is huge.

Some other benefits of working with Canadian traffic include:

  • Seasoned shoppers: Canadians are frequent online shoppers and very comfortable making purchases on their mobile devices, tablets and PCs.

  • Mobile-friendly: With much of the population concentrated in large cities, Canadians tend to be heavy mobile users. Your offers and landing pages must be fully optimized for mobile to capitalize on this.

  • Low fraud: Canada has a very low fraud rate, so you'll face fewer issues with chargebacks, stolen credit cards or other fraudulent activity. Advertisers view Canadian traffic as highly valuable.

  • english speaking: The majority of Canadians speak English as their first language, so you won't face language barriers or have to translate offers and content.

Overall, Canada should be at the top of your list when sourcing tier one traffic for arbitrage. Between the high conversions, generous commissions, and ideal shoppers, the earning potential from Canadian visitors is significant. Put some time into developing a Canadian traffic strategy and start reaping the rewards.

Australia: Untapped Potential for Affiliate Marketers

Australia is an untapped goldmine for affiliate marketers looking to boost their traffic and sales. As a tier one country, Australia has a high GDP, widespread internet access, and populations with disposable income and an appetite for online shopping.

High Internet Penetration

With over 86% of Australians frequently accessing the internet, the potential reach of your affiliate campaigns is huge. Most Australians access the internet through broadband connections, allowing for a good user experience on affiliate sites and merchant stores.

Mobile-Savvy Shoppers

Australia has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world at 88%. The majority of Australians use their mobile devices to shop online, so your affiliate links and ads should be optimized for mobile to tap into this trend.

High Disposable Income

Australia currently ranks 9th in the world for household disposable income. Australians have money to spend on non-essential goods and services, which they are increasingly buying online. Targeting the right products and services for this demographic can lead to high conversion rates and commissions.

Established E-commerce Market

Australia's e-commerce market is well-established, with annual online sales of over $30 billion AUD. Many major retailers and brands operate online stores targeting the Australian market. As an affiliate, you'll have plenty of merchant partners to work with to promote goods that Australians want to buy.

While the Australian affiliate marketing landscape does come with some challenges like seasonal sales fluctuations, high shipping costs, and a competitive environment, the potential rewards are well worth the effort. With an engaged online population, steady economic growth, and maturation of e-commerce, Australia should be on every affiliate's list of top tier one countries to tap into.

New Zealand: Small but Mighty Tier One Market

New Zealand is a small but powerful tier one country for traffic arbitrage. With a population of only 4.9 million, you may not think of New Zealand as a major market, but you’d be mistaken. New Zealanders have a high standard of living and disposable income, and they love to shop online.

High Internet Penetration

New Zealand has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world at 93%. Most Kiwis have access to high-speed broadband and 4G networks, so they are very active online. E-commerce makes up about 15% of all retail sales in New Zealand, and it’s growing rapidly each year.

English Speaking

Another benefit of working with the New Zealand market is that English is the dominant language. You won’t have to translate your website or marketing materials into another language to reach customers. English is spoken by 98% of New Zealanders, so you’ll have no trouble communicating with both customers and partners.

Familiarity with U.S. and U.K. Brands

New Zealanders are very familiar with brands from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Products and companies from these regions tend to be viewed as high quality and trustworthy. So, if you’re from one of these areas, you’ll already have credibility and an advantage in the NZ market.

Eager Online Shoppers

Kiwis love shopping on the internet. They are early adopters of new technology and online services. Over 2 million New Zealanders shop online each week, and they spend an average of $4,000 NZD or about $2,800 USD per year on e-commerce. The top products are clothing, entertainment, travel and household goods.

While small in size, New Zealand packs a punch when it comes to e-commerce. Tapping into this tier one market could be very rewarding, giving your traffic and revenue a healthy boost. The English speaking population, widespread internet access, and eagerness for online shopping make New Zealand an ideal partner for traffic arbitrage.

The Pros and Cons of Tier One Countries

When choosing which tier one countries to work with for traffic arbitrage, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Some countries may have certain advantages but also some disadvantages you’ll want to keep in mind.

United States

The U.S. is a huge market with high traffic potential, but competition is also fierce. Many advertisers want to target American audiences, so costs for advertising and traffic tend to be higher. However, if you can gain a foothold, the large population size means more opportunities for scaling.


Canada has a smaller population, so less traffic volume overall compared to the U.S., but costs are often lower too since there is less competition. Canadians also tend to be receptive to marketing offers and willing to spend money on discretionary goods and services. The culture and language are quite similar to the U.S., so campaigns that work there may also resonate with Canadian audiences.

United Kingdom

The U.K. provides access to a large, English-speaking market in Europe with high internet usage. However, Brexit has caused some economic uncertainty recently and marketing costs have increased. Campaigns need to be tailored for British cultural preferences and spellings. Traffic from the U.K. may also be more short-term focused given uncertainties around Brexit.


Australia is an affluent, English-speaking country but a smaller population, so less traffic volume. It is isolated geographically, so shipping costs and delivery times need to be considered for ecommerce. Australians tend to be early adopters of technology and open to online shopping, but costs to reach audiences in Australia can be expensive due to the limited supply of traffic and advertisers wanting to target the market.

As with any business endeavor, the countries that are most profitable and a good match for your offers will depend on your goals, target audiences, and capabilities. Evaluating both the advantages as well as challenges of various tier one countries will help determine where to focus your traffic arbitrage efforts. With testing and optimization, you can find the right balance of quality and cost-effective traffic.

Driving High-Quality Traffic From Tier One Countries

When it comes to driving high-quality traffic from tier one countries, focus on a few key English-speaking nations. These GEOs (short for geographies) typically have higher English proficiency and stronger purchasing power, leading to higher conversion rates.

United States

As the 3rd largest country by population and GDP, the US is a key market for most businesses. Americans are prolific online shoppers, so ecommerce stores and affiliate offers tend to convert well. Content and ads should use American English to resonate best with this audience.

United Kingdom

Brits also drive significant amounts of business, with strong purchasing power and digital connectivity. The UK is a leader in online retail sales per capita in Europe. Tailor content and offers to British English and prices in GBP. Brexit may impact consumer confidence, so keep an eye on the economic climate.


Canada may be a smaller market, but Canadians have high disposable income and internet usage. Ecommerce and affiliate marketing thrive here. Use a mix of American and British English in content, and show prices in CAD. The proximity to the US means cross-border shopping is popular, so target offers may appeal to Americans as well.


Aussies are prolific online shoppers, with most having internet access and preferring to buy from domestic and international retailers. Content written in Australian English with AUD pricing will resonate best. Time zone differences mean traffic may come more from night owls, so timing content and ad placement accordingly could boost performance.

Other options include New Zealand, Ireland and some Western European countries where English proficiency and digital connectivity are high. Focusing your efforts on tier one nations that match your target audiences will drive the highest quality traffic and best returns. Spending time to optimize content and offers for different GEOs and tailoring your approach to their preferences and attributes will lead to success.


So there you have it, the top tier one countries to consider for your next traffic arbitrage campaign. While there are never any guarantees in this business, focusing your efforts on English-speaking countries with high ecommerce sales and internet usage is your best bet. If you do your due diligence, test thoroughly, and optimize based on data and performance, you'll put yourself in the best position to find success. The world is your oyster in this digital age, so pick a country, do some research, and get ready to send some targeted traffic. You just might strike affiliate marketing gold.

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