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Turbico Partners: Affiliate Program


Introducing Turbico Partners: An Affiliate Opportunity

Turbico Partners emerges as a beacon in the affiliate marketing realm, notably associated with the esteemed Turbico Casino. Offering a promising avenue for online entrepreneurs, this platform presents an enticing opportunity to monetize website traffic through a flexible commission structure.

Key Features of Turbico Partners

At Turbico Partners, innovation and opportunity converge. Enjoy the advantages of no negative carryover, exclusive deals for new affiliates, and a progressive revenue share system. Despite some limitations such as the absence of CPA and hybrid plans, the program remains a compelling choice for marketers.

Commission Structure at Turbico Partners

The commission scheme at Turbico Partners revolves around the number of first-time depositors referred by affiliates monthly. Marketers are rewarded with a fixed commission rate of 40% on revenue shares for the first three months. Post-initial period, a tiered commission structure takes effect, ranging from 25% to 45% based on referral count.

Associated Brand: Turbico Casino

Turbico Casino, the flagship brand associated with Turbico Partners, promises an immersive gaming journey. With an extensive selection of games spanning various categories, players are treated to top-tier entertainment from leading industry providers.

Payment Methods at Turbico Partners

Affiliates have the flexibility to receive earnings via Bank Wire Transfers, Skrill, or Neteller. Payments are processed promptly within the first week of each month, with minimum withdrawal thresholds in place.

Software Used by Turbico Partners

Turbico Partners harnesses MAP software, powered by Income Access, to empower affiliates with robust tracking, analytics, and management capabilities. This sophisticated toolset ensures efficient monitoring of referral activities across multiple channels.


Turbico Partners offers a gateway to lucrative affiliate success. With competitive commission rates, secure payments, and alignment with a reputable online casino, it presents an attractive proposition for marketers. While certain limitations exist, thorough review of program terms and conditions is advised to maximize earning potential.


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