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Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy



  1. Ban on advertising
  2. Risk Payment
  3. Limits
  4. Policy
  5. Selfies
  6. Permanent ban
  7. Other restrictions
  8. Conclusion

Ban on advertising

One of the most common restrictions on Facebook, which almost all accounts face, involves banning advertising activity due to suspicious activity.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №1



  • Registering and using new accounts on an old device that has already been identified by the FB system;
  • Designating a spending limit before you linked the card;
  • Sudden increase in budget;
  • Frequent change of IP address;
  • Card data does not match your profile data;
  • Creation of more than three advertising accounts;
  • Frequent editing of profile and personal information.

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Risk Payment

From Risk Payment. A restriction that warns Facebook system about a suspicious payment method and an attempt to pay for ads. It is often related to the payment method.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №2



  • Bad BINs of cards
  • Payment currency
  • Bad consumables
  • Unfarmed accounts

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A less common problem, but nevertheless sometimes our partners face the fact that Facebook sets small amounts of ad spend (spread).

This is also due to suspicious activity on your account.


  • Bad ad history: FB takes into account the history of the ad account, including previously shown ads and overall activity.
  • Poor ad quality: Just like in the first case, Facebook takes into account the quality of your ads, evaluating their relevance, user engagement and other factors.
  • Campaign budget: When a maximum budget is set for an RC. If this budget is exceeded, ads may be limited or suspended until the next billing period.

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A very common problem for many arbitrageurs is a violation of Facebook policy. It can be given out for almost anything. Mostly this kind of ban is due to poor work on the advertising cabinet. When you get a policy be prepared to get banned from advertising activity.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №3



  • Used creatives
  • Your FP's bad history
  • Bad domains
  • Triggers in your ad text

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A Facebook restriction that is triggered by suspicious activity and asks the user to take selfies on the front camera.


The most common causes of this error are:

  • Using the same ipi for different accounts;
  • Payment means do not match the information in the profile;
  • Unusual and suspicious profile activity;
  • Complaints from users.

How to take selfies

Many arbitrageurs prepare selfies right after logging into a profile before working, or they can use Google's "search by image" feature to go through the authentication process beforehand. All they have to do is upload an image, and the algorithms will find matching photos of people. Moreover, it is even possible to generate a random photo using services based on neural networks.

It is very important to make sure that the metadata of the picture specifies that it was taken with the front camera.

Permanent ban

Obviously, it is impossible to get out of this type of ban. If you frequently violate site rules or have reached the maximum number of attempts to bypass other types of blocking, you will be given an indefinite ban. Currently, the only alternative is to start all over again with a new account.

Other types of restrictions

Ban Bypass System

This type of account blocking does not happen as often as others. The main reason for such blocking is advertising of products banned by facebook's rules. To avoid this problem, webs use cloaking systems.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №4


In many cases, this kind of restriction is the result of a lack of uniqueness in the creative. Ads from Spy services that have not been modified will almost certainly be blocked by facebook, as they have a tendency to reject those that use the same elements too often. To avoid such problems, you need to make sure that each creative is unique.

Unacceptable business models

This type of blocking is quite common. The social network explains the blocking by the fact that advertising misleads other users.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №5


More often than not, the main reason is creativity or a bad application. Perhaps the creative contains too vivid a description of the product, too provocative elements.

Application error

Error when the application you used is detected and banned. At this point, the application gets the "FB tag" in the menu and you should not select such applications.

Types of Facebook Bans and Reasons: Risk Payment, Policy, изображение №6



This is a situation where your advertising campaign spends a small balance (5-10 dollars) and then gets one of the above bans. This is not a separate type of ban as many people think.


  1. Use reliable and trusted applications.
  2. Use quality, trusted accounts and FPs.
  3. Uniqueize your creatives: The more different creatives you have, the better.


In conclusion, Facebook is a rather unpredictable system and it can be hard to figure out what's causing this or that limitation. Not always solving problems is equal to the time and money spent on it, so it's recommended to treat such things as a duty and be prepared for the fact that you may not work out your consumables.

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