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How to work with iGaming traffic in Turkey

How to work with iGaming traffic in Turkey


  1. Introductory Information
  2. Internet in Turkey
  3. Approach
  4. Which offer to choose?
  5. What creatives to use?
  6. Conclusion

Turkey is a country filled with sunshine. However, it offers more than just stunning seaside vacations; it can also be an opportunity for arbitrageurs. There are many offers offering lucrative conditions for this region, so it is important to be aware of the opportunities to make money here.

Together we will consider what approaches are necessary for such a GEO, which offer is more profitable and what creatives work.

Introductory Information

A little introduction to Turkey.

  • Population: 84.7 million
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Salary of low skilled workers: 201.313 USD/month.
  • Salary of highly qualified employees: 412.838 USD per month.
  • Popular bank: Ziraat bankası

The country is a Tier-2 country, which requires a balance between emotion and earnings in the promotional approach. Often gambling is not only a way for Turks to have a great time, but also a way to make money.

Internet in Turkey

Figures show that 75% of the population has access to the Internet, with more than half actively using social networks. Mobile Internet speeds are skyrocketing and can now reach 30 mbps, which means that website loading times and pre-loading of webpages will not be an issue.

Among Turkish residents, in addition to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter sites attract the most attention:

  • Yandex
  • Trendyol (marketplace)
  • Sahibinden (store)
  • Sozcu (media)
  • Milliyet (mass media)
  • Eksisouzluk (encyclopedia)


Taking these factors into account when choosing an offerer, promotional materials and funnels for turetsii is key:

  • Nation - elements of culture, clothing, faces of locals with characteristic traits
  • Language - Turkish (even English can be difficult to read)
  • Distinctive marks - currency, local brands, services, payments
  • Emotions - you need to make the viewer want to experience an emotion. To do this, you need to demonstrate it as naturally as possible in the creo.

Recently, the gambling industry in Turkey is experiencing tremendous growth. Turks are known as some of the most avid gamblers in the world, with the average player making twice as many bets and spins as a player from the CIS or even Europe. Searches for the best betting shops, casinos and reviews have become commonplace, leading to the production of unique and high-quality products.

Which offer to choose?

In our affiliate network there are a lot of proposals for turkey, but we will consider the most effective of them.

You can find the full list of available offers in your personal cabinet:


  • Popular slots: Gates Of Olympus, Big Bass Bonanza, JetX, Book Of The Fallen
  • Bonuses: 12500₺ + 300 FS
  • Sign up fields: 2

The offer has a number of different landings.

Landing Reg, which welcomes the player registration on completion of which the player is sent to the home page.

The Bonus landing that greets the player with a nice bonus offer 12500 TL + 300 FS, after which the player is taken to the registration page.

The Wheel landing that greets the player with a wheel of fortune with one spin after which it offers the player a lottery. Bonuses of fortune and lottery are summed up and the user is redirected to registration.

Access to the offer:

Go to:

Casino Maxi

  • Popular slots: Sweet Bonanza, Spaceman, Aviator, Gates of Olympus
  • Bonuses: 2500 TL + 250 FS
  • Registration fields: 10

CasinoMaxi offer has one Reg landing page, which meets the player registration in 10 fields and then proceeds to the choice of deposit method.

Access to the offer:

Go to:

What creatives to use?

Let's look at two interesting creatives with a different approach and highlight their advantages and analyze them.

Creative #1


The pros of creative:

  • Fortune in the video shows the best result among all other games.
  • The design of the video is in the style of the popular Gates of Olympus slot, which is also present in the popular 7Slots offere.
  • Twice it shows a vivid reaction of men.
  • Push notification uses a popular and reliable bank of Turkey - Ziraat Bank, which is widely known there.
  • The button urges you to download the app, along with a warning about the bonus that precedes it.

What can be changed?

  • For obvious reasons, the reactions of a pretty girl show better results and it is desirable to use them, or alternate with male reactions.
  • Message about the bonus at the end of the video positively affects the effectiveness of the video, but even better when it is specified what bonus the player will receive, which is why we include a mandatory item in our reviews bonuses that casinos provide.
  • A minor but fairly common video mistake is the iPhone notification when using Android applications. We recommend the use of Android notifications not to mislead CA.
  • Country flags do not appear in the video, which may entail a small drawdown in the statistics. Using the country flag in any element is always a plus to the result. So the player understands that the advertised product is for him and his place of residence.

Сreative #1


The pros of creative:

  • The creative begins with a racy scene of a girl playing a slot. This is a popular approach today, which shows good statistics.
  • The notification in this creative, as in the past, is made with the popular bank - Ziraat Bank in mind.
  • There is a call to action button at the end.

What can be changed?

  • Not the most popular slot is used. It is recommended to use the most recognizable slots or popular slots in a particular casino, it always works in the plus. Of course there are exceptions, and if you want to experiment, you can ignore this.
  • As in the previous video there is no flag of the country anywhere.
  • It is also recommended to use a warning about the bonus associated with the offer.


Turkey appears to be an attractive and growing country for arbitrageurs in the gambling and betting vertical. The average CPA rate is around $50 and there is a lot of traffic for all sites. Sign up in our affiliate network and our manager will find the best offer for your needs.

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