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What is the restricted from advertising Facebook and how do I pass it?

What is the restricted from advertising Facebook and how do I pass it?


  1. What is a restricted from advertising on Facebook?
  2. Why do partners ban their accounts?
  3. How can I bypass a restricted from advertising on Facebook?
  4. Instructions on passing and bypassing restricted from advertising.
  5. Recommendations on the passage of restricted from advertising.
  6. Result of undergoing a restricted from advertising
  7. Can I not go through the restricted from advertising in 2023?
  8. Conclusion

Despite its long history, facebook is still a highly sought-after platform for getting traffic. Unfortunately, it has become a problem for marketers and partners because of frequent restrictions and bans. One of the most notorious types of bans is the restricted from advertising.


It is clear that a facebook account with limits cannot be as effective as one without them. For those who use the site to promote "sensitive" items, such as gambling or betting (online casinos), the risk of being exposed to restricted from advertising is particularly high. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you may be wondering how to get around the identity verification that facebook does. In this article, we'll tell you what a restricted from advertising is, what its features are, and how you can bypass it with minimal effort.

What is a restricted from advertising on Facebook?

Facebook restricted from advertising is a restriction on a marketing account that the platform enforces automatically for those who have not completed the approval (identity verification) process. Reportedly, 99% of business managers' facebook accounts fall under the restricted from advertising, and it doesn't matter if they have a quality account or not. Many webmasters impose this restriction themselves. When you are banned from advertising, it means that you can't run ad campaigns and generate revenue from traffic.


You must provide digital versions of your documents, such as your driver's license, ID card or passport, for authentication. Verification is done using ai technology. Since standards have not been firm for some time, people take advantage of this by providing falsified records to pass verification. One of the main problems with restricted from advertising is that all current campaigns are stopped before the ban is lifted.

Why do partners ban their accounts?

It's hard to predict when an active fb account will be banned, so it's wise to take the initiative and make your account suspect to avoid being banned while your campaigns are moving forward. Here are some tricks you can use:

  • Use the ad manager utilities to manage your advertising initiatives.
  • Start promoting using the available fan page choices...
  • Bind a charge card and set spending limits...
  • Use a debit card with a faulty bin (the initial six digits of the card's exclusive number).

Following the steps described above will greatly increase your chances of getting a restricted from advertising restriction. Confirming your data to get rid of the ban is an effective way to increase your credibility in the eyes of the social platform. However, there is no reliable way to guarantee that sooner or later you will not be banned again.

How can I bypass a restricted from advertising on Facebook?

Providing verification requires the use of valid documents. Webmasters working with gambling and betting sites (online casinos) typically use multiple accounts, making it difficult to circumvent restricted from advertising. In 2021, the verification algorithms have been greatly improved, so it's harder for people to cheat the system by using fake credentials. There are 3 main ways to pass the exam:

  • Post high-resolution selfies in which your facial features can easily be seen.
  • Create digital copies (snapshots) of documents such as your passport or driver's license and understand how to post the document to facebook. This will cause facebook to trigger additional authentication by email or phone number (sms authentication).
  • Check the list of your acquaintances. The challenge is to try to identify your friends from their photos.

When facebook has reason to think that you are falsely increasing your subscriber base, the last type of check from the list applies.

Instructions on passing and bypassing restricted from advertising.

  1. First, we should go to the Account Quality section.


This is what an account looks like when advertising activity is banned. Both individual and business accounts will be banned.

  1. After that, you need to go to your personal social page and find the button to confirm your identity.

  1. Click the button to confirm your identity. It is important to remind you that once you start the authentication process, you have 30 days to send your documents, otherwise your profile will be permanently blocked!

  1. In order to be able to unlock an account in case of blocking, all accounts are connected to a mobile number. To do this, rent a virtual number. After filling out the captcha, facebook will offer you to link your phone and confirm it via sms.

  1. Get the code on the service of your choice. Take the six digits and paste them into facebook. After that, you can upload your documents.

  1. Send your documents. It is important that the name on your passport matches the name used in your account. Likewise, your date of birth and photo should match. The photo must be at least 1500 × 1000 pixels and must be cropped at the top, as shown in the example. All of this information is provided on all of our accounts.

  1. If you purchased a subscription with us or used a virtual phone number for authentication, you need to remove it from your profile. To do this, go to the settings menu and select mobile devices. Facebook will ask you to confirm the action by entering a password.


The verification process usually takes two to twenty-four hours. You will then receive the following notification, giving you one month to place ads without being verified.


Recommendations on the passage of restricted from advertising.

If you are trying to pass the test with someone else's documents, you should take a decent photo and rename the file and clear the metadata. If that doesn't work, try again with another document. It's worth noting that facebook's algorithms are not very well equipped when it comes to identifying East Asians. Consequently, if you want to attract attention from China or Japan, you shouldn't have any trouble getting through the verification process. Finally, be sure to follow facebook's advertising rules to reduce the likelihood of another restricted from advertising being issued. Keep in mind that it can take up to 2-4 days for facebook to verify documents from the time they are uploaded - so webmasters should factor this delay into their calculations.

Result of undergoing a restricted from advertising

Once a restricted from advertising has been verified, it will no longer apply. While this is not a guarantee that it won't happen again, you can take preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of a restricted from advertising. To do so, adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The creative center can be used to start advertising activities. Experience shows that targeting with advertising often yields results.
  • If you are using multiple accounts, it is important to set up your proxy properly and switch your browser to protect against detection. Each profile should have a unique ip address and internet service provider so the bots won't know about the activity.
  • Keep all your facebook accounts as secure as possible by implementing two-factor authentication to create confidence and trust in facebook.

Remember that eventually all facebook accounts will be blocked, whether it's a restricted from advertising or some other kind of restriction. To ensure a steady flow of traffic from the platform and get your commissions, you should plan ahead and create additional profiles to promote.

Can I not go through the restricted from advertising in 2023?

Unfortunately, partners will have to deal with the same problematic restricted from advertising in 2023, but now they have become even more complicated as the algorithms for document verification have become more sophisticated. It used to be said that if you just uploaded a photo of your pet, the ban would disappear, but facial recognition technology based on artificial intelligence has now made that impossible, and documents must look authentic. To help with the restricted from advertising on facebook, here are a few more tips:

  • If you can create exact duplicate entries to help unlock the file, you can reuse them. However, it is important not to forget to change the file name and clear the metadata.
  • There are quite a few web-based photo management programs (for example, to remove metadata), and even a special bot for telegrams.
  • In certain situations, you may be contacted by the social network's technical support staff. Give the impression that you are puzzled by what has happened. If asked, provide them with a link to your profile and snapshots of your documentation.


In conclusion, it should be noted that you should not provoke the restricted from advertising by committing suspicious actions, if you are confident in the reliability of your account. In addition, many traders buy accounts that have not been blocked, such as those with an excellent reputation on the platform (trusted accounts), logs (profiles sold with cookies) and recently created profiles (profarmed accounts). Reports show that restricted from advertising are withdrawn in 85% of cases after 2-4 days.

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